Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

London and Washington and Terrorism

The last few years have been synonymous with the most shocking human rights abuses perpetrated by forces supported, aided, financed and abetted either directly or indirectly by the FUKUS Axis - France, UK, US - in Libya and in Syria. The conclusion can only be that the state Department and the FCO are staffed by the most callous, cold-blooded and reptilian monsters the world has seen. They are unfit for office, they are a disgrace to their nations and their very existence is a reminder that the foreign policy of Washington and London (and now Paris) is conducted by traitors.

The most shocking human rights abuses carried out by marauding gangs of thugs in Libya, aided by NATO aircraft and financed under the table by sycophantic NATO bedboys in the Gulf, helped illegally by NATO special forces on the ground, in violation of UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011), are well documented (*).

Needless to say, such an indictment (below) did not even merit the courtesy of a reply from the ICC at The Hague or from the ECHR, nor, more predictably, from the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the US State Department. The former was too busy covering its tracks after being confronted in this column with the evidence that it was supporting the LIFG, a terrorist group on its own list of proscribed groups, the latter was preparing Hillary Clinton's "I came, I saw, he died" statement, the most callous demonstration of sheer evil the planet has witnessed since the second world war. Apart, perhaps, from the horrific barbaric acts in the USA's medieval torture and concentration camps set up across the globe.

After supporting armed groups which set fire to people in the street in Libya, which hacked the breasts off women, which raped women and girls, which ethnically cleansed areas of black people, which impaled boys on iron stakes, which looted, committed torture, arson, sodomy, murder, let us take a look at what the State Department and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's darlings and protégés are doing in Syria.

Two children executed for proclaiming support for President Assad; the public beheading of a boy in Deir ez-Zor on August 15. He was publicly executed, his head sliced off and then paraded around the main square by laughing al-Qaeda operatives, then they kicked his headless body around the town giggling and screaming in delight. The masked terrorists responsible for this outrage can be heard saying "Allahu Akhbar!" (God is great). These are the people (?) supported by William Hague's FCO and John Kerry's State Department.

Homs, December 26, 2011, at the beginning of the western-backed terrorist uprising. A Syrian girl, Amyra, was gang-raped, killed and filmed by jeering jihadis before her body was desecrated. The perpetrators? The FSA - Free Syrian Army. These are the people (?) supported by William Hague's FCO and John Kerry's State Department.

More recently, two churches targeted in the Damascus countryside, mortars fired at civilian positions in Damascus, the hotel where the weapons inspectors were staying was attacked from rebel (terrorist)-held positions, the terrorists have prevented the inspectors from visiting sites. One wonders why.

And this very year, just a few weeks ago, while Cameron, Hague, Obama and Kerry were deriding President Assad and saying he must go and make way for their FSA darlings, let us see what their minions have done. Look at the main picture. It shows a little girl, a toddler, crying as she was forced to watch her parents being murdered in Deir ez-Zor. She is crying, she is screaming, she is terrified. To the right of this picture, an image I am not allowed to post because it is too horrific and shocking. It is a photograph of what happened to her seconds later.

The end of her suffering (needless to say after a horrific period of torture and the readers, I guarantee you, cannot even start to imagine the details of cruelty she had to suffer) was to have her heart ripped out of her chest and eaten my screaming western-backed jihadis. Allahu Akhbar, David Cameron. Allahu Akhbar William Hague. Allahu Akhbar John Kerry. Allahu Akhbar Barack Obama. These are the "people" you support with your taxpayers' money.

And yet your populations turn a blind eye, pretend nothing is happening, even support their governments, and do absolutely nothing to bring their governments to justice for these crimes.


Photo credit: FSA War crimes in Syria

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey