2013, The Slow Grind Forward

By Stanislav Mishin


This year will bring a slow down in economic growth, which will bring GDP down to 1-1.5% growth. Unemployment will continue to remain extremely low in the cities, at or below 1% and 5-6% in the provinces, on average.Various corruption scandals will continue to break out, embarrassing elements of the government, but over all the climate will pickup.

At least several large demonstrations will occur, though they will not be larger than those of last year, as many people will return to the work of getting ahead in society. The West will continue to "champion" various corrupt elements called the opposition. Nationalists will break with the opposition and will increase their own pressure, forcing a right ward shift in Putin's government. Prominent amongst these will be the rise of several pro-Monarchist movements, from obscurity to a 5-10% hold of the vote with upwards trends.

Birth rates will continue to grow past the replenishment points and median age will increase again, closing on 70 as the average.

There will be several large terrorist attacks and instability in the south will grow. At least one scandal, involving Western intelligence, Saudi Arabia and the Jihadists will break out.

Russia will continue to expand the Eurasian free trade zone, with Uzbekistan becoming the 4th member. Armenia and Turkmenistan will join and Ukraine will be in active negotiations. Elements in Latvia will also push to severe ties with the EU and expand ties with the Eurasians, as the Baltics economies will fall into a second devastating depression.

Russia will be involved directly in the Syrian civil war, though for a short time, defending its base in Tartus and helping reinforce the Alawite zone. Tensions will also grow between Russia and China in Kyrgyzstan. Russian special forces will also take active roles across the Central Asian region, against various Islamic radicals.

Russian troops will also  be directly involved in the brief Georgian civil war, which will break out this spring, after being asked to intervene by Prime Minister Ivanoshvili. Brief firefights against American special forces, assisting the illegal government and unconstitutional army of Saakashvilli, will occur but will be covered up by both sides..

The trickle of French and European celebrities emigrating to Russia will pickup and this will also be picked up on by Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians, Balts and Italians, seeking work. European immigrants, also often illegal, will begin to replace Tajiks and  Uzbeks, being Europeans, and Christians, they will be more welcomed by the locals. The influx of British and Scottish farmers will also pickup heavily, bringing some in the UK to question banning farmers from immigration.


The US will face a very rough year, and while all out civil war will be avoided, the stage will be set for an explosion.

The Obama administration will rush through sweeping changes in gun laws, banning not only the sale of new but the ownership of existing semi-automatic assault rifles, large magazines and large caliber pistols, 9mm and above. This will in all effects disarm a very large portion of the population. Protests will erupt, especially in the South, Mid-West and NE (Maine, Vermont, etc). Many will turn violent and the Guard and police will be called out. However, in the South, the Sheriffs will refuse to enforce the Federal laws, bringing the country to the edge of a State-vs-Central Government break down. To avoid a civil war, the movements will be taken to the Supreme Court, which will drag the processes out through the end of the year with no answers.

Several dozen high profile raids on people with home armories, will occur. There will be casualties in the dozens amongst both the civilians (those targeted and neighbors) and the gun seizure police.

Texas' state government will begin hearing motions to secede from the US government and will start actively drumming up international support. The Lykota nation will also start training its own police force and refuse to enforce the Federal laws.

The Gay Agenda will go absolutely mainstream. An official Gay Culture and History Month will be declared and all parks, cities and states will be forced to conduct Sodomite Pride Parades, as well as all schools will be forced to have activities to indoctrinate the youth. At this point, even private schools will be ordered to do so and churches who refuse to allow gay weddings will loose their tax free status, as well as IRS witch hunts against the priests and pastures.

The US dollar will continue to slide downward, as a perpetual Quantitative Easing will occur, to the tune of over $100 Billion per month. Inflation will become undeniable, and standards of living will continue to erode, quickly. The official unemployment rate will remain at 8-8.5% but the unofficial rate will increase to 25-30%. This will also lead to direct clashes with illegals, where mobs of desperate locals will begin burning out houses where known illegals are residing. Rashes of this will explode throughout the border states and the South, raising anger further with the Federal government. American blacks will be in the forefront of this, as racial hatred and lack of jobs fuels disorder.

Large areas of the border will become the domain of Mexican drug gangs, who will actively begin to take over the areas and ethnically cleanse local Anglo ranchers. Whole towns will fall under their control.


The death rates and violence in Mexico will see a swift decline. This will be from the new government of President Enrique Peña Nieto and his Institutional Revolutionary Guard party will find "common" ground with the drug gangs and will begin to actively train and encourage them to seize border areas in America. In effect, the main cartels will become institutionalized and the smaller ones will be exterminated.

The government will become part owned by the various drug mafias and drug throughput in Mexico will explode. Mexico will begin pouring large sums of monies into its giant diaspora in the US to cause unrest.


Chavez will die this year, of cancer. As new elections will be held, Venezuela will be rocked by unrest and in the end a low intensity civil war. All the neighbors will intervene and create "buffer" zones, pouring funds into the fighting. Oil production will plummet and freeze, as foreign companies scramble to get out.


Civil unrest will continue, with the FARC taking advantage of the chaos in Venezuela and moving its bases across the border. Colombian forces will frequently cross the border in pursuit. The increased drug flow through Mexico, will help fund the FARC and violence will continue.


Brazil's economy will slow down, to nearly zero growth. Some street demonstrations against the government, but nothing major over all. Brazil will throw its weight around with its northern neighbors but over all, things will remain calm.


The government of Argentina will continue to get desperate, as its economy continues yet another death spiral. It will wretch up rhetoric against the British over the Falklands. By the mid fall, with temperatures increasing in their Spring, a war will break out. The government will find itself painted into a corner and will make a last desperate gesture to hold power.

With US aid directly to them, however, and not the British and the much much reduced British military, they will win the war. This will only be a small respite for the government, which will fall by the end of the year in total chaos and anarchy. A military dictatorship will arise.

British settlers in the conquered Falklands will be ethnically cleansed out. However, Argentines will only trickle in and the islands will be all but abandoned.


The UK economy will continue to sputter. Cameron will bow to the EU in the end, giving up vast sovereignty. Racial tensions will also rise and riots with arson will again break out.

The UK loss of the Argentine war will bring down Cameron. The immediate results will be Scotland declaring independence, followed by Wales and N.Ireland. The follow on results will be: 1. the take over of the British government by Nationalists, 2. the invasion of Wales and N. Ireland by the British army. Scotland will avoid war by entering into negotiations. The UK will also exit the EU, causing a Europanic.


France will face a total economic collapse. I know, I know, total shock and surprise. It will be another 30 years before the Socialists are again in power after what Doc Hollande does to the French economy. There will be a mass exodus of the rich, entertainers and entrepreneurs. Social unrest, fueled by the Islamic Arabs will explode, resulting in a plug on tourism and investment and causing a further plunge. Nationalists Le Pen party will sky rocket in popularity and Catholic groups will come out in such force as to shock the government. Leftists, by year's end will find themselves in full retreat and street fights with immigrants will cause a trickle of outward migration to begin. France will be a very different place from where it is now.


A societal breakdown as Flanders declares independence after a referendum that Brussels will declare illegal. A major stand off will occur. The EU will consider moving the capital to Germany. Economically, a large collapse which will also lead to further violence with the Islamic Arab super minority.


Merkel will cement her power totally, this year. Opposition will be crushed internally, in her party, and opposition parties will be scream that they are denied air time and print time. Germany will also start a rearmaments program, while calling the shots in Europe. Economic growth will be at around .5-1% GDP.


The biggest news will be the return of Silvio Berlusconi to power. After massive street protests, the Left will find itself out maneuvered and Berlusconi will be back. Italy will begin rolling back the EU decries and there will be a strong push to exit the Euro, causing further Europanic. However, by year's end, nothing of this will come through.

Mass Islamic migration and almost out right invasion of Sicily and other southern islands will see the Italian army first turn back boats and then by year's end open fire and sink them. In Sicily, the Catholic population will whip itself into frenzy with the fear of becoming an Islamic province again. Pogroms will break out throughout the area against the encroaching Muslims and will quickly spread up the boot of Italy. Rome will be hardest hit.

Spain and Portugal

Hardship, suffering, an economic melt down....nothing new and a lot more of the unwanted present. Immigration out will become a major flow. At least one major terrorist attack will hit Spain, carried out by the Islamic Jihad for Spain's recapture.


Will finally have its revolution. The Golden Dawn will come surging through and take power. Street fighting will occur. The EU will send in troops, mainly German, but this will backfire and will cause even further collapse. The EU will black list Greece, denying it any economic assistance or markets. In return the new government will default on all debts and will seek Russian aid. The Drachma will be back by year's end and a third of the Athenian port will be rented out to the Russian navy.

S. Cyprus

Will follow the Greek model and will petition for unity with Greece, which will escalate the tensions with Turkey. Russia will declare its military protection of S.Cyprus.


Poland will find itself caught in a quagmire and will choose a policy of wait and see, while attempted to get the Germans behind them. Economic growth will be non-existent but neither will it collapse like Western Europe.


Bulgaria will see massive protests and disruptions. Short term elections will remove the pro-EU government and replace it with nascent nationalists. A visa free regime with Russia will be enacted.

Romania and Moldova

The Tsar will be declared a national institution, by year's end and his popularity will skyrocket. Though there will be no official changes to the constitution and he will not hold active political office or powers, his cultural and Church back power will expand greatly. Romania will back a major coup in Moldova, which will see the new government ask for unity with Romania. Trans Dniester with Russian and Ukrainian backing, will declare and be recognized as independent, while the rest of Moldova joins Romania.


Ukraine will take a much stronger pro-Russian position, entering active negotiations for joining the trade union. Western Ukraine will gain semi-autonomy and the split will become very profound.


The US puppet Saakashvili will make a last ditch effort to stay in power. Having created, by decree, in Nov 2012, his own personal army, answerable only to the president and having stated in a speech that he will not abandon "his" people in their time of crisis, even though he has created that crisis, Saakashvili will unleash his US trained private army and his goons and thugs on Parliament and the Prime Minister Ivanoshvilli, next Spring. An out and out civil war will erupt. Ivanoshvilli will call upon friendly regimes to aid him, in this case the Russian army.

Saakashvili will call on the US and NATO, though neither will send forces directly. Turkey will send several battalions to assist. Though they will partake in the fighting, they will refrain from directly fighting with Russian units. Fighting will be over by Fall and Saakashvili will flee to Turkey and the US. He will have several attempts on his life, by his former allies who themselves have fled his wraith in years past and survived his assassins.

Georgia will firmly turn away from the US/EU.


Erdagon will fully cement his Islamic power in Turkey. Various Shari courts will begin to spring up and elements of Shari law will be actively moved to replace the secular laws on the books. Crack downs against journalists, secular officers, Kurds and Christians will also escalate with several major pogroms against Christians, Armenians and Kurds.

War rhetoric against Greece, S.Cyprus will come to a hysteric level. Active alliance will be formed with Egypt and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood rulers of central Syria. The independent Allawi Western Syria will also be viewed as an enemy and anti-Iranian moves will be also taken. Major rearmament programs will be launched and Kurds will be massacred in northern Iraq and Syria.The stage is set.


Syria is the key, and amazingly it has with stood this long, against the Western back Satanic Jihadists, but as a whole, Syria will fracture and fall. The Alawites and Orthodox Christians will retreat to the coastal west, where they are the vast majority. There, with Russian direct support, they will fortify and dig in, the mountains separating the region from the central Syrian plateau serving as their wall. Internally, they will exterminate the Sunnies, to make sure no fifth columns of Jihadists appear. The Druze in the south, as well as the Shiites, caught between the Sunnie Jihad and the Israelis will fight a last ditch war of survival against their US backed exterminators. This will draw in Shiites from southern Iraq and Iran, directly. Iranian troops will pass through southern Iraq, with full permission and will fight pitched battles with US funded and armed Jihadists. US and NATO will fly air cover, since most of the air defense will be moved by the Alawites into their enclaves.

With Bashir out of the way, the Turks will invade and annex the Kurdish portion to "control" the Kurdish insurgency.


Is gone, for all intents and purposes, the moment that main Syria falls. By mid year, there will be a short, brutal civil war and out right invasion by Islamic Jihadists, backed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as Egypt, swarming through Jordan. Christians will be oppressed, minorities murdered, women suffocated under Burquas...and the American elites, celebrating their Satanic master, will declare this another victory of demonocracy, which is their one big export.


Will fall. The Muslim brotherhood already controls the parliament and the King will be forced to abdicate and flee. Mass islamitization will instantly begin.


Will see a mass exodus of non-fanatics, European businessmen and anyone not planning on living under Shari.


The Libyan  civil war will further heat up, as various tribes and clans fight for control against each other and the Islamic brotherhood. Infrastructure that was built up over decades will continue to collapse and quality of life will hit third world levels. Many will remember Gaddafi as a national hero by the end of the year, as life becomes an endless misery. Oil will continue to pour out and money will disappear, nothing going back in.

Saudi Arabia

Money will flow in.  Oil will flow out. Women will be oppressed. Jihad will be exported around the world. America will back them no matter what. So, another year like all the rest.


Money will flow in.  Oil will flow out. Women will be oppressed. Except for direct fighting with Syrian Sunnies, more war of words. In secret, however, Israel will carryout negotiations and will even bring technological aid.


While rhetoric will still screech Iran Iran, Mossad will start secret work with the Iranians to offset the Islamic Sunni Caliphate that will be starting to take shape all around them. Meanwhile, with gas wells starting to come on line, they will use their chance to build a closer alliance with N.Cyrus, Greece and Russia. Russian ships will pay visits to Israeli ports and at least one military war game will be held between the four nations.


The Taliban insurgency will turn into a full scale invasion and war covering large parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Pakistani government will attempt to start a crisis with India, over Kashmir, to rally the population but after two months this will be seen as a full failure. By year's end, the country will be engulfed in street battles with Jihadists. The country will not collapse but will suffer.


India's economy will slow but it will not collapse or fall into recession. However, growth will be 1.5-2% only. The nation's biggest crisis will come with Pakistan but will pass within two or so months. India will continue to develop military ties with Russia and give quiet support to Iran and even quieter to Israel. Relations with China will worsen as the year progresses. India will be pulled by SE Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Indonesia to intervene in their stand offs with China.


The Chinese economy will feel the full force of deflation as the gigantic commodity bubble bursts, taking the still quite inflated property bubble with it. Factories will close across the country and unemployment will sore. Violent protests will explode throughout the country, resulting in severe government crackdowns and the total shut off of the internet. Finally, the government will use the stand off with Japan, transforming it into a short navel war, to rally the people. It will do so successfully. The war will be brief, bloody and will leave the area strewn with sea mines, in an attempt to deny their usage to the Japanese.


The Japanese economy will sputter, early in the year the socialists will carry through a horde of nationalizations which instead of improving things will only push investment down and knock Japan into a full depression. Energy price increases, due to the closure of nuclear power plants will also hamper the economy.

The war with China over the Senkaku islands will be short, will result in the sinking of several ships from both sides, including China's first aircraft carrier but will result in neither side winning. However, in public opinion, the war will be seen as a severe loss and will collapse the socialist government, resulting in the suicides of several top ministers.

By year's end, many of the socialist policies will be radically reversed. 

Nationalists will take power. Washington's failure to act will push the Japanese into closer relations with SE Asia, India and Russia.


With the Chinese commodity bubble bursting, Australia's economy will equally collapse. While no radical changes will occur in the country, it will be a slow painful year.

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with kind permission from the author and originally appears on his blog, Mat Rodina

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov