Obama: 'Bordering' on Hypocrisy


By John Griffing

In what appears to be a media-led effort to resurrect the days of Khrushchev and Kennedy, America is pursuing a path that can only be described as economically, politically, and socially suicidal.  The Cold War era is dead.  The biggest threat facing the global community today consists of stateless ideologies rooted in Islam without respect for national borders - something with which Russia and the United States are both intimately familiar.  Russia has tragic counterparts to the Twin Towers in events like the Beslan school massacre, and a slew of violent and sanguine attacks perpetrated by Chechnyan Muslims against Russian civilians. 

Unbeknownst to many in the western world, the legitimately elected government of Ukraine has been overthrown by a Muslim mob amidst throngs chanting "Allahu Akbar!"  In point of fact, even western publications like the New York Review of Books are now forced to acknowledge that the revolution was started by a Muslim journalist who used social media to stir up anarchy.  The new would-be executive of Ukraine has called for Chechnyan Muslims to attack Russia in support of Ukraine.  Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine, has found natural anti-semitic allies in the nation's Muslim population (which is growing rapidly.) Consider the following from the website, www.onislam.net,

 "Over the past three years, the number of mosques in Ukraine has grown by some 50 percent. This growth has primarily taken place in the Kherson region (south part of Ukraine).

"According to the State Committee, the Muslims of Ukraine have 238 religious buildings in the Crimea and 81 in other regions of the country. The network of Islamic religious organizations in Ukraine gained autonomy five times faster than in the Autonomic Republic of Crimea. In early 2008 the network included 133 organizations, in early 2011, 199."

Russia is projected to be a majority-Muslim nation no later than 2050.

The current paradigm is not one of two world powers vying for spheres of influence.  America's current president, running out of "red line" stunts to bolster his image as a real leader, is desperate to characterize President Putin's actions as evidence of a new Russian imperialism akin to Soviet expansion.  Blogs are aflurry with baby boomers who lived during the Cuban Missile Crisis likening Russian geopolitical moves to Communist subterfuge.  This is false, and wholly at odds with the facts available.  Russian actions in Ukraine and Crimea are about border security, and nothing else. 

How hypocritical must it appear to the rest of the world for a nation -- which has taken dramatic actions against third world countries it considers dangerous -- to condemn defensive actions taken by the Russian government to protect its borders from a violent Islamic overthrow of a neighboring government? 

Even more alarming, evidence has surfaced indicating that the alleged "revolution" watched on American TV involves the same money and same literature used to stir up Muslims in Egypt and elevate the Muslim Brotherhood to power - literature financed and supplied by American actors. 

What business does America have in attempting to influence Ukrainian relations with Russia?  First, US money backed the failed "Orange Revolution," and now, similar staged events appear to be risking a "hot" conflict with Russia. 

Would America not send troops south of the border if Iranian terrorist organization Hezbollah was building encampments and remote sites from which they planned to attack the United States?  One would think so, but Hezbollah is, in fact, building encampments on the US southern border, and President Obama has done nothing to stop them, even suing states that attempt to enforce federal immigration law.  But then, this is the same individual who believes the Muslim call to prayer is the "prettiest sound on Earth" and who invited unindicted 1993 World Trade Center bomber Siraj Wihhaj to give the invocation at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  Wihhaj once remarked, "It is my duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the US Constitution with the Qur'an."

This is also the same man who has presided over the conversion of almost every North African American proxy into radical Islamist caliphates run by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

It is tragic that, as an American journalist, I must go to overseas media outlets to advocate for the freedom of all people and even more tragic that this act may be portrayed by some as disloyalty or displaying a lack of patriotism.  To the contrary, loyalty to a despotic regime straddling a once free country whose media now reports facts selectively and encourages censorship, is far different from embracing the deep patriotism that is love for America, for freedom and peace among nations.  These are the values that define America historically, and it is to these things that Americans of all stripes should be loyal.   

Russia is doing no more and no less than the American people would expect of their own government if it was indeed run by an American. 

John Griffing


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov