Author`s name Mark S. McGrew

It is time to ostracize Obama supporters

By Mark McGrew

A vote for Obama is a vote for theft, imprisonment and murder. He says so himself, through his signing of the National Defense Authorization Act.

We have tried legally, in State courts, Federal courts and the United States Supreme Court to stop his ongoing illegal behavior, all to no avail. US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is on video record responding to a question about a President having to be a natural born citizen, he said, "We're avoiding that issue."

Dozens of lawsuits to answer his legal status to hold the office of President have been corruptly thrown out without hearing the evidence.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona performed a six month investigation into Obama's supposed birth certificate and his draft registration notice and concluded that both documents are forgeries.

The problem seeking answers to the truth of who and what Obama is, is that the entire US Congress, all 50 Secretaries of State and most Governors are complicit in the fraud known as Obama. A reasonable result of convicting Obama for his various crimes would be that all of these people would have to be tried as co-conspirators. And that would destroy "The Full Faith and Trust" of the United States of America. So maybe it is correct that we do not put Obama on trial and drop him in some hell hole for the rest of his life.

Obama supporters have had 4 years to learn who and what Obama is. They refuse to look at evidence and can only respond with threats, insults and ridicule. Three weeks of education before the election will not educate them to do what is best for our country. So, forget them.

By supporting Obama, they are wholeheartedly advocating that many of us be put in jail and/or murdered, with no charges filed, no evidence, no witnesses, no lawyers and no trial by our peers. They are promoting the destruction of the American economy, less employment, more foreclosures, more taxpayer money being spent on insane projects that are designed to fail for all but the promoters. They fight for more illegal wars and the senseless murders of innocent civilians in far away countries. They lie to us and they threaten us with physical harm. They won't be happy until they have seen us lose everything we have worked and fought for.

Obama supporters insist on destroying all that is good and decent in this world.

We can survive and prosper very well without Obama supporters. But without us to support their morally corrupt lifestyles, they will perish. So, forget them.

Obamacare is a lie, it is diabolical and it does have a "Death Panel". Un-elected employees will determine whether or not a person gets treatment, with the only qualification being: Cost to the government. By supporting Obama, his supporters are forcing us into a painful life and an early grave.

There are two words that dominate any conversation about Obama: Liar and [Derogatory expletive denoting a no good dirty rotten low life scoundrel person of color]

Good, decent, honest, patriotic Americans have been called racist so many times these past four years that it has become a non-word, gaining no reaction. Obama and his supporters have played the race card so many times that the deck is out of cards. It's a new game. We don't care what they think. We don't care if they are offended and we don't care if they lose their taxpayer paid for goodies.

We have tried every legal avenue and every legal remedy to at least ask the question of who and what Obama is. His supporters have turned over every slimy rock, used every dirty trick in the book, screamed every lie that comes to their syphilitic minds, ignored and abused every law, to shut us up. We're still standing and will continue to fight, to make America once again the great industrious and compassionate nation it always was before Obama.

As Mr. Bill Whittle said at a Wake Up America rally in Los Angeles recently, "We beat the most powerful military on Earth in our revolutionary war, we beat the British again in 1812, we beat the rebels in the Civil War, we beat the Nazi machine and the Japanese in WWII, we beat the communists all over the World and we are going to beat these Marxist bastards." He is referring to Obama supporters.

And yes, we will beat them. We always have. So forget them.

In Our Bible, in Proverbs 29:9, it is written that when an intelligent man has a disagreement with an ignorant man, the ignorant man will rage and laugh and will not stop. We have all experienced that reaction from Obama supporters. So, forget them.

Forget them and forget the courts and forget the law. There is no law in America now. Obama's administration has proven that time and again.

Most people know that Obama has tried repeatedly to divide this country by race and by class. We don't care anymore. They can live on their side of the tracks and we will live on ours. We are not going to lower our standards to appease their selfish greedy little minds. They have to rise up to our standards or they can suffer.

The black people in this country have had 45 years of handouts, benefits, free toys, affirmative action, more Rights than white people, less performance standards than white counterparts and they are not maturing into productive members of society. 70% of black babies are bastards. Their fathers deserted their mothers.

Democrats voted against freeing slaves, voted against giving them the right to vote, voted against Civil Rights in the 1960s. Republicans voted for all of that.

Obama is an Affirmative Action President. It doesn't work. He is the prime example that it doesn't work. The woman we are supposed to believe is his wife is an Affirmative Action lawyer who lost her license to practice law in 1993. Her Princeton thesis is pure racist anti-white ravings of someone so out of touch with reality that it can only be described as bizarre, even though it is whites who created her path to go to an Ivy League university.

So forget them. No more freebies from us. No more insults from them. No more favors from us. No more filthy talk from them.

Just forget the Obama supporters. Don't talk to them. Don't do business with them. Don't buy from them and don't sell to them. Don't cut their grass, clean their houses, fix their cars or fix their bodies. Don't even acknowledge they exist. Let them die.

Whether it is co-workers, friends or family members, ignore them, ostracize them and write them off your list.

I have notified everyone I know, family and friends alike, that if they tell me they are going to vote for Obama or if they tell me after the election they voted for Obama, win or lose, I will cease all relations with them. Just set your own, "Don't ask, don't tell rules".

These people hate us more than we hate them. They despise us.

By their vote for Obama, they are condemning us to a life with less money, less freedoms, loss of our God given Rights, loss of our freedom and a very real and present danger of losing our lives. Anyone who votes for Obama is an enemy of America, an enemy of the American people and an enemy of American ideals. They are traitors.

An ignorant person can be educated. A person who is determined to not be educated can only be educated with a baseball bat across the forehead. Few among us will instruct them in that fashion. So, just forget them.

Condemn them to a life without you. Let them earn a living on someone else's money.

Mark S. McGrew