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New global challenge: Can we de-Americanize the world?



In a word, what is unique is not America but what is called Americanisation. 

                   G.K. Chesterton


By Nicolas Bonnal

October 2013 will be a month to remember, like September 2001. A few countries, bravely following Vladimir Putin and the proud and convincing Russian leadership, decided to awaken and to behave like nations, not courtiers. New China has finally decided to challenge the authoritarian agenda of the global American dictator and has declared its intention to de-Americanize the world.

Many of us, even in France now, where the national Front is close to sweep a creepy and dishonoured political class, want to de-Americanize and find a way of our own. But is it still possible? And what does this beautiful Chinese expression mean - de-Americanize the world? As Confucius wrote once, if you want to change the empire, write a new dictionary - and just imagine what we could write on western democracy nowadays... 

America is of course getting nervous with her decaying dollar, her huge debt, her door open immigration, an almost complete deindustrialization and the disastrous balance of lunatic wars. As a people the Americans have no future -maybe like us in Western Europe, it is another problem - and we may predict a dystopian future for that unlucky country and the descendants of the founding fathers and slaves - including white slaves, they constituted 75% of the amount until 1700.This population will be replaced like many others in the world with the assent of the global corporations and a pitiless elite educated in American universities.

But let's answer: can we be de-Americanized? For Americanization means a lot of problems.

Go to Qatar, you will find no Qatari; go to New York, you will find no New Yorker; go to Paris or to London you will find no local people. Local people are retarded, jingoistic and bigots, to speak like the NYT and its satellite newspapers around the world; or the survivors are a mere folkloric fauna for international tourism. Like the Blade runner androids, they have to fly elsewhere. People like audiences have to be global. A de- Americanized world would be a world where the local people would be at home. That is no more possible. Do not challenge the empire.

The World State is to be the United States of the World... The pattern of the World State is to be found in the New World.

Let's pursue: wherever you go in the world, you'll find a Blade runner ambient made of distorted towers, gloomy facades, black rain, mixed and sexless people, dark minds, punk habitudes and Creole obesity. That means that wherever you go in the World, you are in L.A., be you in Shanghai, Capetown or Buenos Aires. You may still meet a relatively spared place but who is still dumb enough to travel and find the same set anywhere? Anywhere you go, you'll find the same American movie, the same American crap (even if it is made in China by smart minds or in Bengal by childish hands), the same American junk food, and the same American hypnotic greed. Commerce is the cancer of the world, wrote Louis-Ferdinand Celine, one century ago, when he was depressing in Manhattan. How dared he? Depression is a piracy forbidden by the international law.

Let's pursue. Everywhere too you find the same kind of parks, airports, highways, national parks, festivals, halls, malls, museums than in America. Think of Sao Paulo, Hong-Kong or Mumbai: everywhere you are in America including in China. The country Marco Polo once visited is now the fifty-first state of the United States, like the rest of this doomed planet. Google, Hollywood and McDonald's are the new emperors of our distracted empire. Wash your hands and connect your smart phone.

The masses are everywhere submitted to the American way of erasing cultural differences, to the American way of consumption and corruption.  In Paris alone you have two thousand American fast-foods, and we know that only three non-American movies grossed more than one hundred millions dollars in the last thirty years; compare to the 497 American ones. French writer Celine explained very well the reasons of this achievement:

What happens on the screen isn't quite real; it leaves open a vague cloudy space for the poor, for dreams and the dead. Hurry hurry, cram yourself full of dreams to carry you through the life that's waiting for you outside, when you leave here, to help you last a few days more in that nightmare of things and people.

But not only the habitat and environment are the same everywhere; the most perilous Americanisation is on its way, the American Shabbat of the soul (it appears that the new roman pope is a caricature of the incoming global order of the faith) which means a diminished God, no politics, no rebellion, no roots, no originality - except that you must conform buying what is ordered: Android, Gap, a car or cheeseburgers. And to match the wonderful and efficient flux system, give up doubt, wrath and bitterness; otherwise...

So may be our Chinese friends are right to ask for a de-Americanization of the modern world, from a Confucian point of view, but let me tell you one thing: it will be hard if we limit that request to the dollar and the wars of the so-called empire and if don't fully abandon (especially the Chinese who have the most ancient and brilliant civilization on earth) the American way of death.

To put it in Chinese words, it is time to dissolve the American matrix and for any nation to finally discover the Tao of politics.


The ideal is the indifference of the superman who lets spin the cosmic wheel.

 Tchouang Ze


Nicolas Bonnal 

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