Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Come The Day And Come The Hour

By Jim Jones

Those of you familiar with rugby will recognise the opening lines from the Irish anthem for the International World Cup of rugby.  We could add here to it by saying "come the day and come the hour; come the man and the country".

What an amazing month September 2013 has been in the history of mankind. It would be hard to go past the events unfolding in Syria or the peripheral politicking that has taken place surrounding events in Syria. 

But to isolate Syria in such a myopic view of the world would be to miss much of what has been the driving factors and influencing motives of the unseen players in this frightful drama being played out in the centre of the Middle East.

Certainly, there will be many with apocalyptic views regarding the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, who will spin a story around their interpretation of Scripture and how this is going to pan out.

I am not claiming to be so gifted and well connected with God that He has enlightened me with wisdom and understanding of these two books of Scripture, so I will refrain from obvious deductions and to parallels to Scripture. Ok, I can hear a collective sigh of relief - not another religious kook going to tell me the end is here.

What I want to do is to look at the events and explore, more in debth, what is behind the events and perhaps, point to where all this is taking us.

This month, more so than any other in recent time, we have seen the emergence of a statesman in the true sense of the word - a statesman of bygone times. Some of us are old enough to recall true statesmen, so we are talking living memory as recent times. But who would have thought or credited that a leader of an ex Soviet State would rise above all other politicians and genuinely stamp his mark on the world stage in such an emphatic manner as Vladimir Putin has?

While Barack Obama [or is that Obomber?] was beating war drums with his Nobel Peace Prize and calling a war council from around the world to punish a sovereign state for an act for which there is no substantive proof that they actually carried it out - Vladimir Putin quietly, with distinguished aplomb, pulled the rug out from under Obomber's feet and completely removed options for a US/Saudi backed attack on Syria.  Even those who detest Putin must grudgingly concede that this act was a masterful stroke of diplomacy and statesmanship!

With one statement, the whole pretext for going to war was removed and people were asking what was the US/Saudi end game, if they didn't accept the offer.  Kerry had to accept; he was proverbially between a rock and a hard place. Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister was all over John Kerry, who had degraded himself and that of his office by following the path of Collin Powel with the Iraqi ruse - Weapons of Mass Destruction lie. So much attention was placed on this aspect, that he left himself no wriggle room at all and the Russians simply cut it off.

But does a leopard change it's spots? No, and sadly, one would have expected the Russians to have anticipated the weaselling out of the accord by the Americans which followed. History is there - Dmitry Medvedev found out to his eternal consternation and Russia's ultimate embarrassment that American agreements are not worth the paper they are written on. Medvedev had an agreement on Libya with the US that Gaddafi would not be touched and Libya would not be attacked, if Russia supported their UN resolution - yet, as soon as the US had the resolution, they twisted the interpretation of the wording on the UN resolution to allow the illegal bombing and ultimate assassination of Gaddafi.  From that, we saw the demise of Medvedev and the rise of Putin AND a more resolute Russia. The US/Saudi regime had awoken the bear!

Putin has learnt from that! This time, Russia is standing firm with Syria, regardless and Putin will veto any resolution which will later allow an attack upon Syria. Who should have the Nobel Peace Prize? [That's another issue, as it is politically motivated by certain players].

When this happened - around that time, it was astounding to see that the UK Parliament refused to follow the US/Saudi war drums! I saw an interview with Putin wherein even he stated that "they were surprised by the UK move - as they always just do as they are told". Certainly, the suave and greasy David Cameroon was surprised too and had to eat humble pie in Parliament when he said, "I hear you and I have listened". America was reduced to citing France as it's only supporter of an illegal military strike. French will do anything to keep their banks from closing. Saudi money there helps that.

When the war drums were beaten for the Iraqi war, the internet and social media was very much still in their infancy - the MSM was the main source of news and propaganda for the masses. Of course people would believe their government and of course Saddie had WMD. Isn't it amazing how 20 years of internet growth and social media networking has help spread truth to counter the MSM lies?  Powel had to admit to the UN that he lied! Now people remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf and can identify the same story in MSM as they heard years before, and more recently, similar themes. 

When I saw the build-up of Russian warships [supported by China - supposedly there to observe], I had a daja vu moment; "we were eyeball to eyeball and they blinked first".  Some of you might remember the 1962 Cuban missile crisis?  So commonsense had prevailed and the US/Saudis had listened to public opinion, tested the mettle of Russia; and decided not to push it?  

It wasn't until a couple of days ago, towards the end of the month that I started reading reports of a most bizarre "secret" meeting that took place early in the month in Putin's private dacha, between Putin and Prince Bandar [often called Bandar Bush because of his close ties with the Bush regime of skull and bones] of Saudi Arabia.  It took recognised MSM a day or two to run the story and even then, when they did - it was quite a sanitised version. The Telegraph ran it on 25th Sept and while not telling lies, they omitted substantial parts of the meeting transcript and so, effectively construed the event which is akin to telling a lie.  All of you can Google the story - look up Saudi Arabia threatens Russia: so I will pick the guts out of the transcript.

Essentially, Bandar Bush went to Putin - purportedly with the full backing of the US, and offered to cut a secret deal to carve up the oil profits if Russia would back off on Syria and allow a regime change. Putin quietly and politely offered a nyet. He was not for sale and neither were his principles. Bandar went on to then threaten Russia by turning loose Chechen terrorists to cause havoc in the Winter Sochi Olympics.  Saying that all terrorists groups are under their control and that they can turn them on or off as they like. Just pause for a moment and consider the magnitude and monumental brassiness of this statement. Firstly, he admits that all terrorists acts around the world are controlled by Saudi Arabia and secondly, they are prepared to commit to a horrendous death, innocent civilians and sports people from around the world, as a show of force in the completion of an act of blackmail. Can you ever not wonder at the brutality of these terrorist controllers?  Who do you think is controlling the 90,000 odd foreign terrorists in Syria??  Who do you think committed countless acts of terrorism around the world and who do you think the cartel consists off? Certainly the Bush's are in there. 

Well, it appears that at this stage, the negotiations moved from being polite - Putin warned Bandar that if Syria is attacked, Russia would bomb Saudi Arabia. At last, someone with balls. This threat was communicated to senior members of the Armed Forces with instructions to prepare to strike Saudi Arabia. Obviously, this was leaked.

This direct threat was what stopped the immediate attack on Syria - not some reasoned sensible, logical persuasion. The language the Saudi's understand, death and destruction, but this time, close to home; this is what stopped the attack.

America was faced with a dilemma, and as we have seen previously, Obomber vacillates considerably on such issues.  From saying that he had all authority to press home a strike, to asking Congress to approve it [wise move as a unilateral strike like he planned was definitely a war crime for which he was personally responsible] to actually now putting it off. The issue for him now was how to sell an attack on and the defence of Saudi Arabia, all on the pretext of going to save Syrians? He also has terrific mounting public opposition to US/Saudi involvement in Syria, in the UK it is over 72% oppose it and in the US it is some 66% oppose.  Coupled with the involvement now of other nations. China is there, Iran has always pledged support, North Korea sniffing and Western nations distancing themselves from it.

Are we finally seeing the power of social media changing political events??  

The issue with the WMD lie is quiet clear - who in their right mind, on the eve of a UN delegation to inspect WMD's,  would go and lobe a shell of Sarin gas among the population??  Why would Assad, when the Syrian Army was winning on all fronts, resort to a desperate action of lobbing a canister of Sarin Gas, and then, only one!? The area where it occurred was terrorist controlled and the inspectors obviously had to grapple with the consequences of that as well as being confronted with planted evidence.  The children supposedly killed by this gas were children from a mountainous region of Assad supporters, who were kidnapped andtaken there by the terrorists to be used as grotesque mannequins in their false flag operation which has been widely reported as being carried out by Israelis. A 100 page detailed report produced by Russia on the use of chemicals weapons in Syria has been brushed aside and Kerry and the West; steadfastly holding to the WMD lie.  The first reported use of Sarin in the MSM was of a shell supposedly being dropped by alone Syria helicopter -  this died a very quick death when it was discovered it was an own goal by the terrorists as they tried to set up a device with Sarin. [Hence the Israelis had to help them with this one].

The Terrorists have gone on Youtube and admitted using Sarin gas.

Why is no one looking to find and punish who actually carried out these attacks [yes, there are more than two].  Why are they all interested in just establishing gas was used? Because they believe that they can lie about it and you will believe it. When Obomber made is Red Line in the Sand comment - that was all the terrorists needed to make it happen. To get major support for their cause. A cause that is foundering.

Remember last month, the Israelis carried out an air strike on a Syria Army convoy? Well, after Syria made it public the Zionists had to come up with an excuse - the excuse was that the convoy was taking weapons to Hezbolla in Lebanon. [even that is no excuse to invade a sovereign country and bomb it - that was a war crime; an act of war]. The truth is, in Jordan there is a major training camp for the terrorists; trained by America and the Israelis, funded by the Saudis.  This is a large camp and the terrorists have been in training for a long time. These were to be "élite troops" among the terrorists.  They were released, and sent over the border with the aim of reaching Damascus, overthrowing the government and assassinating Assad. The goal was an attack at the heart of the regime and finish the war. 

When they crossed the border, Russian satellites and intel sources informed the Syrian Army and they ambushed the terrorists, inflicting huge casualties and sending then running like rats back to Jordan. The Syrian Army was in the process of out-flanking them, to cut off their escape back into Jordan, when the terrorists called the Israeli air strike.  Did MSM ever report this?

What has amazed me, and I am sure many of you have wrestled with this as well; is how can the Zionists be in bed with the Saudi Arabs. In fact, how come there appear to be several seemingly dissimilar parties in the NWO cabal? The answer is found in the various interests of the apparently dissimilar groups. The seeming unity is there while the interests suit the various party's goals. We see this in the rag-tail band of terrorists operating in Syria. While the war appeared to be progressing along their route to regime change, there was unity in the group. When Syrian national forces started to win - [actually, very notably, when the US postponed it's strike on Syria], the various groups operating there began to schism and show their true agendas.  The adroit move by Assad to offer forgiveness and reconciliation to Syrians who took up the terrorist campaign against him, has resulted in many of the terrorists renouncing the terrorists cause on account of being totally disillusioned by the actions and ideology of the various splinter groups.

This amalgam of ideologies is exemplified in the Zionist/Saudi Arab de facto marriage - rather like a gay wedding; it's not a real one. For the Zionists, they can live with it because of their old saying - "my enemy's enemy is my friend". The Zionists aim in the Middle East is to destroy unity in the neighbouring Arab states and in so doing, create  a defence against attack. A weak and fractionalised government/country will not act decisively or forcefully militarily, so by destroying the fabric of these states, Israel protects itself from attack.  For the Saudi Arabs, Israeli expertise and connections with the US in terrorist activates and their intel makes for a very attractive partner.  Drink enough and you will sleep with anything! 

However, the Saudi Arabs have a much greater aim here - they are holding huge amounts of US dollars - the Petro Dollar has fuelled [pardon the pun] the rise of the Saudis as a major world player and this has been done very cleverly in conjunction with the US for guarantee of protection for the sale of oil and the Saudi position. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the Yanks got the Saudi's to agree for all oil transactions to be in US Dollars. Certainly this move alone, firmly established the US Dollar as the undisputed world reserve currency. The petro dollar has allowed the FED to literally, print money - money without any backing, save people's faith in it. Challenging this regime [the FED and the Saudi's] has resulted in the demise of states like Iraq and Libya. However, with the FED's preparing to crash the dollar, the Saudi's are getting very jumpy.

Saudis wanted to cash-in on the European market by circumventing the strangle hold of the Straits of Hormuz. Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and UEA all ship their oil through the Straits of Hormuz - something like 45% of the world's oil is shipped via this passage. Whether the West like it or not, Iran can close the Straits to oil passage - actually, the threat of a closure will dissuade oil tankers from using it and if they did force a passage and were convoyed etc, the cost of oil would skyrocket! This fact alone, puts Iran as public enemy number one in the West; all thanks to the Saudi oil cartel. The Saudi solution was to put a pipeline from Iraq, through Syria and into the Mediterranean, thus connecting Europe's underbelly.  Of course, Zionist Israel benefits from this as well.

Such a move smacks against Russia's dominant position as the energy supplier to Europe and would undermine the Russian economy, right at a time it least needed it - perhaps torpedoing the move to replace the Dollar and Euro as the Word trade currency and the reserve currency; both of which are controlled by the Banksters and the FED/IMF/World Bank. [More on this later].

Now, perhaps you see the interested parties siding up; those who have to gain and those who have to loose.

Syria, loyal to Russia, would not accept the oil pipeline and so this pipeline - like the one proposed via Georgia, was torpedoed. Russia, now reciprocating the loyalty to Syria.

Because of the failing effort of the terrorist war in Syria and the urgent need of the Saudis to shore up their position before the collapse of the petro dollar, precipitated the desperate offer of an alliance on oil control and the subsequent attempt at blackmailing Russia over the Sochi games, by Bandar Bush.

The other factor pushing this conflagration in the Middle East is the impending collapse of the US Dollar and what will replace it. It is no new news, that America cannot hope to pay it's debts. It cannot now even hope to pay the interest burden. What will happen when the US Dollar falls to the floor?

Like any banker, the bank holding the debt calls up the loan - and if it cannot be repaid, takes Real Estate in return - that which was provided as security for the loan. This is exactly what Obomber has secretly negotiated with Xi Jinping, the Chinese President.  Because China is holding so much of American debt, the plan is to trade land - US land, for US Debt.  Ever wondered what all the internment camps are being built in the US are for? The "secret" depots of Army transport vehicles etc? These are for those who will resist Chinese ownership when Obomber declares Martial Law when the Dollar drops and he implements the secret debt exchange agreement. 

The path is well and truly set for the FED to destroy the dollar; but the fight at the moment is over the replacement of the dollar. The current NWO is facing a real challenge from Russia and China to replace the IMF/World Bank with a truly social and equitable banking system, free from the IMF usury.  The fight now is about fait currency or gold back currency. The IMF/FED/World Bank has grown fat on the false value of fait money - forcing sale of real value on sovereign states for their monopoly money. Any new banking system introduced by them, would seek to preserve the status quo - 85% of the world's wealth in the hands of 10%. 

On the other hand, China has been buying up huge quantities of gold and is backing the Yuan with gold value. In this way, money will have a finite value - it cannot be artificially manufactured. Prices will stabilise, true value will enter the marketplace and a fair and equitable distribution of wealth ensured. No longer will wealth be generated by the petro dollar and the printing of monopoly money.

Some of you will remember the incident last year when China repatriated gold debt from Fort Knox, only to find that it was tungsten laced!  The London Bullion Exchange and IMF/FED went to extraordinarily lengths to quieten this down, but the Chinese response has been inspirational.  China is accepting payment in gold but rather than having traditional imperial weight [troy ounces], they are having all gold cast in Kilogram ingots.  By doing so, they eliminate the tungsten laced bars that Clinton had cast and they symbolically sever the Imperial control of gold - a new epoch bacons.

China now has agreements in place to trade in existing currencies - that is, they agreed to exchange Yuan/Yen, they have agreed to exchange Rouble/Yuan, Aus Dollar/Yuan and probably some others I haven't caught up on. All of this by-passes the US reserve currency and further erodes the position and faith in the US Dollar.

The establishment of the BRIIICS Group [Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Iran, India, China and South Africa] and an agreement between them to open currency trade is the death knell for the current NWO. BRIIICS group will establish the Yuan as the standard unit of trade and the Rouble will be the reserve.  Already, they are laying fibre optic between their countries and will by-pass the SWIFT banking system of the international Central Banksters.  The success of this group - no, just the sheer size of it and market potential, will attract other countries just as a large planetary object attracts a smaller one as it passes. It will be a magnet, impossible to resist for the world. Syria will be on-board, but watch for the African continent to join in - already full of discontent at centuries of imperial miss-management and raping of their countries by the ruling élite.  The advent of continent Africa to this group would definitely spell the end of the existing NWO.

Expect a total revaluation of all that we own as the existing monetary value system adjusts to the new BRIIICS monetary system. As the West has forced living standards that are substandard upon the "Third World", we can expect a similar re-adjustment process to happen as the two standards look for equilibrium. Then we can have a new future to look forward to. One free from the exploitation that has plagued the plant for the last couple of centuries - perhaps even a world with less wars and turmoil.

The one person who has championed this campaign against the NWO, to remove their power base [the control of money] with a vision to destroy the unipolar world system - the have and have nots, is the person currently vilified in the West.

Stand, raise your glasses and toast;  Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Jim Jones