Ukraine: The position of the East

What better way to understand a crisis than by going directly to the sources on the ground and getting a statement from those involved? Here I present the translation of a statement by a Member of the Eastern Ukraine Parliament, Marchenko Vladimir Romanovich.

Marchenko Vladimir Romanovich, a member of the parliament, from Eastern Ukraine issued a statement:

"I demand immediate stop to killing my countrymen in the Donbass through the punitive operation by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis with unlawful use of the army. I was born and raised in Slavyansk. In this city my mother and father are buried. My relatives live in Kramatorsk in Donetsk and Mariupol. Donbass workers diligently worked for the good of the motherland. Unlike Galician fascists, my fellow countrymen were fighting the Nazis instead of serving them. Donbass workers as the entire South-East of Ukraine are at the forefront of recovery from chaos created by the junta for Ukraine. We are no separatists. We are a proud working people who will not kneel before Bandera, we will not betray our Russian brother. We only wants honest work, life with dignity without humiliation and insults, with the respect for our historical roots and our spiritual and cultural values.

We will never accept Banderization and Euro-colonization of Ukraine!_We will not be cannon fodder in the U.S. war against Russia!

In accordance with the will of the people of the whole country expressed in the referendum in 1991, we want to be in union with Russia and Belarus. This is the essence of our demands. But the junta is hunting on us, it has proclaimed a policy of genocide - "Pro-Russians on knives", "Ukraine for Ukrainians", "Glory to the nation - the death of the enemy". Yes, we do not believe in Bandera's Ukraine, Nazi henchmen and criminals. Yes, that's our stance. It is our right to defend our legitimate interests, our lives and security from the declared genocide, oppression. Today the junta has declared war against us with unconstitutional use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I appeal to the soldiers and officers of Ukraine: Do not follow criminal orders. Do not shoot my countrymen! Remember the Nuremberg Trials that convicted the leaders of Nazi Germany who gave the unlawful orders and those who carried them.

I appeal to U.S. president: President Obama, stop your Banderites! Don't disgrace the Nobel Peace Prize!"

For the murder of my countrymen, you will be held responsible!

Translated by:  Vladimir Suchin

While the west likes to repeat the same old lies and regurgitate their version of the truth, let us see some facts about the Ukraine:

FACT: The current "Government" is no more or less than a group of persons who staged an illegal Putsch and seized power against every fibre of Ukrainian law;

FACT: The President of Ukraine under Ukrainian law is Viktor Yanukovich until the next election, as agreed among the parties, to be held in December 2014;

FACT: The USA took advantage of this Putsch, which it had carefully planned, to try to get Russia's Crimean bases, as it took advantage of the Syrian conflict to try to get Russia's Mediterranean base;

FACT: All Russia did was to protect its citizens in Crimea, asking them if they wanted to join Russia now or go back to the position of the 1991 Constitution and remain on that basis inside Ukraine;

FACT: Russia has not invaded Eastern Ukraine;

FACT: The Ukrainian Putsch self-styled "Government" in Kiev has sent soldiers to attack civilians in Eastern Ukraine;

FACT: The OSCE "fact-finding" mission was in fact an espionage operation to find out where the check-points were in the East. They were a mix of NATO personnel and Ukrainian special services;

FACT: Those who claim Russia started this crisis are barefaced liars. Russia responded to a hostile action in which the Putsch self-styled "Government" came to power amid calls for the death of Russians and Jews, amid hostile attacks on Russian speakers and then lost no time at all in passing anti-Russian edicts.

What would the USA do if its citizens were under threat across the border? And as for NATO, didn't the UK hold a referendum in the Falklands Isles and claim that if the people there want to be British then so they shall be? Did anyone in NATO raise their voices against this position?

No? Then why do the same ones take issue with Russia's position, which has been to call for a political settlement in Ukraine, to call for a Federalist system in which all peoples of the Ukraine have a voice and to call for the protection of Russian-speaking citizens inside Ukraine?

Perhaps those people who speak out against Russia should listen to people such as Mr. Romanovich.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey