The lesson from Ukraine: Bezplatno does not exist

Get enough thugs together, pussy-foot around allowing them to do what they want, and pretty much anything is possible. You get people shooting at police, you get criminals released from jail, you get terrorists and traitors trespassing and thieving in the Presidential Palace. But there is no bezplatno, free lunches do not exist.

In any civilized country, anyone shooting at the police faces the consequences of her/his actions. In Ukraine, such ...people?... are called "victims" and the USA and European Union are quick to impose sanctions, as classic and blatant a case of interference as we have witnessed in recent years. The reason? President Yanukovich said No thanks, to the EU's carrot-an'-stick methods.

After Libya, another criminal and murderous campaign by NATO, after Syria, where the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) bared their ugly teeth arming terrorists, cannibals, rapists, torturers and murderers (NATO's demonic bedpals), we now have Ukraine, where a part of the population, blinded by youthful zeal, along with groups of thugs, bandits and terrorists and agents provocateurs from abroad (Libya, yes Libya, Syria, Moldova among them, including Islamist Fundamentalist terrorists), have brought havoc, mayhem and chaos to a country led by its democratically elected President.

It is inconceivable that the people of the Ukraine as a whole desire to fall into the hands of Satanic forces which control these thugs, who today, have won a victory in a localized battle, but whose very presence in "Euro-Maidan" (aka Independence Square) is an insult to the image of the country, a victory for criminals and murderers and a loud hurrah for those who believe that might is right and any country can be brought to its knees through kowtowing to external forces whipping up internal dissent.

How many of those demonstrating in Kiev and cheering that Timoshenko female (why does she wear that stupid wig? and what's with the wheelchair?) remember why she was thrown into jail? How many of those demonstrating in Kiev were wearing Fascist insignia? How many of those demonstrating have ties to criminal organizations in Ukraine? How many of those demonstrating have clear links to terrorist organizations? How many were from Kiev, how many were bussed in from the furthest corners of Western Ukraine, how many were paid 30 Euro a day to come over the border from Moldova?

Nobody is defending that starry-eyed youngsters with a passion in their hearts should be shot dead on the street. But one thing is a peaceful demonstration, another is allowing it to be hijacked by criminals and murderers who not only shoot at the police but also, if we believe credible reports, even fired on their "own" side - the demonstrators - to whip up fury. That, ladies and gentlemen, smacks of CIA operational modus operandi.

Would anyone put it past them?

So now on D-Day plus one, the party is over and the nightmarish hangover begins. The Ukraine's starry-eyed pro-Euro youngsters have awoken with a nasty gate-crasher sleeping in their midst - criminals, terrorists and foreign agents - whom they must expel from the house before he wakes up. Then they have to face the consequences of what they have done.

It would come as no surprise if that Timoshenko female miraculously rose from her wheelchair, allowing that blonde wig to fall to the ground and reveal a head bedecked with unkempt black hair (rather a different spectacle and a somewhat sinister one), proclaiming to all and sundry that the Euro Show is the way to go. (Cheers! Hoorays).

And the Euro Show will bring (violins) prosperity, the Euro Show will triple Ukraine's Great Domestic Product at a stroke, the Euro Show will bring new and fresh opportunities for Ukraine's youth, jobs, jobs, jobs, prospects, freedom an' (cough) Democracy (the same type that is installed from 30,000 feet, the same type which yesteryear civilized savages with the Bible and the Bullet). (Silence violins).

(Silence). (Start slow drum beat). The rivers of Ukraine will turn into torrents of salt, the fruit of the tears of those starry-eyed Ukrainian youths caught up in a storm of someone else's making, turning into tears of blood as they realize what they have done. The Euro Show is no more or less than a real-life version of the nightmarish Hostel films, where innocent young travelers are tortured to death in the most horrific way. In this case the victim is the Ukraine, and its future.

The European Union, the frontispiece of the International Monetary Fund and the dark workings from Washington whose dirty work the Union does, ably led by the FUKUS duo France and the UK, will bring no such opportunities.

The Euro road will finance Ukrainians to sit on their backsides, will pay farmers not to work, will force factories to close, will scrap fishing fleets and will prepare the ground for the wholesale sell-out of that vastly wealthy country, the Ukraine, to the lobbies which control Washington and its EU puppet. Do the Ukrainians really believe the French would allow the competition from Ukraine's huge farms, that the Germans would allow Ukraine's factories to provide a cheaper alternative, that the Spanish would allow a rival fishing fleet to operate? Get real!

There will be no jobs, there will be no opportunities except to beg for money on the EU's shit-shotten streets or serve Germans with beer and Wurst - or indeed, claim Social Benefit in the UK like everyone else - the Ukraine will be saddled with a massive debt repayment which will cripple its economy for decades to come, a burden from which it will never recover.

Those who have tried the Euro dream know what I am speaking about. While one can forgive Ukraine's starry-eyed youth because they know not (fully) what they are doing, one cannot forget that there is a consequence for every action. Let us hope that Ukraine does not take what is sold as the easy option, because in today's world, there is no bezplatno, there are no free lunches. Does anyone really believe that the EU is about prosperity? Then why are there over one million Poles in the UK?

As I write, President Yanukovich is still the democratically elected President of the Ukraine and there exists something called law and order. Not all Ukrainians are in Kiev, not all Ukrainians side with the starry-eyed youth on Euro-Maidan and the monsters hiding in their midst.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey