Author`s name Mark S. McGrew

Delaware Attorney General Joseph R. Biden, III = Treason

By Mark S. McGrew

This is a continuation of Part One, titled "Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden = Treason."

Lawrence W. Lewis goes on to quote another case, "In Darling Apartment v. Springer,22 A.2d 397 (Del. 1941), the Delaware Supreme Court said "when the framers of the Constitution created an office by name only they had reference to that office with those generally recognized legal powers, duties and functions belonging to the office in the jurisdiction in which the Constitution was to operate and at the time of the adoption of the Constitution." Id. at 407 (Rodney, J., concurring).

Larry, Larry......Larry. You throw out these quotes, but is it really too much of a leap for you to connect the dots, that after 2,000 years, all over the world, conservators of the peace were knocking people over the head and putting them in a locked room, when they disturbed the public peace, which for thousands of years, in reality was "those generally recognized legal powers, duties and functions belonging to the office in the jurisdiction"?

Then Larry says, "Common law powers were never intended to be immutable, cast in stone forevermore." Actually Larry, they were, until lawyers were dropped off on this planet by a very evil race from some unknown galaxy far, far away.

Have you never heard of The Ten Commandments? Written on stone tablets? Intended to be immutable? And so far, they still are. Still used as the basis of every law in the Christian world? 10 simple rules that most every child learns before he is 12 years old?

This is why we say, "Opinions are like [lawyers]. Everybody has one." And Larry is a serious [lawyer].

Lawrence W. Lewis is not making ignorant statements. He is just a liar. In any law dictionary, TREASON is defined "The betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies."

ENEMY, under international law: By this term is understood the whole body of a nation at war with another. It also signifies a citizen or subject of such a nation, as when we say an alien enemy. In a still more extended sense, the word includes any of the subjects or citizens of a state in amity with the United States, who, have commenced, or have made preparations for commencing hostilities against the United States;

By their actions and words, Beau Biden and Lawrence W. Lewis are consciously and purposely acting to aid enemies of the Constitution of The State of Delaware, which is the exact same as acting to aid Delaware's enemies.

It is really aggravating trying to educate a lawyer. Like trying to get an illegal alien to learn English. Lawyers think that just because they know how to read on an 8th grade level, they are the all knowing superior species.

2,000 years ago the arrest powers of sheriffs were recognized in the days of the Roman Empire. Sheriffs were called Vitae Republicae - The Life of the Republic.

1,000 years ago, the arrest powers of sheriffs were recognized by England.

350 years ago, the land area now known as Delaware, the people recognized the arrest powers of a sheriff.

225 years ago, the arrest powers were recognized by the Constitution of Delaware.

All over America sheriffs arrest people and put then in jails.

So, let me figure this out. It's an extremely complicated legal quagmire: A citizen can arrest somebody, a security guard can arrest somebody, a city policeman can arrest somebody, a state policeman can arrest somebody, all across America a sheriff can arrest somebody, all around the World, for the past 2,000 years, a Sheriff could arrest somebody, but now all of a sudden, Little Boy Beau comes in and says that out of all the inhabitants, residents and visitors, every single human being in the State of Delaware can arrest someone, except for three people, just because their counties pinned a badge on them and called them Sheriff.

Now why is that? What do you suppose that means?

Biden knows he is committing Sedition and Treason. He grew up with a professional liar. His father, Vice president Joe Biden has been spewing the same lie for 40 years that his wife was killed by a drunk driver. She died, because she was not paying attention and a Tractor Trailer ran into her vehicle. Although Joe Biden continues this lie, the Delaware State Police still testify that there was no alcohol involved in that crash.

Joe Biden and his son Beau, have milked that poor woman's tragic death for 40 years to gain the "sympathy vote". That innocent truck driver died because Beau's mother made a fatal mistake, not the driver. Joe and Joe and built their political careers atop the grave of that good woman who simply made a mistake that we all have at one time or another, by pulling out too soon. These guys are as ruthless as a lizard in the desert eyeing a fly for breakfast.

Beau Biden has committed the crime that can earn him an execution at the hands of the very people he conspired against in committing his Treason and Sedition.

Get this straight: Beau Biden, as much as he fantasizes, is not the Lord of the Manor and you are not his Sharecroppers. You do not work for Biden. He works for you. Biden does not pay your bills, You pay his. You pay for his office, his car, his clothes, his food and the food that goes down his ungrateful children's throats. You pay for his toilet paper, if he even bothers to use any.

You are not in this World to please him. He is here to please you. Get it straight.

If you, the citizens of Delaware allow him and your elected employees, the legislators, to strip the Sheriffs of their arrest powers, you will experience a level of corruption that you have never dreamed could exist. Nobody will be safe. Your property will not be safe. Every last one of your Constitutional Rights, that millions of people have died for, to preserve those Rights for you, will vanish over night.

For Christ's sake! Your fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, husbands, daughters, wives, mothers left home and went to war, got injured or killed fighting corrupt dictators like these people. And you are just going to let this little sissy daddy's boy strip you dry?

You have got to rise up and take a direct stand against these people now. Organize and sue. Organize and fight. Organize and chant outside their homes. REVOLT. File criminal charges against them. Organize around your Sheriff and arrest these leeches. They steal your money, your property and your freedoms. They are destroying your lives. Organize. Quit being wimps. Get off your duffs and fight these traitors.

Don't waste your time with a stupid "protest". A protest to stop the criminal actions of your government employees is as effective as stopping a charging Grizzly Bear with a BB gun.

Don't sell them food or gasoline. A town in California stopped serving US Forest Service employees and it scared the Feds so much they quit wearing uniforms and driving government cars.

You can not refuse service to a particular class of people, including police officers. But you can refuse to serve people that you feel uncomfortable with or are a nuisance to your business. You do not have to take this treasonous behavior from your politicians.

Look at the money they're making, lying to you, making laws against normal behavior, and criminalizing you and your children. And you want to give them food? You want to give them the gasoline to go back and forth to do their treasonous work against you? You're a bunch of suckers. Beau and his crooked friends are guzzling champagne on your money while they rip off your kids.

Look at your towns. Did you invite all these illegal aliens in to trash out your once beautiful towns? Did you invite them in to take your jobs and throw their used diapers in your yards?

Don't cut their hair. Don't sell them anything. Do not even acknowledge that they exist if they come into your business. Don't service their cars. Don't repair their homes. Don't baby-sit their kids. Don't throw them a life preserver if they are drowning in the St. Jones River.

And stop thinking of them as some version of royalty. They are not. They are nothing more than Temporary Labor. You can go to any town and pick up a load of illegal aliens, that these people forced into your communities, and use them to run your governmental affairs. At least the illegal aliens don't know how to read well enough to pass laws against you every single day. These politicians of yours, as in the rest of the country, are liars, cheats and thieves. They are human trash. You should spit on them when you see them.

I have read that the children of Sheriff Jeffrey Christopher have been getting harassed and taunted at school. That's nuts, taking it out on kids. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves.

As to Georgetown, Delaware Chief of Police William Topping, he's lucky he's dealing with a trained and experienced police officer with Sheriff Christopher. If I was the sheriff there and he made a public statement saying he was going to arrest me if I did anything, since he is an armed man and obviously out of touch with reality, I would interpret it as a threat against my life.

I would take a few deputies and go visit him at 4 in the morning and arrest him for threatening my life and liberty. I'd play by his Rule of Force mentality and do a "No Knock Warrantless Entry" and drag him out in cuffs. I may even be tempted to mimic his actions and forget my oath to the constitution and process him under the The National Defense Authorization Act. No phone call, no lawyer, no trial and ship him down to Guantanamo. But, it's not that easy.

I would just arrest him in the dead of night, let him make his calls and get himself bailed out. Then I would wait for him to sue me and let the case proceed through every corrupt court in Delaware until it ends up at the US Supreme Court and let them tell him what the real law is.

But, Sheriff Christopher is far more tolerant and resonable than I would be in that situation. He's smart. He's got the best Sheriff's lawyer in the country working with him.

Carson J. Tucker, is an honest lawyer who believes in the Constitution and is willing to put his life, fortune and honor at risk to defend your Constitution in Delaware. He has represented County Sheriffs in their various battles with the federal government, state government and county commissions.  Mr. Tucker won a mandamus action in the Wayne County Circuit Court, Michigan (Detroit) on behalf of the Wayne County Sheriff who challenged the County Commission's and County's Chief Executive Officer's attempt to fire and/or replace his executive staff, jail correctional officers and deprive him of the funds he needed to perform his constitutional duties.  He also successfully defended an appeal of this case.

He has successfully defended the Menominee County Sheriff against similar attacks by his County Commission. He did not have to litigate because of his prior case in Wayne County - the County Commission backed down from the legal battle.

He also represents the Barry County Sheriff and Eaton County Sheriff in ongoing matters with their respective county commissions and has successfully defended the Barry County Sheriff's common-law powers and duties against attacks by his County Commission (again no lawsuit because the County backed down and paid the Sheriff legal fees all the same).

He regularly represents individual law enforcement officers.  He has argued the Odom v. Wayne County case in the Michigan Supreme Court which reversed the Court of Appeals decision against a Sheriff's Deputy and clarified that law enforcement officers acting in good faith and performing their sworn duties are not subjected to intentional tort claims, such as malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, etc.  This was a 4.5 million dollar claim by a woman who claimed malicious prosecution and false imprisonment against his client, the Sheriff's Deputy, who wrote the woman a ticket for alleged "flagging/disrupting the flow of traffic"; essentially a ticket for engaging in suspected prostitution.

On the heels of this decision, he also won in the Court of Appeals Gentry v. Deputy Daniel Carmona, a case in which the plaintiff sought millions in damages after he was shot by Mr. Tucker's client, the Deputy, during an altercation in which four deputies from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office attempted to arrest the plaintiff.  Because of Odom, the Michigan Court of Appeals found that Deputy Carmona was acting in good faith when he shot the suspect after another deputy exclaimed he thought the suspect was going for his weapon.

Carson J. Tucker routinely advises other County Sheriffs on issues concerning their roles as constitutional officers and on potential liability issues associated with the performance of their duties and that of their deputies.            

Mr. Tucker is the foremost attorney in America protecting the Sheriff's Rights to enforce their Constitutions.

Establish a fund for citizens to donate to cover Mr. Tucker's expenses to come to Delaware and stomp Beau and his friends into the mud.

The entire country is watching you. It is up to Delaware to put a screeching halt to the constant assaults against our freedoms. If you think only your government employees in Delaware are corrupt, you're wrong. This corruption, like an enemy occupying force, is everywhere.

If you don't put a stop to this, you and your children will never be able to question the actions of a politician again. They will continue to take your religion away from you, destroy your ability to speak openly, eliminate any news organization that says something they don't like. Your guns will be confiscated and your Right to defend yourself will be criminalized.

Think I'm reaching? Wrong again. All of these things and more are rolling across America like a tidal wave.

It is this serious: Get behind your sheriff, legally, with guns, arm yourselves to the teeth and confront these treasonous rabid dogs. Tell them to obey YOUR constitution or get out. You, the people of Delaware still have that Right. If they want a gun fight over their attempts to lie to you, cheat you, steal from you and ruin your lives, let them be the first to fire a shot. Let them show the entire World how blatantly corrupt and evil they are. Call their bluff. Don't fire unless they fire at you and then finish off every last one of them. Because that is what they are doing to you.

And if you do that, you won't be the first to confront a corrupt local government. Go to or and type in: Battle of Athens Georgia.

What they did then, you can still legally and constitutionally do. Let Beau Biden get away with this assault against your God given Rights, and your ability to defend your lives, your fortunes and your honor will cease to exist.

You are not fighting laws or men. This current illegitimate government does not operate under a Rule of Law. It operates under a Rule of Force. You are fighting evil. Pure and simple as that.

Any lawyer stands a good chance of being disbarred if he is caught lying to his clients. Beau Biden and Lawrence W. Lewis represent 900,000 citizens of the state of Delaware as their Attorney General. Those are their clients. What do you suppose should be done to a couple of lawyers who have teamed up to lie to 900,000 clients?

Mark S. McGrew

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