Putin the Peacekeeper

By Jamie Wendland

Whenever US President Barack Obama, walks into a room with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his entire demeanor suddenly changes. Far from leader of the free world, he appears more like a mischievous schoolboy.

Gone in an instant is the cocky confidence, arrogance and smooth talk. Before Obama sits a man he cannot charm, he cannot outsmart, he can neither bamboozle nor dazzle. To Putin, Obama is a pipsqueak and an inconvenience he can manage. Vladimir Putin is reminiscent of the glaring, high school tough guy at the end of the hall, just daring some punk to take him on. But Obama, the undersized bully of the defenseless and helpless, has the fear and good sense not to cross him.

Since the end of the cold war, it's been an interesting turn of events and a journey which led to the current, awkward, set of affairs for both nations. Truth be told, regardless of all the threats and saber rattling over a possible strike on Iran, it's probably the safest country on earth right now, thanks to Vladimir Putin.

Under Bush and Obama, the US are now the Imperialist warmongers and Russia the peacemakers. Besides ending the Chechnya War, the only other significant military action by Russia in the past ten years has been intervening at tiny South Ossetia's request and driving out the aggressor Georgia (contrary to US pro-Georgia propaganda).

The dissolution of The Soviet Union also meant South America was no longer a military or financial priority to the US.  Furthermore, Russia was a fledgling democracy itself at the time, and in no position to influence the region either. Throughout the nineties and with minimal outside interference, South America had found herself. By 2000, they had begun to shift left, stabilized by Russia. By the end of 2001, while the US was further diverted by events of 9/11 and its "war on terror," Putin and Russia seized a wide open opportunity. It was a wise investment, as by 2010 South America had become an emerging superpower and, overall, a grateful Russian Ally. The same could be said of Africa where, in the past ten years, Russia has become a major player, rivaling China.

The US became near obsessive over toppling Saddam Hussein in Iraq and conquering phantoms in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Russia wisely invested heavily in developing nations. The election of Nobel Peace Prize winner and Democrat Messiah Barack Obama brought even more diplomatic opportunities for Putin. Russia carpet bombed the Mideast and Asia with diplomats, treaties and aid, but America spread only more war. Obama found that not only could he embrace the entire Bush Doctrine; he could build upon it with very little opposition at home.

Let's not forget Israel's blood thirsty Netanyahu, who was more than eager to capitalize on Obama's inexperience and ego. Under this influence, Obama moved forward with Zionist ambitions, along with our own Imperialist agenda. Initiating a surge in Afghanistan, he shuffled troops through Iraq, destabilized Egypt and escalated drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. But, puffed with pride and seemingly politically infallible, he crossed the line, and Vladimir Putin, by shamefully and merciless fabricating and funding a NATO attack on Libya.

Not only did Obama escalate a manageable situation into full blown civil war and totally destroy and destabilize a thriving, prosperous nation, his administration encouraged the torture and murder of a valued Russian ally, Muammar Qaddafi. As further brash insult, Obama also used Al Qaeda operatives to spread his idea of "Arab Spring" to Syria, where reforms were already underway. But before he could bully NATO into further expanding his empire, Obama not only found himself toe to toe with that tough guy, but also faced with an opened door to a dark, back parking lot.

Putin's message to Obama is loud and clear: If you want WWIII on your conscience, just keep it up.

The US has been asleep at the wheel. Blinded by our obsession with terrorism and arrogance, we're spreading war and initiating terrorist drone attacks, while Russia has been diplomatically and quietly building coalitions and allies. To further sweeten the Putin pot, as the US rants about China taking the very jobs and industries Bill Clinton willingly handed them, he's been wooing them into the Russian fold, as well. Even US "liberated" Iraq is savvy enough to ally itself with the winning side by currently negotiating a relationship and an arms deal with Russia.

In the case of Iran, Obama and Netanyahu are basically nothing more than a pair of schoolyard big mouths, hurling idle threats. It's almost comical watching these two class clowns double-dog daring each other into challenging Putin, with such ridiculous antics as waving graphics of cartoon bombs. This impotence is evidenced by current US military policy. If Iran really is the pressing threat and Syria such a barbaric state, why are there no drone strikes or Special Forces raids? Because American Imperialism has reached a suffocating impasse smothered by the wings of Mother Russia, we're confined to the same insignificant countries we've been assaulting all along.

The US finds itself in a situation where it can only recycle the same wars in the same places; Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  We'll threaten Iran, but keep on bullying the defenseless little guys. We'll point to the perpetual elimination of the apparently very resilient Al Qaeda, "number two," as evidence of true success. The US is forced into a position of distancing from Israel and seeking a diplomatic solution in the region. In the end, the eventual peace may very well be credited to this schoolboy in disgrace. However, while Obama may be the one with another Nobel Peace Prize gathering dust, it will be Vladimir Putin, Peacekeeper, who brought it about with a sneer.

Jamie Wendland

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov