Putin & the Iran Problem

By Xavier Lerma 

As the world knows, Putin was able to stabilize the Middle East rather than pour fire on it as Obama has done there and in North Africa. Syria is still in turmoil but becoming less so. President Putin was asked about Iran vs. Israel-US relations. Again, his solutions are peaceful ones rather than the missile diplomacy the US prefers.

He knows about the sanctions the US has enforced on Iran. He says the sanctions are a "counterproductive measure", saying it will not have any positive results. He said the "international community has no right to demand that Iran should be subject to some discriminatory limitations". Putin walks a tightrope when it comes to dealing with countries who want war.

Israel and the US, who both have nuclear missiles, does not want Iran to have even one nuclear plant which Iran already has under the watchful eye of Russia and the IAEA.  The US is like a government promoting gun control which means they can have a gun except you. In this, case nuclear weapons control. However, Putin wants the global community to allow Iran to have "peaceful" nuclear power and he "wants to develop an all around relationship with Iran". Russia long ago cancelled the S-300 missile deal they had with Iran but changed their minds when the US was breathing down Syria's neck.

In this video, Putin thanks the US, Europe and China for their joint efforts in the Iran and other Middle East problems. He should have said he threw down Obama but he has to be diplomatic when he speaks to reporters. He says next year Russia will host the G8 summit and hopes the teamwork will continue especially from the US. He said they all decided the UN will have more authority. "It is precisely the crucial role played by the United Nations, whose authority I see as having significantly increased following the teamwork and joint decision, that will structure our work in 2014".

His conservative approach in this video, regarding Iran, he said they managed to avoid spreading the war to other countries which many people thought was the beginning of WW3. President Putin stated they have "never undermined the global stability"... that is how a mature responsible state should act like". Compare that to Obama's US.

Putin stated in that video they are still looking for the solution between Israel and Iran. Again, he says he is willing to work with everyone and promote peace. Russia will be hosting the BRICS summit in 2015 and will also continue to be in close constant contact with Israel and Iran. Americans say they do not trust Putin and why would he care anyway. Russians are familiar with war on their homeland unlike the US which did not fight a war on their land in the past century. They did not lose 27 million people on their homeland in one war like we have. The waste of war and its chaos is well familiar to Putin and conservative Russians who prefer peace.

In our next video, Putin met with Ahmadinejad in Beijing in 2012. They share businesses in the Caspian Sea and he wishes mutual benefits. He does not ignore Israel and works with them to promote economic prosperity between their two countries. Vladimir Putin and Shimon Peres discussed the situation in the Middle East and the Iranian nuclear problem in this video.

Why so many videos?  Because the media in the west will probably not show them to you and now you can judge for yourself by looking at them without having an illiterate news anchor tell you what you should know. Did President Putin know of the US governments move to start wars in the Middle East and Syria? Did he know of General Clark's video about the memo that the US was in a state of war and would attack seven countries in five years? Yes, I am sure he discovered more about it than we know.

Putin has been relentless in establishing economic stability in many countries by visiting them and hosting the G20 where Obama was bored, the G20 in Mexico, and the St. Petersburg Economic Forum . He even made deals with companies like Exxon Mobile. Why? When people are happy and satisfied they do not want war. In cases where the governments want war Russia is ready to protect the weak without starting one. Thank God our judo expert has been successful and I am sure he will be with the Iranian problem, US propaganda and revolutions notwithstanding.

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Author`s name Xavier Lerma