Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

A lesson in Diplomacy for Barack and David

David Cameron went to Washington to meet President Obama and predictably, one of the first soundbites to come out of the meeting was hawkish rhetoric over the latest war zone Washington and London have crafted through a cynical and cowardly manipulation of exterior forces: in Syria. Once again, the FUKUS Axis is in action behind the scenes.

After Iraq, after Libya, we now have Syria, the latest feather in the warmongers' caps found squarely upon the heads of the FUKUS Axis members (France-UK-US) and once again we have Washington and London, the Anglo-Saxon dynamic duo, ganging up against a state which they have tried to destabilize using proxies (the Gulf States Cooperation Community - Saudi and Qatar). No doubt the Bichon frisé, the missing member of the FUKUS Axis, will soon be trotting obediently behind its Anglo-Saxon masters.

And once again we have Washington and London making unilateral threats, dark insinuations and sabre-rattling noises about windows of opportunity in Syria (remember the "urgent nature" of the FUKUS Axis' intervention in Libya, the "fill-in-the-details later" and "make-it-up-as-we-go-along" approach, to "stop Gaddafi bombing his civilians" which he was not in fact doing?)

But let us just suppose that Washington and London shut up, sat down and listened as they received a lesson in diplomacy? Let us just suppose that Washington and London ceased using proxies to do their dirty work for them while they cynically took the high moral ground, lying about only providing non-combat material to the "opposition"? What "opposition"? And where are their weapons coming from?

Let us just suppose that Washington and London, for once, stopped siding with terrorist groups on their own list of proscribed organizations, let us just suppose that for once, Washington and London stopped interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state because the lobbies which control their governments told them to do so?

And let us suppose the lesson in diplomacy took a page out of Russia's book, which reads something like this:

You respect the United Nations Security Council and its Resolutions, you do not breach them, performing spectacular mission creeps or else launching wars outside its auspices;

You do not perpetrate war crimes by leaving the field of battle contaminated with depleted Uranium or by strafing civilian structures with military hardware;

You do not destabilize a Government because you covet the country's resources, because the leader's policies go against your vested interests or because you want to place strategic pieces of a geo-political jigsaw puzzle together;

You use diplomacy to bring about a political settlement, allowing the people of the country in crisis to manage their own affairs devoid of external interference.

But then again, given the imperialistic past history of the FUKUS Axis, what to expect from Washington, its poodle, an emasculated and effeminate British Bulldog crawling around its master's legs and the sickly, yapping Bichon frisé trotting along behind?


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey