Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Bibi loses it for Israel

In the film Alien versus Predator 1, humankind takes sides against a formidable monster whose sheer cruelty and resourcefulness poses a threat to the security of the planet, a monster which impregnates its victims with parasites which live off their blood and then destroy them as the spawn of this hideous creature is born.

Benjamin Netanyahu may be a lot of things, but "intelligent" is not his middle name. In fact there are those who call him an overgrown errand boy, which is how he began his life in politics. Israel's decision to forge ahead with plans to built a colony for 3,000 settlers in East Jerusalem, cutting off a Palestinian community from the rest of the Palestinian Authority lands, a decision which directly breaches international law, is where Israel has crossed the red line.

In crossing this line, Israel has done two things: it has lost any claim to right and reason and any chance it ever had of playing the poor victim card, a card which Israel has played many times, indeed since the birth of the State of Israel back in 1948 - within the frontiers then established by the United Nations Organization.

The second thing Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu has done is to divorce Israel once and for all from the hearts and minds of the citizens of the world, even those who remained on Israel's "side" after strafing Palestinian schools with white phosphorous bombs, after allegedly building nuclear missiles and then complaining about Iran's nuclear energy programme, after stealing lands and building terrorist colonies on them, forcing Palestinians off their farms, bulldozing their homes, shooting their children in the eye with rubber bullets and leaving pregnant Palestinian women lying in the middle of the road dying as they stood around giggling.

If this is the behaviour of a "chosen" people, then it is perfectly clear who "chose" them and it certainly was not the same God that spreads love and tolerance and goodwill, that preaches the need to show humility, not to covet the neighbour's property, not to steal and not to kill.

After losing the vote on the Palestine Authority's status in the UN General Assembly, where Israel and its poodle, the United States of America, were spectacularly isolated and crawled out snivelling like cowards and bullies who finally had their noses bloodied, something else happened in the international community. Humankind came together in a collective statement about right and wrong.

And now, December 2012, Israel has lost the world. It matters not whether the European Union cowards out, as it undoubtedly will, as the lobbies pull their strings and carpets are pulled under the feet of politicians who start acting like human beings and it matters not whether the United States of America for once starts backing international law and not siding with the Devil.

It matters not because Israel has just set something moving, an inexorable, immovable force which is the collective will of Humankind. As in the movie Alien versus Predator 1, Humankind takes sides with the more humane of two foes, takes sides against a terrible monster whose cruelty and cold-bloodedness know no bounds, a hideous creature which has no place on our planet.

Benjamin Netanyahu does not have the right to associate the Jewish people with his political games, the West Bank is no place to play games and it is high time the people of the United States of America and of Israel started to realise that in allowing their regimes to behave as they do, they are also crossing the line into the Dark Zone.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey