Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

DPRK (North Korea) Three Two One Zero

Here it comes, ladies and gentlemen, the media circus hype factory has pitched tents on the outskirts of town, the bullshit counter is in the red and the same old same old lie peddlers have set their sights on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Here we go again...

And roll up and let's see how they rape the truth... Why, a nice little jingle for a start, here it goes: The Commies are broke, North Korea's a joke, roll over! Roll over! Chuckle, how jolly funny, I don't think so. And let us now see who are those rapists....

Why, the FUKUS Axis. France, the UK and the US. As usual. Remember when NATO lied about Saddam Hussein procuring yellowcake uranium from "Nigeria"? (Courtesy of British intelligence). The correct answer would have been "Niger" (different country) with one small problem - Saddam Hussein and Iraq were not looking for it.

Never mind, the same British intelligence convinced Colin Powell, then US Secretary of State, that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Powell's "magnificent foreign intelligence" was in fact a doctoral thesis from ten years earlier copied and pasted from the Net and "sexed up" by "you know, I mean, Tony sort of Blair".

In a word... Bullshit.

Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction, otherwise it would have obliterated the build-up of NATO troops in Kuwait before they invaded.

Never mind, the same NATO/FUKUS Axis then spent almost a decade planning the Arab Spring, clinically securing the Libyan borders to the west (Tunisia) and east (Egypt) and then invading Libya, with boots on the ground, wholly against international law (UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 - 2011). They claimed the Air Force of Muammar al-Qathafi was bombing civilians.

This was a barefaced, blatant lie. Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi asked SKY News (one of the lie peddlers) to take him to see the homes the air force had bombed. There weren't any. Never mind... just another lie.


Then we had the failed Green Revolution in Iran, based on demonology against Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, we had the failed White Revolution in the Russian Federation as youths were paid ready cash to take to the streets and images were posted in "reputable" western media outlets of mass demonstrations in Moscow. In fact, they were copied and pasted from 1991, when the people took to the streets to protest against the transformation of the USSR.

So, more bullshit.

Then more lies about Syria, where the "Government" was planning to deploy chemical weapons against the "rebels". In the event, the only chemical weapons deployed in the entire conflict were by the terrorists against Government forces.

And the same FUKUS Axis is trying to create a case against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Has the DPRK committed a double act of nuclear terrorism against civilians? No.

Has the DPRK invaded anybody? No. Has the DPRK supported terrorists to bring down governments in sovereign states? No. Has the DPRK strafed civilians with napalm? No. No, no, no, no... yet the hype continues. Suddenly we have footage of "slavery camps" in the DPRK, and "six-year-old boys" starving to death, looking suspiciously like hoodies with the bodies of 18-year-olds.

So, those who are accusing the DPRK of anything, or everything, are hardly credible, are they? After all, the USA complains about human rights in Cuba, where the worst case of injustice is the concentration camp called Guantanamo Bay.

Photo: Pyongyang, a modern and vibrant city. Crime rate, next to zero.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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