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Syria - A Double Standard - You Bet!


By Jim Jones 

What a series of tragic events we have witnessed over the turmoil in Syria! The utter wanton destruction of cities, infrastructure, cultures and families. If one was to read only the Western controlled news rags and TV coverage, then one would assume, and with reasonable cause, that this was all somehow the doing of a megalomaniac leader, despotic in the extreme who had persecuted his people out of some neurotic desire to depopulate his country; to enjoy Nero styled pleasure from human suffering. The Western media would want you to believe this of course- it is all part of the vilifying propaganda aimed at turning public opinion against this once great nation and to subliminally support the Jews and their ZOG's

The truth however is there to see, if people are prepared to look beyond the CNN. SKY and Jew-controlled media outlets. But even without searching for the truth - applying some simple commonsense and logic to the situation will rebuff the Western media and the lies that they have been spreading.  Ask yourself, just sit back and ask yourself, how  could a normal, educated and well liked leader of a country - respected by Western leaders and the world in general, morph overnight into some double-headed monster intent on massacring his people? Read the Western comments about Assad and the reforms he introduced before the outbreak of the terrorist war in Syria and compare that to what the media now want you to believe - there is a major credibility gap here.

The truth is, Assad was a benevolent leader and the only one holding the various factions within Syria together - he prompted peace between Christian and Muslim and between Muslim and Muslim, in Syria. [recently with the liberation of the border town of Qusair, a Reuters reporter said:  In the Christian village of Rableh outside Qusair children waved Syrian flags, people held up pictures of Assad and Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and a woman shouted their thanks to a passing army convoy." Hardly the reaction of Christians who are persecuted by Assad!!]. In doing so, he was maintaining a strong and prosperous nation. Sadly, it is because of this that the Jew State of Israel embarked on a process of destabilization of Syria - same as with other "Arab Spring" movements.  All of this is clearly spelt out in the document "Greater Israel: - The Zionist Plan for The Middle East".  

In the 1996 Israeli document it calls for the "rolling back" of Syria, sometime around the year 2000 or afterward by pushing the Syrians out of Lebanon and destabilizing Syria with the help of Turkey and Jordan. In the document it notes: "Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq - an important Israeli strategic objective in it's own right - as a means of foiling Syria's regional ambitions".  The aim of this "Plan" is to create a series of Jew controlled "proxy states" and would include Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Sinai as well as parts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. This was how the Jews intend to "secure" their bastard state, carved out of land owned by the Arabs and coerced by a UN resolution in 1948 - the promise for Jew help in getting America into war with Germany.  [Consider the rationale of claiming back land - I am in New Zealand and journey back to the UK, walk into a Pub in the UK and say, "bugger off, my great, great ancestors owned this pub so I'm claiming it back"]. 

The Zionist Jews have been very imaginative in soliciting support for their unholy ambitions; eager to hitch their wagon to the Jew cart has been France; the only nation I can recall in modern history that has lost every war it has started; capitulated totally and after begin buggered by the entire Wehrmacht, somehow managed to rise like some Phoenix from the ashes and claim a share of victory!  Only the Frogs could somehow reason this after lying on their backs, legs high in the air and declaring their Paris an open city while London, Bristol and Coventry burnt to the ground, Leningrad starved and Stalingrad was annihilated, defending France!

The Frogs have been singularly instrumental in their support and participation in these wars of destabilisation in the Arab world. FUKUS with covert NATO support should be tried as war criminals for the horrendous treatment of unarmed civilians, the mass bombing of infrastructure [in its self a war crime], the murder of state leaders and the failure to police the region by maintaining law and order after the undeclared war was over.  Are we ever to see justice for the innocents that died? Don't hold your breath. The Jew controlled media will not let these atrocities ever gain the same traction as their lies about the holocaust and the UN, controlled also, will never have the balls to call out FUKUS - do you see Blair or Bush ever facing war crime charges?? America won't let any of it's service personnel be tried by any jurisdiction other than under the control of America, yet expect all other nations to allow themselves to be tried by American lead criminal courts [Nuremburg for example].

I read reports this week of the "liberation" of Qusair, a strategic border town which the rebel terrorists had been holding - it provided them a direct link to Israel. The reporters who went into the town commented on the destruction there, not a building left standing; apart from a solitary tower, and crouched their report in such a manner as to place blame for the destruction on Assad and the Syrian Army! One reporter stating "a victory for the Syrian forces, but at what cost? Was it worth it?".  Are these reporters so blind? Can they not separate the propaganda that they are sprouting from the truth or are they actually part of the propaganda regime?  The rebel terrorists, with the help of Israel and FUKUS, waged a criminal war against the people and state of Syria; they hid themselves among the population and fought from civilian areas in order to deliberately maximise civilian casualties and then ran like rats leaving s sinking ship, back to Israel before they could be captured or killed.

The writing has been on the wall for some time for this rag-tailed band of criminals however. Obummer stated that the use of chemical weapons by Assad against his own people would be "a game changer" in Syria. The rebels deliberately targeted military bases in which weapons were stored [they didn't need the weapons as they were being supplied by Israel], but the stores contained chemical weapons!  Not long after that, we see the first signs of the use of chemical weapon on civilians! Even to the point of having a lone helicopter fly over an area to be photographed, supposedly dropping a canister of nerve gas. This of course, being "proof positive" that it was Assad's government troops using it against his own people. No mention of the fact that it may well have been a Jew captured helicopter and dropping some of the captured gas. The Frogs were very quick to come out in condemnation of this "attack" later stating that they had positive proof of Assad using chemical weapons against his own people.  Obummer on the other hand, was less forthcoming on the issue - preferring to issue a statement to the effect that much more proof would be needed. This was a clear distancing from the Israeli/France/UK position. In fact, increasingly, the main players are disintegrating, lead by the US, the US lap-dog, the UK, starting to waver and leaving the Frogs supporting the Zionist.

Praise be for Russia and Putin! For without this strong stance by Russia - an unequivocally strong show of support for Assad and Syria [with clear condemnation of what happened in Libya], Russia has upped the ante to a point whereby nations are considering the true cost of supporting the Zionist psychopaths.

There is another consideration here - one which in their arrogance the Jews did not consider and that is the reaction to their intervention in the sovereign affairs of other states should things not go according to plan. According to the Zionist plan, Syria should have fallen and the road open to persecute Iran now open. But because of strong support from Russia, Syria has not fallen - but has also taken on other allies.  Hezbollah, the very enemy the Jews were trying to silence, have come to the support of Syria - realising that they were part of the "divide and conquer" plan of the Jews - this my enemy's enemy is my friend mentality.  Now they are openly in support and being supported by Syria, the Jews have actually strengthened an arch enemy - whereby previously, Syria was not an enemy per sae and was not overtly supporting Hezbollah. Now Lebanon, sitting right on Israel's backside, is ripe for being controlled by Hezbollah!

Turkey, that other protagonist, has found that factions within it's population can easily be turned against the government there and we see the UE taking a stand against Turkey for supposed human rights violations - at what point does this impact NATO?  No doubt Russia and Greece will be sitting back watching.

The UN has observers in the DMZ area of the Golan Heights - New Zealand has observes there - the rebel terrorists kidnapped UN observers there the other week and held them as hostage. Why would they do that? What earthly good would they achieve from doing that, knowing that they would have to release the observers anyway?? My theory is they were kidnapped to prevent them seeing what was going on between the Jews and the rebels - what was crossing over the illegitimate border: in reality, the Golan Heights are Syrian and the Jews have been told by the UN to return the land to Syria - but do the Jews obey UN resolutions??  Never! They expect other countries to abide by UN resolutions [like UN resolution 181, creating the bastard state of Israel], but they themselves have contempt for world opinion.

Consider the Zionists mantra to engage in pre-emptive strikes. Last month, they sent aircraft across the Syrian border to attack Syria convoys - convoys they said were supplying arms to "their enemies".  So on the basis of that, they determined the right to attack them.  Did America condemn this act of War?? Did the UN condemn it?? It was a clear violation of a sovereign state and in itself an act of war! What, you find this a bit hard to accept?  Well, let's just turn the tables a bit here. Let's put forward this scenario - Pakistan has determined that America is executing it's civilians on Pakistani soil by the use of unmanned drones, controlled from a nondescript building in LA. Pakistan send over a couple of agents who plant a bomb and destroy the building and the control centre for the drones. Is there going to be an outcry in America?? Is the UN going to condemn the incident? You bet ya! Fact is, the Yanks will be the first to organise a retaliatory strike - if not declare war on Pakistan [Aka Japan and Pearl Harbour].  A double standard - most certainly! But one people in the West are happy to live with - so long as the suffering of somewhere else!

Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria have suffered at the hands of psychopathic Zionist and Zionist controlled governments. The suffering has been masked by euphoniums and an orchestrated litany of lies, broadcast by the media.  Where is the world conscience??  When do we stand up against the evil being perpetrated in this world by the Zionist in their cause to shore up their illegitimate state?

Jim Jones 

New Zealand

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