Author`s name Nicolas Bonnal

Nostradamus, France and the Bilderbergs

By Nicolas Bonnal 

Revising the infamies of one's country is no good task, especially if this country contributes so willingly to its own infamy. France is facing a huge wave of protests despite or because her scandalous behaviour. And this is jus the beginning. Never had we watched a government defying, provoking, beating, putting to jail and insulting its people, just because they were white, Christians and politically incorrect on the global war agenda against humanity. Never had we watched a government selling openly weapons of destructions to terror squads as they do in Syria. 

A few months ago, French submitted media were insulting prestigious Gerard Depardieu because he was fleeing France's taxes and accepting Vladimir Putin's gift of Russian nationality. Belonging to a bunch of oligarchs but subsidized by the public money, the press could not stop speaking abruptly of the case and thus accept the impressive tax rate meant to finance huge and artificial national debt, deficits and of course incessant waves of immigration (250 000 more each year).

And last weeks the hunter of taxpayers, the same minister of the budget, a well-known freemason (one out of two French minister is a mason in French republic) and a successful plastic surgeon, was found responsible of various outrages: a millionaire of his profession, he had banks accounts in Switzerland and was hiding money from his own services, lying to the president and his entourage (or so we are told). This time the blow has been terrible, even for an arrogant, irresponsible, and depressing government. Some fools ask for a 'remaniement' (substituting some lame duck ministers!), others ask for a new republic. Marine Le Pen has asked for dissolution of the parliament. But as her father Jean-Marie told Pravda last November, if there is no change of the elections' system, of what use would it be? With 30% of the votes, the national front would not get even ten seats at the new parliament...

That's not all. The last weeks France has been too the siege of a strong, national and popular resistance. La France profonde, the deep country, suddenly awaken fights to defend the family, to resist the socialist homosexual marriage and the right for the gays to adopt children bought like parrots (yet the parrots are better protected now in France). They would pay for that but we know enough the socialists to understand that they would raise again some taxes to help those gays buying unprotected children in Uganda or Cambodia...

One million came down in the streets in January then two millions in March, then one million in May. Despite impressive images, figures were coldly manipulated by a submitted police ruled now by ex-Trotskyites. The images were digitally manipulated by American accomplices and we know now that Apple, Goldman Sachs and other capitalistic giants encourage these damned laws. This world is their courtyard. They their give orders and politicians execute. A blackmailed and coward police started to beat arrest and gas many young people of Christian faith; so socialist government has chosen to get a hard hand on them and to suppress social family helps. Christian demography was unpredicted and submitted media insult our people. The situation is unbelievable with grotesque president Holland at 18% in the polls. But the more we will reject him, the more he will be hard on us in order to execute the global agenda of the destruction of nations and what is left of Christianity. The minister of interior Valls is an active member of The Bilderbergs. Like a barking little dog, he spoke of a fascist plot in order to justify this misconduct peculiar the New World Order. Two million kids and mums involved in a fascist plot!

This is the same team that destroyed Iraq and Libya, pillaged Cyprus or helps now the massacre of Syrians and Christians elsewhere. 

I don't know who will stop them: the global elites have turned wild in the West. As writes Shakespeare somewhere about horses:

The minions of their race, turned wild in nature, broke their stalls, flung out, Contending against obedience, as they would make War with mankind.

But such is the pressure of the street and the quiet Christian families that the media are cooling down, forgetting the destruction of Syria and Iran, and asking some changes, recognizing the incapability of actual French president, a guy named Hollande who owes his job to the fact that his good friend DSK was universally dishonoured and soaked by a sex-scandal in New York. Everybody knew his habits, but in France nobody dared to touch DSK, then too powerful, untouchable. We don't even know if Hollande's girlfriend has divorced from her husband. As I already stated, it is difficult to stop French elites when they start behaving like that. This is the way we understand the words democracy and freedom here.

Sincerely, with our debt, our bunch of global rascals, our demoniac culture and hysterical wars, our unchristian immigration everyday more aggressive and conquering, our insecurity that even strikes Chinese tourists (Chinese embassy has shyly and uselessly protested), I don't know were we are getting to. Some talk hastily of a new republic, but the history of the republic has been since the beginning full of mistakes, crimes, terror and errors; we would feel better off with a new royalty. A friend of mine, an artist and pianist called Jean Arduin, and famous in Paris' last spiritual circles, foresees the end of the republic, and a return of the king.

I wondered if the princess Ann of Kiev, a saint woman who had married one of our greatest kings (Henri the First) one millennium ago, had an available descendant to save our people from such a rotten and shameful system. Six out of ten French want to get out of the trap now.

After all, as portrayed by Nostradamus, we are the country of the great monarch, aren't we?

Nicolas Bonnal