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Russian Winds of Change

By Xavier Lerma

There is nothing more relaxing for me than sailing. Tranquil, cool and easy is the way before me. Hoist the sail and the winds can take me where I want to go as long as it is not stormy. With a crack of thunder my world changes and it's soon to shore. In the winter the north wind I greet with exuberance for it gives me strength and courage unexplainable. The recent events in Ukraine are the results of the fiery winds of chaos that still exist in Kiev thanks to the 5 billion the US used to fuel the fire.  Crimea saw danger coming and its cry for help was heard and Russia as a nation came down like the north wind that gives strength and courage.

Crimea put it to a vote and over 97% of its people voted to be a part of Russia. Russians celebrated Crimea coming back to Russia in every major city across the land. President Putin signed it into law with the transition taking about a year or even sooner.  The president said, "I ask lawmakers of both chambers to work actively and do everything we can, to make the transition process not only painless, but also beneficial for all Russia and the people of Crimea,"

The West can only look on and continue funding their snipers, protesters and puppet government in Kiev. As in Syria, they can only do so much when confronted by Putin's wall. Obama and friends can only supply their Al-Qaeda and stay behind the scenes as much as possible. You don't expect the pot smoker to do anything else do you? His handlers may be throwing fits and want war but that's when he slumps into a fetal position again as he did when the people of America screamed out "No" to a war in Syria. A renewed faith in Christ our King has become our fortress. This is the wall Putin stands on and the wall that caused Obama's fall.

Barry is in good company of those vanquished. When Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812 he began to worry upon realization that there were no Russian prisoners. The Great Russian military commander, Mikhail Kutuzov, often prayed before the Kazan icon of the Mother of God for intercession in battle. His troops followed his example. He defeated Napoleon and drove him out. He is buried at the Kazansky Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Next to him are the French military standards and keys to the French fortresses taken by the Russian Army that followed Napoleon all the way to Paris.

Over a century later another charismatic individual who unified his people for hope and change also dared to cross Russia. Their bold effort seemed successful for a while. The panic ridden atheist, Stalin, even allowed some churches to be opened for the people. The winds began to change. Red soldiers sometimes saw their commander arriving with priests and an icon. Many made jokes: "Just wait, they will help us!" The commander silenced them. Everyone took off their uniform caps. When the priests finished their prayers they led the army to the front lines carrying the icon to victory. The war had led to the disappearance of atheistic propaganda imposed on the people. The few churches that were open were filled with many people during the war times says priest Mikhail Prokopenko.

Almost 75 years the blood of martyrs soaked the land of Rus. Hieromartyr Cyprian wrote in the 3rd century: "As a result of the confession of Christ's name, disasters cease and joy begins, the kingdom opens, punishment stops, death is driven away and new life appears. Martyrdom is high in God's eyes and it is especially important now, when the world is devastated and in destruction, when nature itself testifies to this last destruction". These martyrs caused a new wind that changed Russia from an enslaved nation to a Christian one again. They refused to even sign new government documents when they saw the seal of the Antichrist on it.

Communism was clearly evil to them and the promise of hope and change made to them by Lenin was the devils promise. "Round the Antichrist his servants were leading several people whose hands were bound as they had not bowed down to worship him. They said, "We are Christians, and we all believe in our Lord Jesus Christ!'  The Antichrist ripped off their heads in a flash and Christian blood began to flow. All his people fell down and worshipped him, and he began to place his seal on their lips and on their hands in order that they should receive some bread and not die from hunger and thirst." - Visions Before the Storm: The New Martyrs

"And I saw them that had overcome the Beast. These are they who are come out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and have made them white in the blood of the Lamb." The Martyrs in 20th century Russia brought a new wind of a resurrected church.  "Thou shalt send forth thy spirit, and they shall be created: and thou shalt renew the face of the earth. " The spiritual life is the fourth dimension that cannot be measured by a tool. However, it can be measured by cause and effect. The angelic nature of our unseen souls can make us rise or fall. Prayers are the wings mankind has to fly towards God.

The West has tried to tear Russia apart time and time again but they cannot because God saves Russia through its saints, martyrs and Christ himself. As history has shown for over 1025 years, when Russians pray together they are saved by Christ. Crimea saw the evil seeds sown in Kiev by the West. They asked for help; were rescued and they celebrated. The Orthodox Church has been praying for the Ukraine in a special way since last December.  Whether the rest of her can join Russia or not we pray for a better wind of change comes soon their way.

Xavier Lerma

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