Russia Threatens the West

By Xavier Lerma

Putin said last Friday, "The Russian Orthodox Church together with the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad are on a very special mission in Russia and across the world." A "special mission" in the West means KGB, nuclear strikes or Cold War. 

It 's certain as the sun rises that Friday's meeting between Russian Christians leaders and Putin will be ignored by the Western media. Putin has real world power, which causes the liberal media to fearfully ignore or warp his image. Meanwhile, like a good Christian King, President Vladimir Putin leads a nation to Christ.

The West however, prefers to herald perverted girls that defile churches in Russia. The same church destroyed by Communists and rebuilt by the Russian faithful. The West proclaims how terrible Putin is and how he jailed poor little girls in a band who were just singing in church. Even the conservative media, supposedly Christian, ignores the Russian church and men like Putin who helped it. Propaganda they say. Propaganda we say when the West warps or ignores the truth of a church Christ Himself saved.

It was not long ago when Communism soaked the land of Russia with blood and destroyed churches in its quest to bring happiness to mankind. Now the Russian Orthodox Church is strong and getting stronger thanks to men in government like President Vladimir Putin. Does America know how this happened and why their media still portrays it as the same evil Soviet Union?

How can conservative media sources in America who claim to be Christian ignore their Christian brothers in Russia who are now successful? Martyrs they ignore and the blood that was shed to restore the Christian Church in Russia. They must be con artists playing the conservative side as fools while the liberals enslave the rest.

True to form the Communists are in America pretending to be conservative and liberals while leading Americans away from the truth. Let Obama laugh and play like Nero while the US burns. Most Russians could care less about it.

Devout Russian Christians are on the march to conquer the world. Not like the Communist Soviet Union who spread wars like Obama and the US are doing now. These Russians are like Disciples of Christ who lovingly reach out to their brothers and sisters. Helping men and women in darkness enslaved by a materialistic society who are truly in need of Him. Look to the East.

Putin said in the above video, "We should... learn the lessons of the turbulent events of the beginning of the 20th century. We shouldn't forget that it was by undermining the spiritual and national values and through persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church ... we started to begin losing the unity in our state and slipped into revolutions, fratricidal bloodshed, conflicts and wars.

We hope to continue our versatile and positive partnership with the Russian Orthodox Church. We shall do everything we can to help it grow strong. We shall continue our cooperation and joint work in strengthening harmony in our society with high moral values."

Even if the West doesn't believe Putin and think it's all propaganda they should at least believe and obey Christ and learn from the Soviet mistake. However, the Communists in America will try not to let that happen. Because it's not a nuclear threat but rather a spiritual renewal that threatens them.

Xavier Lerma

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