Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The answer for Israel

The answer for Israel is evidently not going to come from the leaders of the international community who are supposed to represent us. We, the owners of the world and its resources. We, humankind. The answer for Israel is going to come from us and yes, we can make a difference and we will.

The reaction from the international community to Israel's announcement that it is to build homes for 3,000 thieves is predictable, sickeningly predictable. "No, no don't! Oh no, please don't! No, no, please! Pretty please? (pause) Please? Oh OK, ah OK then, er...sorry!"

And so the show goes on. These days this sort of opinion-editorial piece goes beyond the "prove it!" howls of derision because these days we have something called the Internet for people to do their own research, and in the case of Israel, the more research they do, the better.

Why? Because the controlled media rarely reports things as they are and the Internet searches throw up nonsense deriding those who dare to challenge the Knesset as anti-Semitic, a label as absurd as the wannabe control freaks who bandy it around: the word "Semitic" describes the Semitic languages or people who speak them, including Arabic. Therefore anyone who uses the "anti-Semitic" label is simply underlining their ignorance.

International law dictates that the state of Israel exists within the 1948 frontiers as per the United Nations Organization's ruling at the time, which means that all settlements constructed since then are illegal, being built on territory seized as spoils of war, which does not figure in international law as right of ownership.

For those who think it does, OK then let us give the Isle of Wight (UK) to France, let us give the Southern US States to Mexico, let us give France to Germany. Absurd? Then research the history of the Israel-Palestine issue.

Immediately after the General Assembly of the UNO dares to counter the wishes of the state of Israel and its poodle, Washington, namely giving the Palestinian Authority the status of Member State Observer, a process, let us remember, that the United States of America obediently opposed (pandering to the whims of its master, Israel), what does the state of Israel do?

Why, it announces that it is to build 3,000 homes for Israeli terrorist-settlers in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

We need go no further. For those states which support Israel blindly, a word of advice: Israel's decision has just sent something ugly lunging behind the eyes of millions of bystanders in the international community. And if the leaders of the international community are unable to make a difference, then let us see...

The more this stupid saga goes on, the more idiotic the stance of the western former- powers reveals itself. If someone steals your land and builds upon it, you fight back. The west condemns those who fight back, labelling them as terrorists and as for the perpetrators of the evil, they turn a blind eye and say "Please stop!"

The point is that this entire question is governed by the rule of law. And in this, ladies and gentlemen, the state of Israel and its supporters in the west have already lost. Bar code? Israeli exports?


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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