Vladimir Putin against the new Carthaginian civilization

My high charms work,

And these mine enemies are all knit up

in their distractions. 

The Tempest

By Nicolas Bonnal 

Vladimir Putin recently spoke of the Euro-Atlantic forces that want to push the Christian roots out of Europe and the West. I thought his expression had an almost esoteric dimension. First there is the Heartland, the Christian Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals - and beyond - as de Gaulle said. A land rich in traditions, proud of its high and ancient civilization, which had managed to transform and renew its culture and inheritance for thousands of years.

Then there is the other side: the dark forces of the modern Euro-Atlantic world, devourer of time, and space eater. As Putin said, it is not that this world is purely satanic, it is that it puts on the same level the one who claims his allegiance to Christianity and the one who claims his allegiance to Satanism. That means Mozart and Tolstoy against Lady Gaga in your Android and Tim Burton in a Blue Ray.

This new western world rejects the white people (all bad, jingoist or bigot), the Christian religion (as the new pope himself does euphorically), the sexual dichotomy; he refuses any reference to nature - which has to be spiritually denied then turned into a device, a tool or a good - or the past of the Christian West.

The Christian West is here a concept that of course includes the Russian Orthodox soul and empire, somewhat obliterated during the soviet episode, and one must finally understand that the west of Andrei Roublev is the West of Saint Bernard and of The West of Giotto. The West of de Gaulle, Putin and Heidegger means in this sense what is closer to the origin.

But the Euro-Atlantic civilization, guided by three noxious ocean powerhouses, USA, (finally more a matrix than a nation-state), England (intellectually the most dangerous of the three, since Bacon or Locke) and France (since 1789 the useful idiot of the infernal trio), is a civilization of stubborn minds, of rebellious angels, to use the Bible. This is a transgressive civilization of scholar rebels, of a transhuman and Mephistophelian agenda, and spiritually a civilization that tends to its destruction, dissolution and parody. This social-democratic utopia comes to an absurdity when the 300 richer Americans possess 2300 billions of dollars and when the humanitarian excesses of that pedantic oligarchy menaces the world peace and the human soul anywhere.

Turning the world into a device and a cash machine is their only agenda. As predicted Hamlet, this world is "out of joint".

In his novel Salammbo, Flaubert has described very well an oligarchic and Oriental civilization, obsessed with money, manipulated by degenerate, sordid and cruel trends: it was Carthage, whose religion was characterized by human sacrifices, especially of children, sophisticated cruelty, debauchery and inveterate exploitation of human beings. Today nature is destroyed anywhere and the kids and babies are mere kits and goods sold on the web. While this greedy and ferocious civilization eventually polluted the Roman dream, it is a mistake to confuse Rome with its decadence, the Legion, the imperial cult and the great orators with the bread and circuses of the global populace (of course today's models are the gladiators). Rome is worth better than that and that is why its great model inspired us so much time. Of course Rome is not the Vatican either.

Flaubert says that Carthage is mostly dominated by money forces: he talks of the oligarchs, who had then the free hands to buy the power, design the public opinion and then impose their chaotic policies. Russia has seen this abomination under Yeltsin, France since Sarkozy, and America since the first Bush, the founding father of globalization and new world order.

The Bilderbergs' Europe built after World War II following American autocratic orders and a Russophobe agenda, has of course not been able to increase its social, cultural, spiritual, even demographic heritage. It definitively submitted itself in the 90s to the Carthaginian Commissioners, and now politicians from France or Germany bravely spit on their flags. Merkel threw away a German flag after her last political victory; it may be recalled that he median age of her electors is of sixty years. It is time to retire, elector.

Euro-Atlantic forces: let's keep following the expression of Vladimir Putin, who underlines here the sinister role of lunatic forces, heirs to some gloomy nightmares worthy of Lovecraft. In the past our ancestors were afraid by the great ocean and its destinies, and they were finally not so wrong. My old friend Jean Parvulesco spoke of the exemplary role of Vladimir Putin and Eurasia (his book was translated into Russian by world-famous theoretician Douguine), and he was right since no European must turn his back to the Asian part of his heritage.

But talking of this sinister dimension of the euro-Atlantic forces, one could quote Virgil and Horace and recall that the Eurus (whose ablative is euro) is a violent and dangerous wind that destroys ships in the Mediterranean; one could too recall the mythological princess Europa, abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull has also Phoenician roots (from Tyr), and one can also remember the fate of Atlantis civilization described by Plato and based on degeneracy of science and maritime plutocracy, the one that defies Russian hero Sadko precisely.

Vladimir Putin has a strong challenge: he has to deal with real sea monsters, with the beasts of the sea, but it seems he knows who is dealing with.

Mine ears against your suits are stronger than your gates against my force. 


Nicolas Bonnal

Author`s name Nicolas Bonnal