Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The criminal irresponsibility of western foreign policy

Hardly a day has gone by since an apparent chemical weapons attack in rural Damascus and there is the British Foreign Secretary William Hague making insinuations virtually blaming the Syrian Government, jumping the gun on another mission creep as he and his partners performed in Libya. This is what could be termed criminal irresponsibility.

A case could be, and indeed has been, made to accuse William Hague and the political leadership of NATO countries of war crimes in Libya (*) and breach of international law in Syria, financing, aiding and supporting terrorist groups to destabilize the legitimate Government of the country. So after the recent track record of NATO, spear-headed by the FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US), after the lies, deception, skullduggery, cajoling, arrogance, bullying, blackmail and chauvinism which are buzz-words in FUKUS foreign policy, and always have been, who can believe a word they say?

Remember Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction? Remember the "evidence" produced by the British intelligence services, which turned out to be a ten-year-old doctoral thesis copied and pasted from the net and "sexed-up" by the Blair regime?

Remember the yellowcake uranium which the Iraqi government was supposed to be seeking from "Nigeria" (except the country selling it is Niger, and Iraq was not procuring any)? Remember the "immediate threat" posed by Iraq by its WMD (which it did not have) justifying the western crusade against this oil-rich and strategically crucial Middle Eastern country?

So now, when William Hague indulges yet again in what could be deemed criminal irresponsibility, insinuating that the Assad Government was responsible for a chemical weapons attack in rural Damascus, when as yet there is not one iota of evidence that it was not the "opposition" terrorists he and his Foreign and Commonwealth office supports, who is going to take any notice of what he or his French counterparts say? After all, they are merely doing the spadework for their master across the Atlantic, waiting patiently with its troops already in Jordan as junior bichon France and chief poodle Britain prepare public opinion with lies.

This is not responsible foreign policy, it is the very worst form of sinister manipulation of the truth, trying to create a causus belli where none exists. The declarations of William Hague should be examined by those who have the power to enforce international law and at the very least, his utter incompetence to hold his job should be revealed. His remarks after the chemical weapons attack that this should open the eyes of some who do not understand the cruelty of the Assad Government is a very puerile yet blatant attempt to apportion the blame before the course of due legal process. In making such a claim, William Hague is pitting himself against any form of legal investigation or any process of examination of evidence, trial and judgement.

In fact, William Hague represents the kangaroo courts of yesteryear, the Medieval witch-hunts in which women were summarily accused in public "She's a witch!", then placed on a witch chair and dipped under a river for five minutes. If she died, she was a witch; if she survived, she was innocent. He is not, therefore, competent to represent British foreign policy, which is supposed to be based upon ethics and the rule of law.

Any intelligent human being, and Hague apparently is neither, would ask what possible advantage the Assad Government would have deploying chemical weapons in an area where his forces are winning hands-down, on the eve of the UN inspection team beginning their work. Any intelligent analysis of the situation would question what advantage would be gained for the Government in gassing children and civilians.

Any intelligent appraisal would question why the so-called damning videos appeared on you-tube dated August 20, when the attacks were supposed to have taken place on August 21. Any balanced examination of the entire affair would have taken into account the UN's own declarations in May that the "opposition" was indeed responsible for previous chemical weapons attacks, including with Sarin nerve gas. No advantage for the Government, every advantage for the "opposition".

Anyone who knows what they are talking about would remember the opposition's laboratories outed last year in which they were gassing live rabbits with nerve agents and anyone who knows what is happening on the ground is well aware that the terrorist groups and their Albanian/al-Qaeda/Afghan/Libyan mercenaries are losing in all areas of battle and have before used chemical weapons trying to apportion the blame on the Government.

And there is William Hague saying that those who support Syria's Government should see its "murderous nature". So let us ask William Hague to make a statement, right now, eye-to-eye, on the previous use of chemical weapons by his "opposition" forces, confirmed by the UNO in May.

But no, he will remain silent and will continue to behave like an outdated, interfering, manipulative, insolent and totally incompetent representative of his country's policy.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey