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Euphemisms away. Part II

By Gaither Stewart

Continued. Read Part I of the article here

Ideologically Europe might agree with America even though it makes no economic sense because Europe's real, long-term interests lie in Russia. It depends on its neighbor Russia. Russia is more European than America's Neocons even imagine. Even Adolf Hitler knew that. Especially today, Europe depends on the natural gas of which Russia has the world's greatest reserves.  Geopolitically, Russia was also the reason for America's theft of the province of Kosovo from Serbia. It is not for oil. It is not to inch closer to Iran. It is Russia. Though Russia lost many lands after 1989, it still supported its brothers in Serbia, a nation which refused to embrace capitalism. America's military establishment and their Neocon pals accused Serbia of genocide. But Serbs were no more criminal than Croats and Bosnians and Albanians ... and Americans.

Like space shield bases in Czech Republic and military bases in Poland and the Baltic States, the encirclement of Russia lies at the heart of lily pad strategy, which means nothing more than more military bases. Crush the Russians so they never rise again. Russia and its Socialist messianism. Its mission to save the world! You cannot nuke Russia because they have the bomb too ... and the possibility of delivering it. So encircle them. Then squeeze them.

Let me says a few words about the relationship between Russia and the U.S. theft of  the heart of Serbia. You might read entire studies that it was for protection of the oil pipelines. The Anglo-American alliance to dominate oil and gas routes and corridors from the Caspian to the Black Sea across the Balkans. The scramble for control of the national economies of the entire former Soviet bloc. The alliance between the U.S. Defense Department and oil cartels. OK! Granted, oil is a small part of the reason. Meanwhile all kinds of covert activities originate in Kosovo. CIA secret detention-torture centers. Drugs from Afghanistan and the recycling of drug money. Militarization along the strategic East-West corridors. Kosovo is a living footprint of American power moving steadily eastwards. Imposition of the sacred dollar over the euro. That is all part of it. But never forget the containment of Russia. Control of the Balkans starts in Russia's friend, Serbia. To crush Russia, smash Serbia. That is the fundamental point. Behind every Serb, the saying goes, stands a Russian. Fucking Russian Commies anyway!  Let them drink themselves to death without ever ever regaining one centimeter of world control.

Think of U.S. policies toward Russia-"America's great enemy!"-and remember that the old geopolitical encirclement philosophy is still on the table. Since 1917 when revolutionary Russia dared oppose capitalism encirclement of Russia has been right in the center of the table. Crush Russia and you crush Socialism. The final solution of the Russian-Socialism question. Crush any idea that smacks of Socialism, America's eternal obsession.

For American planners Communism is always a threat and old habits of containment of Great Russia are hard to break. Russians believe U.S. hostility toward them derives from something buried in America's puritanical genetic make-up. That Americans consider them barbarians they have to contain ... as ancient Rome did the barbarians in the wild north. That America has to encircle and circumscribe them and dictate and preach to them and look down on them ... just as one Adolf Hitler did. Maybe there is also jealousy, Russians suspect. Envy of Russia's vast lands. Envy of its great culture. Russia has something that America lacks. Ignorant cynics might say that it has to do with the great natural gas reserves in Siberia. In any case, though the source of the perceived Russian threat is a mystery, the memory of competition with Russia for world domination during the Cold War remains alive in the West, especially across the Atlantic. Russia has something to do with the existence of the soul. That famous Russian soul that prompted the esoteric thinker Rudolf Steiner to predict that the "cultural epoch" after the present one dominated by Europe and the USA would be led by spiritual, messianic Russia.

Time lends transparency to events that are jumbled when they happen but which turn out to be historical landmarks. Post-communist Russia was defenceless. The USA could do as it liked in the world. Attack Iraq to get back at Russia. Establish lily pad bases along Russia borders to threaten Russia. Get Serbia to get Russia.

Despite Castro and Chavez and victories by left-leaning leaders in a handful of nations to the South, Latin America remains pretty much a great American colony. The Arab world and the Middle East are under attack and one nation after the other has already fallen. The little publicized U.S. penetration in Africa is practically unopposed. America controls Asia from Australia, Japan, Hawaii, the Guam military island and power economic influences in Southeast Asia. But there remain Russia and China. I believe Russia is truly American enemy number 1. I believe the attack on China is to be an economic-dominated one of accommodation in which the rest of the world becomes Coolies.

In any case, for now the lily pad bases spread from West to East along the belly of Russia. Step by step. From base to base. A new language of conquest. Creeping, creeping inexorably from West to East. Along the underbelly of deep, deep Russia, lying in wait.

For Russia is back. Russia is not about to roll over like a poodle for America. If Washington is pointing toward another Cold War-this time with even greater stakes and threats to world peace-Russia too is getting ready. Russia feels targeted by America. Russia asks which countries are targets for America's space shields in East Europe? The U.S. answer is silence. What country has the type of missiles America aims at intercepting? The answer is Russia. Therefore Russia assumes the U.S. space shield is aimed at it. Now American-led NATO land forces have passed the River Oder into Poland-just as Hitler once did-and deployed its lily pads near Russia's borders. This is much more menacing than another Cold War.

Russia, in American eyes the enemy of progressive mankind. Russia, guilty of the Great October Revolution of 1917. Russia, a threat to the New World Order. Communist Russia chose a new direction of social evolution, qualitatively different from the Western direction, and it achieved certain successes. Communist Russia's solutions to fundamental social problems and its quickly developed scientific, intellectual and creative potential in such a short time frightened the West no less than Russia's military potential and its messianism. For many nations of the world the experience of Socialist Russia became an infectious prototype, a paradigm for the poor of the world. The post-war Soviet Union imposed its social order on the countries of Eastern Europe, immensely increasing its influence in the rest of the world while the Communist idea expanded over the planet.

At that point Capitalism faced the threat of decline or historical death while Soviet Russia became the second Superpower. That meant Cold War. Cold because both sides had enough nuclear power to destroy the planet. For many decades the West feared the Russian threat because it realized that in an open military confrontation between the USA and Soviet Russia, the victory of world Communism might have become real. Under the influence of Russian Communism the West itself had to adopt socialist features for a short time-the profit motive was cut short, an antiracist movement was born in the West, working people insisted on social rights, social security was established, colonialism declined, a kind of popular democracy seemed to be developing; social democracy flourished.

Such is the accusation against Russia. The threat to "our way of life". Thus the Russian nation is the heart of evil, the propaganda gnomes preached, guilty of crimes against humanity. We must inculcate in people the truth that Russia is the Empire of Evil, the Soviet period a black hole in the history of mankind, and Socialism a crime against human progress. Russia itself must be destroyed for the sake of the salvation of the Western world and its values.

For Russia the growing number of U.S. bases near their borders threaten to set off new Cold Wars. Great Britain, like empires before it, had to close most of its foreign bases in the midst of an economic crisis in the 1960s and 1970s. The United States is headed in that direction. For surely it is only a question of time before America is forced to do the same-its mountainous national debt ought to be crippling it. But it seems to have discovered the capacity to live on virtual money-at everyone else's expense.

The USA is again facing the same old conundrum. The US military believes that America must maintain its advantage as Russia and China start to expand their own military. Both are starting from a base a tenth the size of the US military without all the overhead of the cold war infrastructure. But America can't afford the military machine it maintains today. Meanwhile Neocon gnomes have convinced Americans that they have a divine right to protect their selfishly affluent lifestyle and the global corporate interests on which it depends-but that Russia, spiritual, messianic Russia, stands in the way to freedom and "our way of life", the never-ending American dream, which must be preserved at any cost. "Freedom", "democracy" and "our way of life" (selfish and unsustainable)-all lies in the service of American Empire.

Gaither Stewart

Senior editor Gaither Stewart lives in Rome and serves as European correspondent for The Greanville Post,  His latest novel, Lily Pad Roll, was just published by Punto Press. Lily Pad Roll is volume two of Stewart's Europe Trilogy, dealing with post Cold War espionage, the encirclement of Russia, and the maintenance of a global strategy of tension.

Lily Pad Roll is available at Amazon and other major vendors worldwide

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