Ukraine chaos - blame the West

The plan to move NATO's borders eastwards preceded the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the promises that the western alliance would not shift beyond Germany. Look what happened. The plan to move NATO's borders to Russia's western frontier preceded the current troubles in Ukraine. Look what happened.

Another feather in the cap of a failed foreign policy based upon intrusion, arrogance and snatching resources, placing a geo-intrusive foot on the geopolitical map, controlling trade flows and creating markets for the banking, energy, drugs and arms lobbies. Where NATO moves, the lobbies follow behind.

Yet what has this policy gained NATO in general and Washington in particular? As far as the NATO member states are concerned, it has gained them the label of poodles, devoid of any real say in what happens, as they follow obediently behind the master and obediently spend two per cent of their GDP, yes, 2% of their GDP, on weapons systems within NATO. This is a budget which reaches up to 1.4 thousand billion dollars. Yearly. In plain English, one trillion, four hundred billion USD.

How many hospital beds could that fund? (Sorry Mr. Jones we cannot afford your current healthcare program and we will have to move you on to palliative care. Do you know what that means?) How many school places could that finance? (Sorry, Mrs. Bennet, your son will have to go to the other school twenty miles away because the education authority doesn't have funding for more places). Pot holes, Mr. Brown? Well how do we pay for the repairs?

And what has it gained Washington? In a word, disrespect. The percentage of those who, whether inside or outside the USA, support Washington's foreign policy and defend it, must be something in the region of perhaps 80 per cent of the rednecks three parts gone on root beer but at most 10 per cent of the rest, and most of these reside in Washington.

Washington, in the hearts and minds of the international community, has lost any moral high ground it claimed to have. Its murderous terrorist policy of interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states leaves a long list of failures, from Latin America to Asia, a policy which has supported Fascist regimes, oppressive regimes, holding down, torturing and murdering dissenters.

The catalogue of torture coming out of Iraq and other places infested by the CIA psychopaths is staggering and is about to hit the headlines yet again. And after Iraq, after Libya, after Syria, we now have Ukraine.

The ones who destabilized Ukraine? It was not Russia, it was those behind the Fascist-inspired Putsch in Kiev in February. They forget that Viktor Yanukovich was democratically elected in 2010, they forget to mention the record of Yulia Timoshenko (who allegedly called for the murder of Russians in a recent telephone call) when she was Prime Minister, they forget that after the Putsch the first draft law passed by the Ukrainian Rada (Parliament) was anti-Russian legislation.

They forget that the call "Death to Muscovite" rang round Maidan during the anti-Government protests orchestrated by political opportunists and more sinisterly, Fascists, murderers, terrorists, torturers, thieves. They forget that the Jewish community was advised to leave Kiev during the disturbances because of calls to murder Russians and Jews.

They forget that half the population in Ukraine speaks Russian as a mother language, they forget that one third of Ukrainians consider themselves ethnically Russian.

The result is the ongoing chaos in a country beyond the understanding of the Anglo-Irish elitists who pull the strings in Washington and NATO and its lobbies, the result is growing violence between the ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine, where they are not in a minority, and the private security firms hired by the new governors, oligarchs appointed by the self-appointed "Government" in Kiev, which rose to power on a wave of criminal activity and manipulation totally outside any norms in place in the Ukrainian Constitution.

So let us not blame Russia, which was sitting back minding its own business. Let us not blame the Crimeans, who risked being the victims of allegedly planned legislation declaring all Russia supporters "non-citizens" and rendering them to the status of foreigners inside their own homes. This is what it is all about.

Let us blame NATO in general and the USA in particular, for yet another foreign policy failure, destabilizing a country and leaving its citizens open to the effects of policies implemented by the lobbies, the first of which will be massive interest repayments, followed by a financial loan plan to pay the interest on the loan, followed by an austerity package, coupled with an EU-Association agreement which sees EU goods flood Ukraine but hinders the flow of Ukrainian goods the other way (Yanukovich was fighting against this) and which in turn will see Ukraine's industry destroyed, Ukraine's agriculture destroyed, Ukraine's fisheries destroyed, Ukraine's jobs destroyed along with the future of its youth.

Nice one, Kiev. That's what happens when you climb into bed and don't use a condom.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey