Author`s name Nicolas Bonnal

Obama, Putin and the secret Entente Cordiale

There are, at the present time, two great nations in the world which seem to tend towards the same end, although they started from different points: I allude to the Russians and the Americans.


By Nicolas Bonnal 

Reading some authorized sources, and decrypting the messages of mainstream desperate media, I come to a happy but uncertain conclusion: there is maybe a secret Entente Cordiale between America and Russia, I mean between presidents Obama and Putin.

Recently a lot of rather good things have happened. First, Syria has won her war against her enemies. This is now time for the real democrats to strike back the enemy: for instance get the Saudi out of Arabia in order to definitively secure the Arab world (this would be the will of the new CIA of Mr Brennan); for this is Wahhabism and not Islam that inflamed Arab countries. Second, Barack Obama has been re-elected: he has chosen two reasonable gentlemen to accompany him, John Kerry, who was a formal relation of Mr Assad, and Chuck Hagel, who has been grotesquely questioned during the US senate hearings but who is fully aware of the insane American diplomacy since Bush and Hillary Clinton (someday we will know the truth behind suspicious assassination -and rape -of ambassador Stevens in Benghazi).

Barack Obama was aware too of one fact: the hatred or despise that he inspires in Israel, maybe for racial factors, maybe too because he is a "good leftist" (Kevin McDonald), not a néocon willing to destroy the world on the Illuminati or humanist behalf. Barack Obama may have been the first great president of a multicultural society, but he is not the white and néocon - or Mormon - president who will precipitate the mutual destruction of the white peoples in Europe and America in order to fulfil the democratic yet Russophobe dream (*). He will let this insane job to embittered and lowered France and Britain, a pair of old colonial weird sisters that will never know how to stop their humanitarian wars. I remind him when he humbly confessed to Sarkozy that he had to bear everyday Mr Netanyahu (who is ready to take this job anyway?). Unconscious Sheldon Adelson, who is on the verge to open the outrageous Euro-Vegas in scandal-soaked Spain, had offered 100 million$ to put him out of his job. But this was not enough.

On the other side, Mr Putin has been presented as the loser of the Syrian conflict, even if we had seen (for once images could not be manipulated in Qatari studios) his ambassador in Damas welcomed by a crow of one million enthusiastic Syrians. He has been presented as the new dark lord of the Kremlin by the surrendered mainstream press (two billions of subventions in France). He has been presented as the backer of the Syrian horrors, and the everlasting enemy of western oil less European democracies who are proud to court now middle-eastern tyrants. Dubbed a mixture of Stalin, of Ivan Groznyy and so on, Mr Putin has been charged of all possible crimes.

But this was not enough.

Mr Putin is really the restorer of the Russian puissance in the metapolitical (if I may say) and geopolitical field. We can say that this puissance is necessary to all its neighbours, whatever may have been the past. As wrote Nietzsche in beyond good and evil, the Russian empire is "an empire that has plenty of time and is not of yesterday"; and as foresaw Tocqueville, the geopolitical future of the world would be made on Russian American agreements - not hostility.

It is well known that the true or actual enemy of America is communist China, a power built by its Diaspora but mainly by Clinton and Bush administrations, American money and delocalisation (Apple has 40000 jobs there), and an awakening power too, as had forecast Napoleon, that has twenty or thirty territory claims on its neighbours. Of course the US are afraid by a Russian-Chinese alliance ; but of course Obama wants to have the hands free with China and doesn't want to be more involved in the néocon agenda, which pushed Bush administration to many disasters, not to mention the crimes committed uselessly against Iraqi people. The recurrent, arrogant and reckless orders to bash Iran, Lebanon, Syria, etc. are too much, even for a convicted democrat.  In such conditions the re-election of Obama may have been a turning-point in American history, not only on domestic affairs.

According to many of the sources we had access to, the deal would be to avoid the conflicts between Russia and America, to downsize the mephitic influence of the lobby that does not exit (according to idiot republican senators who assailed Mr Hagel for having used that word), to expel from the scene two disastrous powers like France and England and to establish an Entente Cordiale in the middle-east. Obama has cleaned up the military barracks with the ousting of Petraeus, Stravidis, Allen, O'Reilly, etc., with only the mainstream press not understanding the not so hidden and mysterious message.

Of course to write these lines we have to make a supposition: Mr Obama is a smart and powerful president able to resist to the foolish agenda that has upset the world since two decennials. One year ago, he had told Mr Medvedev to be patient; that he would have freer hands after his reelection. Well, we are impatient now, Mr Obama. And for Mr Putin, he looks now more than ever the geopolitical master we thought he was. Both politicians can illustrate the famous word of Friedrich Nietzsche: what does not kill us make us stronger.

Their starting-point is different, and their courses are not

the same; yet each of them seems to be marked out by the

will of Heaven to sway the destinies of half the globe. 

(*)I think the numerous whites who voted for him in America perfectly understood that point: even if the future of America is no more white, it is still a future.

Nicolas Bonnal