The Syria deadly blame game

The United Nations has reported 49 children and 34 women were among the dead in what is now known as the "Houla Massacre."  The U.N. Security Council initially attempted to obediently blame Syrian forces for artillery and tank shelling of residential areas.  

This became impossible, as it could not clearly state who was responsible for what was instead discovered as close-range shooting deaths and "severe physical abuse" of civilians who had bullet holes in their heads.

The U.N.'s human rights office said that most of the 108 victims of a massacre in Syria last week were shot at close range, some of them women, children and entire families gunned down in their own homes, and that most of the dead were killed execution-style, with fewer than 20 people cut down by regime shelling.

This incident is exactly according to the modus operandi of NATO / FUKUS sponsored terrorists, operating around the globe, and most recently in Libya and Syria.

What a coincidence!  Every time the UNSC holds a session or Mr. Annan is supposed to make an appearance, an incident happens.  Rather, it is no coincidence at all.  

One would think after this scenario was repeated hundreds of times in Libya and now dozens upon dozens of times in Syria, some thinking person in the west would buy a clue that it's certainly no coincidence.

It is also quite reminiscent of the so-called "Racak Massacre" when Serbian forces were blamed for killings and then later it was proven to be yet another giant hoax to give NATO an excuse to attack Yugoslavia.

The fact the the opposition has more than one story of the Houla Massacre shows you that they're hopelessly trying to demonize the Syrian army.  This provocation also contained serious inconsistencies - the names of many of those killed were identified as  people loyal to the authorities... Unfortunately, the western presstitutes try to obtain their information from only one source:  the naturally reliable "opposition" terrorists.

Blaming the Assad government immediately for these massacres allows the true killers to get away with their crimes, and opens the door for more of the same. 

Only the selectively blind and the perpetrators and instigators can deny that Syria is facing dangerous, murderous, lawless organized terrorist groups.  Speaking of perpetrators and instigators,  the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, warned of the FUKUS / NATO axis intentions.

"Members of the international community are left with the option only of having to consider whether they are prepared to take actions outside of the Annan plan and the authority of this council," Rice said after the 15-member council met in a closed door session to discuss last week's massacre.

Yes man, Ban Ki-Moon, ignoring reality, demanded that the Syrian government "stop its attacks" -- how special of him to only make that demand of one side, and not the offending side.  Meanwhile, the lockstep western countries decided to expel Syrian diplomats in a display much like peacocks spreading their feathers in an effort to further express their fallacious insinuations.

An honest individual has to ask, "Cui bono" ???  Who benefits from the exact timing of this so-called massacre?  Is it to Syria's benefit to destroy the Annan peace plan?  Certainly not.  The Syrian government had no motive for this act...especially at a time when UN observers are in the country...and by the way, Syria invited them. 

Is it to the benefit of the NATO / FUKUS, Zionist and terrorist element?  It most certainly is.

It is not only hypocritical and criminal, but the absolute height of moral turpitude, demonic evil, heinous, repulsive lawlessness and arrogance on the part of the NATO / FUKUS and Zionist axis to go around financing, arming and instigating murderers and terrorists and then raising an indignant voice against these, their own crimes, trying to place the blame on the victims of these crimes.

The victims are dealt a double blow, of being the object or murder and violence and then being blamed for these actions as though they were responsible.  And the bottom line is that there is no lower form of life than that which murders innocent children for their own benefit and profit.

Can you say "casus belli," creating a pretense for a military attack?  Like Racak, like the make believe Serbian concentration and "rape" camps, like the babies being thrown out of incubators, like the weapons of mass destruction, like the nonsense false claims of Gaddafi attacking his own people.

The United Nations is conducting its own investigation of who exactly is responsible for the bloodshed in the town of Houla.  The US and its allies have already assigned responsibility, saying that the Assad government is solely responsible for the violence.  A big pile of raspberries to them with their incessant lies.

In other pieces, we have placed documentation and testimony from people on the ground.   The UN knows exactly who is responsible for this massacre.  Whether or not they will give a truthful, factual account is another matter.

The only way we can stop the vicious cycle of terrorism and murderous violence put into motion by the NATO / FUKUS Zionist axis is to educate ourselves and others, and speak the truth.

I would suggest that if the NATO / FUKUS axis attacks Syria, then Syria would have every right to defend itself and strike out against those instigating the violence within its own frontiers or elsewhere.

We all know that the intention of the NATO / FUKUS and the Zionists is to kill absolutely everyone that opposes their plan for world domination, and I mean everyone.  Just ask anybody who has been their target victims:  Iraqis, Libyans...etc. etc.  They view Syria as a vital stepping stone in their eventual war against Iran.

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose...The fascist neo-liberal capitalist war profiteers have handed to the people the rope to hang them with by removing nearly everything that the people have gained with their sweat, tears, blood and labour.

Syria is the line in the sand.  Syria must remain free at all cost.  Syria finds itself in the same position, with the same enemies as Libya had.  Indeed, a vast number of the terrorists in Syria came directly from Libya.

Under no circumstances should the NATO / FUKUS axis and Israel be allowed to cross this line.   Any such move should be made totally suicidal for them.

May God bless and protect the people of Syria from the horror of terrorism and military intervention, and may He rot and damn the filthy, evil souls of the NATO / FUKUS and Israel axis.

Lisa Karpova


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