Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Syrian Arab Army victorious, Turkey blocks 1,000 terrorists

As the Syrian Arab Army chalks up victory after victory over the FUKUS Satanic Army of cannibals (FSA), reports from Turkey suggest that the Turkish authorities, until now collaborating with the terrorists under orders from its NATO masters, have blocked a group of 1,000 of these demonic elements from crossing back from Syria.

The day started badly in Homs, where the FUKUS Satanic Army of cannibals (FSA-Al-Qaeda), supported by France, UK, US (FUKUS Axis) murdered a 13-year-old girl, shortly before the heroic Syrian Arab Army (Government forces) took back large parts of the city, cleansing and sterilizing areas infested by the western-backed terrorist filth and seizing arms caches. Steady progress is being made in Homs, with nests of terrorist elements being located and exterminated.

Elsewhere, the Syrian Arab Army continues to gain the upper hand, according to some analysts, forcing the USA to concentrate more on destabilizing Egypt, now it is staring defeat in the face in Syria. Terrorist cells were identified in Damascus and 30 of these elements were seized by the authorities before they could proceed with their murderous activities, backed by the west.

In Aleppo, successful operations proceed against western-backed FSA Al-Qaeda terrorist cannibals in al-Nakarin, Aandan, Hraitan, the area near the Seif Plant, the area of the Canadian Hospital, the area near the Mansoura Mosque, the area around the Sugar Plant, and the Aleppo Central Prison. Large numbers of the terrorist scourge have been liquidated, saving the US taxpayer 150 USD per head per month.

In Dar'aa Province, operations against terrorist elements were successful in al-Harak, al-Na'emeh, Aqraba and al-Harrat. The terrorist leader Nazal al-Daha was exterminated with a large number of terrorist mercenary elements. In the area around Nahta and al-Mleha, operations cleansed improvised explosive devices from the main road and terrorist elements were annihilated.

According to the official Turkish Armed Forces website, a group of around 1,000 terrorists fleeing from Syria were prevented from crossing. One reason for this may be that NATO knows it has lost in Syria and so the fewer terrorists it has armed walking around claiming money and jobs, telling people the truth about who sent them to do what, the better.

In today's world, after NATO's totally discredited policies as seen in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, after the lies, the bullying, blackmail and belligerence which make up its foreign policy which feathers the nests of the lobbies which control Washington and its poodle states in NATO, would anything really be surprising?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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