Maya Naser murdered by terrorists

For all of those who have any questions at all as to what is really happening in Syria, then let the murder of journalist and civilian Maya Nasser serve as an eye-opener, let what happened to him show up the terrorist filth which the west has unleashed on the good people of Syria and let his martyrdom serve as a shining light to illuminate the paths of those who stand up against evil, as he did.

I did not know Maya Naser but I already feel like I did, after having read so many heartfelt messages of love for this young man whose journalism made a difference as he told the truth about what is really happening in Syria, currently working for Press TV. Below are two examples of the sincerity of the Syrian people, expressing their indignance at the criminal intrusion into Syria's internal affairs by the FUKUS Axis, France, UK and US and expressing their horror at the terrorist atrocities by the FSA, the darlings of the west, who have today murdered a young journalist - a civilian - in cold blood.

Let the martyrdom of Maya Naser serve as a shining light to all those who follow in his footsteps, let it illuminate the paths of righteous and good people fighting against this western-backed terrorist scourge and may his passing on serve as proof that only one side of the story is being told in Syria by western news agencies. Mayer Naser stands as a beacon of Good against religious fanaticism and sheer Evil. May his memory be honoured in the international community as an example of the plight of the Syrian people as they fight savages and butchers eagerly armed and aided by France, the UK and USA.

Below are two examples of notes of dedication to Maya Naser by two fellow journalists.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



Mimi al-Laham:

It is difficult to write this as Maya's email is still 'online' right next to me on my gmail account, his status said 'live" and indeed it feels like he's still alive. Harder still to know that the answer to my chat question 'are you alive' will not be answered. Even though I know...

Even though I hadn't known Maya long, he was hard not to like. Maya had no hatred in his heart, even for his enemies. When I spoke to him about anger he urged me to be patient, kind and respectful to people who disagreed with me.

 The last time he spoke, he told me a very powerful story that he asked me to keep off the record. But now I feel like he left it with me.

He had invited 3 heads of the FSA, salafists to Damascus at his expense assuring them on his word they will not be harmed. He hoped that seeing a different way of life would change their attitude. After they had been in Damascus for 3 days, he invited them to dinner in front of a restaurant which was in front of an old church and an old mosque that existed together peacefully for a long time.

He asked them how they felt about Damascus, they said it was nice. Then he asked them to be honest and again gave them his word that they would come to no harm. One replied 'frankly sir we respect you, but we are going to kill you and take the women of your family. And our religion tells us to do this'.

Maya then pointed to two girls who were sitting beside him, one with a head scarf and one without.

He said. You see those two girls? This is Syria. And I will die to keep it this way. After I die, then I don't care what you do.

Those were his last words to me. He was true to his word and the salafists left safely, that's just the kind of person he was.

I think he knew he was going to die because there had been many attempts on his life in previous months. But he kept going... he was committed to the truth and his country.

Syria lost a hero today, But Martyrs don't die,  they live forever.


Joshua Blakeny Collegue from Press TV


Reflections on the Murder of Press TV's Maya Naser



[The views contained in this piece are not officially those of Press TV but rather are the private opinions of Joshua Blakeney who was a colleague of Maya Naser]


Maya Naser will be remembered as a martyr who selflessly engaged in an uphill struggle to debunk the Israelocentric, anti-Syrian propaganda which was disseminated by media outlets including, CNN, Fox News, The National Post, The Guardian, CBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, to name a few, in 2011-2012 period. I joined Press TV during this period as their Canadian correspondent and thus had the good fortune of calling myself Maya's colleague.


Those who oppose a prosperous and strong Syrian state have a long track record of targeting journalists and truth-tellers such as my slain colleague Maya Naser. They do so because their imperialist strategies are contingent on the stupefaction and desensitization of the public in Western imperialist countries. Many journalists and politicians in nations such as Canada, the US, Britain, Australia and France have accepted blood money to illuminate the perspectives of those who seek the destruction of Syria. Such unethical journalists and politicians believe that if they repeat the lie that a "democratic revolution" is taking place in Syria then people will believe it. Maya Naser's honest reporting clearly posed a threat to this well-funded, fraudulent agenda of disinformation. In his reports my colleague drew attention, for example, to the significant support in Syria for the Syrian military and Syrian government led by President Assad, who are trying their best to assert Syrian sovereignty by extirpating the black-clad armed gangs who are fomenting sectarianism and discord at the behest, primarily, of Washington and Tel Aviv. Maya refused to allow the zeitgeist of the Arab Spring be co-opted by the imperialists to gloss-over their ruthless goals for Syria. He conveyed the outrage of ordinary Syrians at the destruction of their nation.


It was not just the content of my colleague's reports that warranted commendation. Maya had a unique style of relating the horrors and threats that he was experiencing in layman's terms so the viewers of his reports could easily understand the unconscionable realities on the ground in the besieged country he reported from. He courageously marched into gun fire armed solely with his above-average intellect and a keen journalistic eye which he employed to speak truth to power with remarkable stoicism. In doing so he put the future of Syria's children ahead of his own personal security, a decision which ultimately cost him his life. There can be no doubt that this great journalist gave his life for his country and for all those peoples of the world who want to express self-determination rather than succumb to the social engineering of Israel and its stooges in Washington, London, Ottawa, Paris and elsewhere.


I gather the Western-armed assailant who took Maya's life shot him through the heart as if he was felling a lion. This is highly poetic as it was clear from the sacrifices he made and the integrity he exhibited, that this exemplary Press TV reporter had a sizable heart.  Maya was indeed a Lion of the media world; dignified, courageous and intelligent. His journalistic legacy dwarfs the risible efforts of those Western apologists for the armed gangs in Syria who, safely ensconced in countries like Canada, the UK, the US and France, compound the strife in Syria so as to ingratiate themselves with their pro-Israel paymasters.


I think it is integral that the culpability for the murder of Maya not simply rest with those terrorist ideologues who physically murdered my colleague in Damascus. The blame must also be apportioned to those intellectuals and political actors who have for a long time been conspiring to balkanize Syria. It is axiomatic that war cannot take place without the psychological conditioning of populations in the belligerent nations. The preponderance of people in Western countries have been hoodwinked into viewing the terrorists are the freedom fighters and the freedom fighters are the terrorists in Syria. This grand set of lies propagated unrelentingly by western journalists contributed directly to the death of my colleague. Indeed the tenuousness of the Western narrative about Syria effectively necessitated a truth-teller like Maya's death. Just as a scorpion cannot be told not to sting, it was clear Maya could not be conscripted into telling anything but the truth. Maya was thus a thorn in the side of the enemies of Syria.

Let it be known that the active sponsorship of the armed gangs in Syria, by Western governments, enabled the assassin who took Maya's life! Without imperialist intervention, the assassin would not have had the ammunition or logistical support to strike this great Syrian truth-teller through the heart.


 Maya's untimely death, as has been the case with the death, for example, of Che Guevara, ought to be used to fuel our indignation and enliven the anti-imperialist struggle which will ensure that he did not die in vain.


Rest in Peace Brother Maya Naser!


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey