The Tower of Babel

Assad speaks. The reaction from the international community in general and the General-Secretary of the UNO in particular underlines the fact that the world community of nations does not speak the same language, does not follow common values and appears more like a Tower of Babel than a community, with everyone shouting at each other and nobody being able to understand a message. Is this the message we want as our epitaph for 2013 even before the year gets under way?

Once again the world is at a crossroads and once again we have the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) leading the way for NATO to follow, and once again we have an Arab nation on the other "side", in this case Syria, backed by the Russian Federation, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People's Republic of China, who for sure by now have all seen the way the wind is blowing and in which direction the train is travelling and see that their own stations are further eastwards along the line, nearer to the epicentre of energy sources or geopolitical importance which the FUKUS Axis covets.

And once again we have the FUKUS Axis and the sycophantic western press obediently following suit blaming President Bashar al-Assad either for the trouble in Syria or else for not putting a stop to it by resigning. Resigning, and allowing the western-backed terrorists to win; kindly turn Syria into a Libya-style nightmare as one more powerful counterbalance to Israel is removed before the attack on Iran, first, robbing Russia of her Mediterranean base, second and constituting a united, cohesive western flank encircling Iran to the north, south, east and west.

Let us however see things as they really are and not the cloud cuckoo land that the west would have us believe through their manipulation of fear, through lies and half-truths, demonology and misrepresentation of facts. No, President Assad has not used chemical weapons - the ones planning to use them (and who allegedly already have) are the terrorists fighting against the Syrian Government, the ones who recently hacked a Christian nun to death, who are murdering Allouites, massacring villagers, torturing men and boys to death, raping women and girls.

Thousands of Syrian security force personnel have been slaughtered by this demonic horde of thugs. And who is supporting them? Why, the West of course. Who else?

So let us suppose that the citizens of the USA, France or the UK woke up tomorrow morning with a new reality, which goes something like this... a massacre takes place in Maryland, in Bretagne or in Kent, perpetrated by some seven hundred bearded young men armed with rocket propelled grenades and machine guns, who overpower the local police and military personnel and establish what they claim to be a Caliphate, declaring themselves the enemies of the Governments in these countries. How do Obama, Hollande and Cameron react? By stepping down?

No, they react by sending in their armed forces and using their Air Forces to strafe this demonic filth, endeavouring to destroy it before it can infest any more villages or towns. And as they do so, they are criticised by a Media bought by the "other side" which all the time is arming and financing and training what they call "rebels" and "activists" and "freedom fighters", spoiling for a chance to recognise them as the "legitimate government" and then declaring that they are the official representatives of the American, French or British people. Meanwhile their ranks have swelled by several thousand as terrorists from the four corners of the Earth pour in to claim a fat reward financed by the Gulf Cooperation Council, led by Qatar and the paragon of democracy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The average citizen in the USA, France and UK deplores what is going on, and the people side with their governments, at which the "other side" raises the stakes, sends even more sophisticated weaponry to the "rebels" who have by now started impaling young boys on metal rods as they yell "Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaahu Akhbar!", have started slicing the breasts off women who refuse to wear the veil, have started raping young girls, committing arson, torching public and private buildings, stealing, looting, torturing, kidnapping and murdering.

Obama, Hollande and Cameron fight back, while the "other side" blames them for war crimes, since some of these "freedom fighters" are kids. With machine guns and machetes, but kids. The "other side" then send in their special forces to train their pet terrorists and instruct them how to use the weaponry they have been given.

After a while, growing swathes of the population, exhausted, declare they don't care who wins power, they just want the chaos to end while the United Nations Organization blames Obama, Holland and Cameron for "not doing enough to end the bloodshed".

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Tower of Babel we have constructed as a mainstay of western diplomatic policy in 2013. And it shall remain as our collective epitaph for future generations. For the record, Obama, Holland and Cameron and their Foreign Affairs Ministers Clinton, Fabius and Hague are the perpetrators of this evil, not the victims.

We, the citizens of the world, have a word to say, or do we not?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey





Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey