Thinking outside the idiot box: political alliances versus people-to-people.

By Joanna Rosamond

It's been a while since a distressing correlation has been established between American puzzles and European charades. Public jaded by scandals and lies can't help but notice that there are common points that apply to government policy on both continents. Presidents act like ambassadors of foreign countries, promote anti-values and systems incompatible with national cultures and beliefs. In his speech, given at demonstration at Generatorstraat in Amsterdam (, Paul Weston addressed "lying, betraying, treacherous, socialist careerists":

"You will appear before a Nuremberg-style court, and you will be tried for treason, and you will be tried for crimes against humanity, and for the first time in a very long time you will be answerable to us!"

If Euro-American collaboration means coercing nations into accepting the unacceptable, it means also political fragility of corrupt systems; the power of unpopular, shady governments is hanging by the thread.

Recognition of this interdependence is of fundamental importance; forgetting that we are dealing with an international coalition imposing the same insane rules and regulations on both continents, would be a major tactical error. Whenever Obama's card castle falls down, a political seism of enormous magnitude will shake the entire Europe; whenever a wave of riots sweeps away a hated European leader, Obama will be surfing an American Tsunami.

Unless...the treacherous, profiteering mainstream media announce that it isn't so, and we are ready to buy it. To make sure that we see the entire picture, and not a piece of the puzzle, we must think outside the idiot box.

It's been years since we've been tricked into thinking that an international myopia and intellectual laziness are essential elements of a "normal lifestyle". Why should we even bother getting informed about situation in other countries? Unemployment and underemployment, muzzle of political correctness, brainwash and indoctrination, fiscal harassment...Does that ring a bell?

In order to facilitate abuse of power, we are expected to be not only nombrilistic and short-sighted, but also falsely patriotic. Political correctness doesn't discourage us from being hostile or arrogant towards citizens of other countries, unless of course we are talking about presidential pets. We should stay away from foreigners, and display paranoiac attitude towards nations listed by corrupt media as our antagonists. Meanwhile, the presidents in the USA and Europe bow to real foes and shake hands with our haters.

 Can we lift the iron curtain? Only if we realize that things have changed, and it's time to update list of our friends, co-sufferers and enemies. By the way, Iran is no longer Achaemenid Empire, Paris is not Lutetia, Germans are not in SS, Stalin is not ruling Russia and Reagan is no longer president of the USA.

 During the Second World War, there was no Kumbaya between the Americans, the Russians and the Europeans. However, when the push came to the shove, the allied nations rid the world from Hitler and his Übermensch "super-humans". Prisoners of Nazi concentration camps greeted holocaust-liberators, no matter if they were wearing American, Russian or European uniforms. We won, because we focused on what really mattered, and because we decided to stand up against our common enemy.

Whenever it was decided, politician -to -politician style to oppress "the crowd", people-to people alliances were freeing the world from tyrants and toxic ideologies.

The people and not governmental grandstanders changed the course of history, made personal sacrifices for the greater good. Our laws and our freedom weren't graciously granted by politicians. We had to fight for every right and liberty. It won't be different this time.

Joanna Rosamond

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov