Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Syria: Government gains across the board

When the corporate media goes silent on Syria, we all know what that means. It means that the pet terrorists supported by France, the UK and the US, the FUKUS Axis, are taking a hiding, along with their supporters and financiers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

After a series of attempted and actual false flag events, manipulating the truth and perpetrating war crimes to incriminate the Government forces trying to restore order and protect civilian men, women and children, policemen and firemen doing their duty while being shot at by Islamist fanatics supported by the West, the Free Syrian Army (a motley group of misfits, terrorists, rapists, torturers, religious fanatics, Al-Qaeda supporters, murderers, arsonists, thieves and looters) is taking a hiding.

In the recent battles in Ghouta, around one thousand of these Takfiri elements were liquidated, including top military commanders. The question now remains as to where these Takfiri groups, heavily armed and well trained, will go once they are sent out of Syria. The logical answer would be to the western countries which started the problems inside Syria by stirring up hatred and interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

In Daraa, the leader of the Omar al-Mukhtar Brigade, Ahmad Marwan al-Majareesh, was exterminated together with members of his band of terrorists in an ambush set up by the Syrian Army this weekend.

Large numbers of foreign elements, including Turks and non-Syrian Arabs, were annihilated in Aleppo, where the leader of the Islam Brigade was killed. A Ratmobile (Anti-aircraft gun rigged on the back of a pick-up) was destroyed along with a group of terrorists in the area of al-Nabek and Rima, surrounding Damascus. Among the terrorists killed were the notorious Khalid Abdul-Razzaq al-Shaht, Ghassan Shahadeh and Suheil Hassan al-Rifaei, while terrorist dens were sterilized in Douma and Harasta and another Ratmobile destroyed in Joubar.

In Barzeh, many terrorists are being hunted down and exterminated by Government forces while terrorist attempts to attack a hospital at al-Kindi, Aleppo, were foiled. Operations along the Atareb-Aleppo highway have destroyed a number of Ratmobiles as the areas infested by this vermin are sterilized.

In Idleb Province, several terrorists from Chechnya and Libya have been captured or liquidated while in Maaret al-Numan, an entire terrorist den consisting of Saudi, Afghan, Yemeni and Turkish terrorist elements was destroyed. In the rural areas of northern and southern Syria, army operations eliminated cells of terrorists trying to contaminate or steal wheat stored for the winter in silos. In Lattakia, an entire cell belonging to Jabat al-Nusra terrorist group was destroyed.

Meanwhile the Syrian Armed Forces have also gained control of the highway which links the capital city, Damascus, to Homs.

The gains by the Syrian Armed Forces are coupled with a steady decline in acts of violence by terrorist groups against the civilians that the Syrian authorities are trying to protect. Analysts state that there are two reasons for this - firstly that the terrorist forces, although well financed and trained by 30 countries during three years, are no match for the Syrian Armed Forces and secondly, because the western "NGOs", in other words, agencies which finance, arm, aid, abet and equip to sow terror, have realized that the Syrian conflict is lost and have decided to pull out.

The consequence of this is that the Takfiri groups that have until now been seen parading heads of bodies, impaling boys on stakes, raping the bodies of girls after decapitating them or slicing off their breasts in the streets, who have been seen practicing shocking acts of cannibalism, tearing the hearts out of living bodies and eating them, have now started to threaten the west for leaving them in the cold. It is more than probable that the west will covertly support Syria in annihilating these elements before they turn against their masters and bite the hand that feeds them, as was the case with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Another fine mess the FUKUS Axis has created with its neo-Imperialist foreign policy, interfering in the affairs of sovereign nations, sticking their noses into complex societies which they never understood and never will, while yet again the Russian Federation appears as a responsible member of the international community, picking up the pieces, backed by the hearts and minds of humankind, increasingly suspicious of the pariah states France, UK, US.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey