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Putin works Obama shirks


By Xavier Lerma

Last week the West focused on Syria and Putin focused on a better economy for the world. The Obama fly kept getting into Putin's eye but he would knock it away when necessary. The question is why is Obama in any economic meeting? He can't fix the economic debt in America. Even with a Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate from 2008 thru 2010 nothing was done. He didn't take notes at last year's G20 in Mexico and I don't see him being inspired by Putin's economic strategies this year. Strategies like less taxes, no wars, etc.. Obama's Soviet mistake continues while Putin tries to improve the world.

An unhappy and bored Barry at around 10:40 of the G20 Leaders 1st Session: 

"Mr. Transparency" shoved his health care bill down Americans throats without even posting it on the internet before congress could vote on it.  The promise of transparency is as lame as his game. Like Superman's Bizarro World where everything is backwards, Obama says one thing and the opposite happens. I'm not sure if Americans have figured that out but that's the way it is.  If he says unity, he means division, peace, he means war. You get the picture. I think you do or did you vote for Obama? He actually meant not to vote for him or support him. Barry, Barry, quite contrary. Didn't you get that memo?

Maybe the US media is using Syria to cover up economic woes in America. I wonder if the western media ever posts or shows any of Putin's economic plans? Doubtful, nevertheless, here it is. It is transparent as one can get without a Putin judo chop to your face. Putin's team posted it on the internet before the G20 Summit and then he explained it. Wow, imagine that, real organization instead of chaos. More action and less talk with fewer vacations. The buck stops with Putin and he has the bull by its horns.

The main website is here:  They even talk about transparency and have documents you can download. Regarding economic improvement and employment Putin says,

  • We all understand that policies that amount to giving away free money cannot continue indefinitely.
  • Clearly, most developed economies need to reduce their levels of national debt and fiscal deficit in the medium- and long-term.
  • Job creation through sound monetary and fiscal policies, structural policies to foster innovation and promotion of smaller enterprises
  • A database of best practice policies to facilitate job creation and labor activation
  • A set of recommendations on policies to stimulate job creation and labor activation
  • A progress report on implementation of the G20 commitments related to youth employment
  • Regulate the labor and tax markets, develop human capital, modernize infrastructure and regulate commodities markets.

I cannot imagine Obama coming back with a progress report much less "sound monetary and fiscal policies".  I never saw Obama take any notes did you? Others did not but Mr. Trillion dollars in debt should have. If the western media had shown on live TV all the meetings Obama was at with Putin leading the way, the American people would have overloaded the White House switch board or marched and squatted on the White House lawn until Barry left town. On the other hand I am assuming they would understand what was being said by Putin even though translated to English. Never mind. I forgot they are not only no longer under God but are now under educated.

The (paid) anti-Putin crowd shouts that Putin's economy is no good in Russia. Shall we ask them what the US debt is? Maybe they forgot. Putin has a winning record in taking his country from poverty to almost no debt. He is aware things can be better and is going in the right direction. By 2008 Russia's GDP had gone up about 70% and income in Russia doubled. He jailed the oligarchs who stole from the people and evaded taxes which keeps Soros and company away from Russia. So where is Soros now? You guessed it, in the USA hiding from the French and Putin.

Anti corruption seems like a dream but it is an idea Putin has not only started in Russia but is willing to convey to the world. As I stated earlier, Putin locked up the oligarchs but people forget almost half the governors in Russia were fired by President Medvedev as Putin's plan to reform government. If Putin was the dictator the west claims him to be his goals of reform would have been achieved years ago. Some Russians prefer Putin to be Tsar so to avoid democratic red tape. Putin knows best for Russia's future democracy.  He recommends:

  • Anti-corruption training to build a corruption-free society
  • Financial transparency and disclosure for public officials

Transparency is the key. Not Obama's transparency in his "Bizarro World" which means everything he does is a secret and he spies on you. The public spies on government officials. Their bank accounts and whereabouts are made public on the web and filmed. Imagine that, everything is public from a public official.

Hitler, Napoleon and the Communists failed and now the Chicago gang has fallen to the Russians. "Don't mess with the Russians, Janice!", a Soprano once said. Punk gangs in America are in denial as Mr. Numbnuts sits awkwardly during the G20 meetings. Putin explains his economic reforms to help the world economy in spite of Obama's policies that crap on his own people. "Not on my watch", says Putin. Obama can sink his own ship but not the rest of the world.

Xavier Lerma

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