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Obama's Herd Control

By Xavier Lerma

Obama's herd control is a masterpiece. He already can lie and have millions believe him. For those who do not follow him or are slow to worship him other tactics are necessary. Chaos has escalated each day after Obama was first elected. Tragedies have increased in America and the end is nowhere in sight. Some have already blamed Chechnya or Russia for the Boston bombings as though all Muslims are that unified. It is doubtful the Chechens want to cause trouble in the US especially since Obama is doing such a good job there.

FYI and simply put to the West: The Chechen people were sent to Siberia by Stalin. They got mad and those that survived never forgot. They wanted independence especially since the Ukraine and others got theirs. There was a war and afterwards Putin and Russia rebuilt the cities and gave them a lot, so much so, that their cities are better off than some Russian cities.

The FBI and CIA have happily used some Chechens to cause trouble in Russia. Doku and his gang receive their money. The last assassination attempt last year on Putin was by some Chechens who admitted the US supported them. Fortunately for Russia, it all blew up in their face before they got to Putin.

Again, it is doubtful the Chechens want to cause trouble in the US. The Chechen people have nothing against America. They are not Middle East Muslims who are constantly getting bombed by the West. Those who still hate prefer to attack Moscow. They use Black Widows, women whose husbands were killed, for suicide bombings like they did in Domodedova airport. However, money from the US State Department can motivate some Chechens to do anything.

Saturday morning the Kremlin reported Putin called Obama to express his condolences and unify their efforts against terrorism. All a political note as Putin knows the US is the terrorist backing entity.

Americans think they got the killers and know who's to blame and who to kill next because the TV told them so. The TV must be true they say. Is TV their God now in the USA? The US propaganda machine has the upper hand since few Americans are willing to get the truth from other countries and even fewer know where to get it. This allows the media to report whatever they want as fact.  The US government can freely kill its' own people. Rather, they can allow innocent Americans to be killed. As I wrote in my article, "Missing the Target USA", "Massacres to herd the masses to accept gun control. It is just the beginning. The massacre of the innocents. Real or not they have their purpose."

In "Obama's Soviet Mistake", I wrote, "How long will America suffer and to what depths?"  Obama's Laughter  can be clearly heard. Quoting Don McLean's song, 

Satan laughing with delight the day the music died,

He was singing, bye bye Miss American Pie

They will do what they can to move the herd in their direction to increase control over the population and justify wars over seas. How long will America suffer and to what depths? There is no end in sight.

Xavier Lerma

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