Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Libya: Another nightmare

Libya, another nightmare after Iraq, after Kosovo and before Syria, Iran and the DPR Korea. Or perhaps not. Was Libya the line in the sand, is Syria where the Axis of Evil (NATO/FUKUS Axis) crossed it and in so doing, delineated their demise? Whatever the case, it is time for some home truths on Libya.

UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon considers that it is the onus of the Libyan authorities to provide security for foreign diplomatic missions after yesterday's car bomb attack against the French Embassy. The answer to this statement is that before the NATO/FUKUS-led invasion of Libya in 2011, led by the French and their FUKUS Axis friends the UK and US, the foreign diplomatic missions in  Tripoli were indeed protected and security was provided.

Indeed, under the Jamahiriya government of Muammar al-Qadhafi, there was not one single attack against foreign missions in Libya and the only incident involving foreigners was the death penalty imposed on Ukrainian nurses by the leader of the terrorist forces, Mustafa Jalil, a conviction overturned by the clemency of the Brother Leader Muammar al-Qadhafi.

Before Ban ki-Moon stood back and watched, sniveling like a coward in the sidelines as his FUKUS Axis friends launched a savage attack against Libya, funding and arming terrorists on the proscribed lists of its own member states, before Ban ki-Moon remained silent swallowing in utter and abject humiliation as his FUKUS axis friends placed boots on the ground and went way beyond their mandate under UNSC 1970 and 1973 (2011), before Ban ki-Moon looked on impotent as his FUKUS Axis friends committed war crimes and crimes against humanity (*), Libya was a relative paradise.

Under Muammar al-Qadhafi, Libya had near to full employment, its people had their education paid for, it had one of the highest literacy rates in the African Continent, the highest Human Development Index, whereas when he took responsibility for the country in 1969 it had the lowest in the world. Libyans had their housing provided for free, they had subsidized utilities, they had free healthcare.

And now?

Now the country is a myriad of micro-states, many of them controlled by Al-Qaeda elements and bands of thugs. Public order, and security on the streets (which existed under al-Qadhafi) has disappeared, women and girls are raped, men are tortured and killed and people are not even free to go to the marketplace and buy a loaf of bread.

So maybe Mr. Ban ki-Moon can blame himself for his total ineptitude in handling the crisis as he watched the UNO being literally raped, its laws disregarded with a shocking degree of nonchalance and maybe Mr. Ban ki-Moon can blame his FUKUS Axis friends for the carnage and war crimes they committed in Libya rendering the country what it is today.




Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey