Iraq, Syria, Egypt: Clash of civilizations fuels extermination of Christians

The oracle concerning Damascus. Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city, and it will be a heap of ruins. (Isaiah 17, 1)

By Nicolas Bonnal

We were presented the clash of civilizations as a struggle between East and West, between Islamist terrorism and Judeo-Christian world, this enlightened and prosperous euro-American complex. The reality is more subtle and unpleasant. The war on terror is certainly a war of terror, as put our friend Pat Buchanan. But the clash of civilizations looks more and more an attack of the neoconservative West and fundamentalist Islam against Eastern Christianity and Arab secularism.

This is a triumph of Turkey's past genocides, of Wahhabi Islam and its Anglo-Saxon ally armed with drones and its apocalyptic Bible for dummies. Islamists and NATO will destroy Syria after Iraq before they nuke Iran's nuclear program which is the main concern of the gas Chamber (of Commerce) from Qatar ... It's not more complicated, though our experts think in nuances and redundancies.Under Saddam Hussein, there were 600,000 Arab Christians who had rights and missions; there are a mere 100,000 today. There are ten million Christians in Egypt, two million in Syria. How many will be there tomorrow? We understand better now the hatred of Russia since Russia is the last major nation to protect Christians.

The Copts in Egypt today are victims of abuse, bullying and threats of genocide perpetrated by the so moderate Muslim Brotherhood, heirs of Masonic British intelligence or spiritual sons of the great Lawrence of Arabia (sic), terrorist responsible for the so romantic death of 400 000 people in the Ottoman Empire during WW1. Thanks to the fall of this empire the Young Turks then perpetrated genocide against Christians too.It's not for nothing that the Egyptian Christians all refused to meet the weird sister Hilary Rodham Clinton who did belly dancing on Qaddafi's corpse and Osama's ghost, when she asked the founders of Egypt to be a simple pawn of the new global fanatic community.

The distracted Saudi Sharia will soon apply there, too, always with the blessings of boards of directors and other "Brethren", never at a loss when it comes to liquidate Catholics or Orthodox Christians. Christianity is bad for business. II have always before my eyes the Irish churches burned with women and children in Drogheda and elsewhere, by the venerable Puritan Cromwell, I have always before my eyes the ruins of the monastery of Monte Cassino bombed for example, despite the prayers of the Holy Father, like Dresden or Nagasaki, by the Anglo-American Aviation. But what won't we do to make the world safer for "democracy" and the Grand Architect of the Universe! In the 19th century, Disraeli and the UK protected at any cost the Ottoman Empire, despite its crimes against Balkan people, crimes which moved so deeply Dostoyevsky and even Gladstone. Disraeli would have fought against Alexander's Russia to legitimate the sultan's right to exterminate his Christian subjects and keep Constantinople.

But let's return to the Combat dupes, the so called clash of civilizations since 11/09/2001. Concerning the September 11, the famous Sept. 11 that we will never finish to celebrate and we are told that we know everything about, we know at least two facts: the very alleged perpetrators were Saudis and Egyptians. Iraq and Syria were totally out of touch, like the Islamic Republic of Iran.The head of the attack group was then said to be a former CIA agent, Osama Bin Laden. This did not prevent the bin Laden family from leaving American soil the same day. The bin Laden tribes who have built airports, luxury hotels in Mecca, and even the bases for U.S. troops (check to see, this is good fun!), were the only ones with this privilege, as director Michael Moore underlined.

This did not prevent Washington from denouncing an axis of evil more Masonic than geometric and go after the regimes that had left peaceful during centuries their Jewish and Christian communities (there are six thousand Jews left in Iran, especially in Shiraz, where they look very happy, watch them on the BBC). The West hastened to bomb with drones Pakistan, to occupy the strategic Afghanistan and to destroy Iraq for nothing, as now it will eradicate Syria with the so celebrated freedom fighters! These rebels, mercenaries, hired by Al Qaeda abroad, human thrash without law and without honour, will cut to pieces women and children, Christians and Muslims, Shiites and Alawites, will establish caliphates as cruel and burlesque than that of Homs, and they will be even more celebrated by all the free world press, all the BHL clones and all the Brussels krauts! The same media slobs who referred to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq today evoke without laughter chemical weapons in Syria ... What would Shakespeare say, a story full of sound and fury or a tale told by TV idiots? But this cruel tale signifies something: the destruction of eastern Christianity and Arabic freedom.

The new world order is therefore an agreement between our central bankers and their political commissars, between the oil and gas super-rich and dark esoteric networks. This agreement legitimates the liquidation of Christians suddenly become so "close to the dictator Assad" (sic), so worthy then of being all slaughtered - or hanged, as former minister Tariq Aziz. The new world order, based on Islamic-Liberal democratic poaching, leads to the creation of terror corridors, like Denver or Chicago, bloody feudal protectorates, forbidden zones, where everything will be at the auction as Cyrenaica (where oil is fine, thank you for it) and where everything sets off like in Darfur or Baghdad, the city of a thousand and one nightmares, whose fate was sealed long ago by the best prophets.

And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and all images of her gods are shattered on the floor. (Isaiah, 21, 9)

Let's thus understand one fact: the clash of civilizations is the clash of Wahhabi fanaticism and our society "out of joint" allied against the tolerant Islam and the last traditional roots of Eastern Christianity, which had survived since Jesus and the Church Fathers! And the new world order, the new world disorder, is in the hands of oil and gas dealers, butchers' borders and bearded tigers affiliated with Carlyle Group or Halliburton. This order is no good for anyone; for this new order implies for western societies ferocity inside, and outside the submission to Washington or Bilderberg's caprices; more Islamists inside France or Britain, and more geopolitical submission outside; more debt and borrowing on-site, and more armies or capital employed anywhere and on order. This is nonsense cruelty. But the new world order is lack of logic and lawlessness, the new world order is misery and unemployment, the new world order is nihilism and fanaticism in all countries. Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Iran... Who's next? Ask the prophets.

For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples. (Isaiah 60: 2)

Nicolas Bonnal


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Author`s name Nicolas Bonnal
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