Taking a look at our world today...

UNESCO has decided that its Time Capsule will not be opened before 2062. In fifty years' time, who knows what cynical and sinister mechanisms will have been placed in motion and who knows how much of today's truth will have been tampered with? So let us write a truthful article about the reality in 2012 and hope that what we write and what they see are one and the same thing.

The twin Time Capsules, metal cylinders containing 280 messages written by young people from different continents, will be opened in fifty years' time. Not only do they contain the fears and hopes of today's youth but also objects which symbolise the communication tools in use today.

And in fifty years' time, what will our grandchildren see? A carefully chosen package of materials, chosen by academics, probably representing what they would like our future generations to believe. No doubt they try to paint a pretty and rosy picture of the world today but let us send a parallel message and make this go viral so that there are enough copies around on the Net so as to make it impossible to cover and hide.

I can state categorically that in 2012 the vast majority of humankind is absolutely appalled at the governance we have ruling us, basically and with very rare exceptions, persons who represent the lobbies which dictate policy and this policy is dictated so that these lobbies can foster their own interests.

In recent years, since 2000, which many of us had envisioned as a benchmark in terms of social and economic development, all the rights our forefathers fought for have been swept away. The right to a decent salary, the right to an indexed pension, the right to a free education, free healthcare and decent public services has literally disappeared; the working timetable has been stretched to the extent that the worker has to pander to the whims of control freaks, or risk losing her/his job and as for our children, they have no rights at all.

They do not have the right to a free education, they do not have the right to free dental care, they do not have the right to free healthcare, they do not have the right to a free further education, or a house, or a job or anything else that would be expected from civilised societies.

What they have is years and years of struggle, and a status depending on how much their parents earn, meaning they are basically labelled the second they are born and will have their estate ordered by those who rule. These in turn are greyish pseudo-political figures, sons and daughters and cousins and friends and friends of friends of family members, neighbours and so on, making a pretty penny at our expense in an ever-growing myriad of institutions, organizations, committees, commissions, you name it.

Transparency in terms of accounts and expenses is zero. Accountability in terms of expenditure, the same.

This is pretty much the norm across the globe, where international policy has been hijacked by NATO, and more specifically, the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) which have supported terrorists to do their dirty work destabilising countries and changing governments so that the lobbies controlling their policies could get their hands on the resources.

Those who dared to challenge the regime, like Saddam Hussein, like Muammar al-Qadhafi, were attacked. Exactly what happened to them is as yet unclear but removed from power they were.

In 2012, international law does not exist because it is not implemented. The indictment I wrote, with others, against NATO was not even accepted by the International Criminal Court or the European Court of Human Rights, neither did these organisms even have the courtesy to acknowledge the receipt of this document.

Let this message be the political epitaph of those involved in the massacre in Libya, let this message be the tombstone of those who used hypocrisy to dictate policy across the globe, from the Balkans conflict to Afghanistan to Iran to Libya and now, Syria. The players are always the same.

Research the humanitarian projects of Muammar al-Qadhafi, research the humanitarian projects of his political enemies and in 2063, see who comes out on top. Maybe by then Israel will have been accepted as a member of the international community not by its bully-boy paymaster, the USA, but by the hearts and minds of the people in the international community, because as soon as Israel starts behaving as a member, it will be treated as such.

Right now, we have Israel sitting on 100 nuclear warheads, is it claimed, and Iran cannot even have a peaceful nuclear energy programme...

I can guarantee you that in 2062 I shall be alive, albeit old, to check the reaction of the society then to what UNESCO sends them today. And I can guarantee that I shall deliver the truth.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey