NATO terrorist strikes against Libya: Many casualties

NATO terrorist strikes against Libya: Many casualties. 44419.jpegThe criminal murderous NATO terrorist strikes continue against Libya and its citizens, where the no-fly zone is being enforced by murdering Colonel Gaddafi's grandchildren, by attacking schools, hospitals and other civilian structures. The one targeting civilians and murdering children is NATO.

NATO's lies continue as its terrorist strikes pound the beleaguered citizens of Libya, as the terrorist organization continues to throw its might behind the Islamist fanatics and terrorists fighting the Libyan authorities. These terrorists are led by Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, arrested in Pakistan for fighting with Al-Qaeda against the USA and UK, and responsible for shipping Benghazi-based suicide bombers to Iraq also to fight against NATO forces.

 Despite being in line for a humanitarian prize from the UNO, despite his record in Africa in favour of human rights and freedom movements, despite his work in fighting apartheid, despite his sponsoring of peaceful development plans which saw everyone in Africa linked by an ambitious Internet programme, which saw extensive e-learning and telemedicine programmes set up across the Continent, NATO continues with its policy of lies and propaganda, claiming that the Libyan authorities are targeting unarmed civilians.

Look at the photographs: are these unarmed civilians? What would NATO do if these Islamist terrorists were running amok in their countries? And what is NATO doing taking sides in an internal conflict? It is illegal.NATO terrorist strikes against Libya: Many casualties. 44420.jpeg


Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy have the blood of Colonel Gaddafi's grandchildren on their hands. As they go to sleep every night, they should be haunted with the images of these innocent children being burnt to death by a NATO terrorist strike, blinded by the flash of the bomb, their lungs seared by its heat as they drowned in their own blood. Three innocent children. May Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy hear their desperate screams ringing in their ears drowning out their dreams every single night for the rest of their lives. This is an act of cold-blooded murder. How would they feel if their families were targeted?

Furthermore, in attempting to murder Colonel Gaddafi, these three criminals lay themselves open to trial for attempted murder. How would they feel if they were targeted?

Obama, the war criminal who has insulted every fibre of his Nobel Peace Prize, has gone even further still, violating his own country's War Power Act which states that US forces must withdrawn within 60 days unless the attack was explicitly authorized by the US Congress. In sending his troops to war to defend the terrorists who are fighting against his own armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama has breached the law of the United States of America.

NATO terrorist strikes against Libya: Many casualties. 44421.jpegLast night's terrorist strike by NATO has murdered three more civilians and has wounded up to 146, according to Libyan Government sources. Here is a video document of the attack:




Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey