The most horrendous false flag yet


By Jim Jones

Obama and the out of control Administration are preparing to implement their most unspeakable act of treason yet, an attack upon the American people which will shock not only America but horrify the free thinking world and it is being prepared as I write. When this will be delivered is the $64 question - can enough people come to their senses in time; cause sufficient public outcry, to stop this??

First, let's back-track a bit - is there anyone who questions the American penchant for false flag operations in order to sway public opinion?? Do you really need a history lesson, going back to George Washington, the USS Maine incident, The Lusitania sinking, Pearl Harbour, failed Bay of Pigs, Gulf Of Tonkin, USS Liberty, Oklahoma Bombing, WTC #1, Twin Towers, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon People, successive administrations have been using this ploy and refining it for centuries AND you keep falling for it! Why would they change their modus operandi when it has proven to be so successful?  Why change, when they have been able to refine the delivery of the propaganda to a point whereby they easily control the minds of the masses by simply broadcasting their syrup to Mum and Dad average Joe American while the feed on their Big Macs in front of the TV at prime time viewing? Of course Joe American will believe CNN, FOX and the other CIA controlled media outlets. After all, they have done before. The delivery of this false message has been steadily refined with such incidents as have been played out at the likes of Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon - hell, the same actors have been "outed' at both sites and still people won't accept that these were all staged events to test the control of the masses.

The current situation falls back to a strategic swing in world power.  With hindsight it is easy to pin-point, although some of us suggested at the time that it was a pivotal point in history. I refer here to the failed McCain/Zionist sponsored Georgian war. This attempt to further weaken Russia and provide an oil pipeline which would have economically crippled Russia, through Georgia, ended in disaster for not only the Zionist, but also America.  America was shown to be a toothless bear in the region - unable to support the criminal regime that it was sponsoring, while Russia clearly demonstrated that it was a power in the region and a supporter of it's friends and allies.

The flow-on effect of that incident has shaped much of what is happening in the Middle East today and the coming events in America. We see now a major shift in strategic alliances in the region, all based on the various parties perception of who will be the major player in the region - HATO or Russia. Even Georgia, that once stout US ally, is now looking to join the Russia Union! Indications are that Ukraine will follow suit although the Ukraine admission to the EU is an obstacle there. Further afield, other states are looking to their backyard and re-evaluating their alliances. With the minor hic-up of Libya [where Medvedev was lied too by the US and HATO], Russia has steadily spread it's influence in the Middle East. Strong support for Syria and Russia's return to Iraq has not gone un-noticed by the Zionist.

The Zionist, fixated on destroying Iran, have been thwarted in their attempts to drag Iran into the illegal war in Syria. Despite, several unprovoked blatant military strikes on Syria and Iran - which were outright acts of war and violated international law - and the false flag gas attacks blamed on the Syrians, Israel has not been able to draw Iran into a wider confrontation, nor has it been able to provoke a retaliatory strike from Syria which could be used as a pretext for America to enter the war, once again in support Zionist causes.

The Zionist feel threatened - they see their meal ticket, America, being reduced in capability in the region while their supposed enemies have grown and strengthened.  The Syrian conflict has once again further weakened the American position in the region and not only has Russia shown military might, they have set themselves firmly at the head of the world diplomatic and statesman's stage. Rather than seeing Syria roll over quickly, the Zionist have witnessed their worst fears, Syria has grown stronger, has solicited more world support and obtained new allies and friends and is also winning the war. The time that this war has taken has seen Iran become stronger and rearm and develop newer weapons. To top it all off - the Zionist have had to witness the building up in strength of Hezbollah, an army which defeated them in 2006, with much fewer resources and a numerical disadvantage of 10 to 1 to the Zionists. Iraq is re-arming and the Zionist are unsure as to Iraq's future plans - hence the increase in the terror campaign there, instigated by the Zionists.  

With increasing desperation, the Zionist are doing all that they can to widen the conflict in Syria and to draw America into the conflict. I read an unconfirmed report that Russia had shot down two "American" ballistic missiles, fired from the area of the Mediterranean close to the South of Spain and aimed at Damascus. Supposedly, Russia went onto immediate "alert" and contacted the American military who avowed no knowledge of the launch.  Israel also came out denying it's involvement; why would they do that?  Isn't this a case of "me thinks they protest too much?". My opinion is that these missiles were launch from one of the 6 Dolphin class submarines Israel has and was a deliberate attempt to sabotage the accord on the destruction of chemical weapons and draw Russia into the conflict so that would trigger American support for Israel.  America has a base in the South of Spain, close to where the launch took place - a perfect cover for yet another false flag operation!

So with failure after failure to instigate the conflagration in the Middle East, the Zionists are now going to resort to their most horrendous act yet, the exploding of a nuclear weapon on mainland America.

Some of you will have seen that recently, 7 very senior US military officials have been "fired" from their posts. They held positions whereby they were in command or control of part of the nuclear arsenal.  We have a Senator coming out and saying that a nuclear bomb will be delivered in the belly of a ship in Charleston harbour! On the very day that one of the Generals was "fired", a nuclear warhead was unofficially transferred and is now "in the wind" supposedly under control of the Zionist administration. This is not a missile, as I understand, but a warhead - it needs to be manoeuvred to position. [Supposedly because Iran does not have the capability to deliver a warhead by missile; hence a missile attack could not conceivably blamed on them].

With all else having failed, we are now poised for the ultimate false flag operation, whereby a massive nuclear bomb will be detonated on continent America and blamed on Iran with a view to entrapping America into the Middle East war.  The Generals that were "fired" were obviously not going to be party to the crime, and/or likely to be whistle blowers.

Are you going to passively stand-by? 

Jim Jones


Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov