John McCain authorized to threaten?

43396.jpegThe Senator from Arizona John McCain has maintained a reputation as the most noticeable representative of the "hawks" in the U.S. political establishment. The other day he made warnings to the Russian prime minister and Chinese president, reminding them of the overthrow of Mubarak.

The senator spoke with CBS channel. "I do not think that all these events are confined to the Middle East," he said. "These winds of change that are blowing, I think I would be less cocky in the Kremlin with my KGB cronies today..."

The senator also suggested the Chinese leader Hu to be "a little less secure."

On the one hand, it is clear that since McCain was shot down in the skies over Vietnam by a Soviet anti-aircraft missile, he disliked communism in general and Russia in particular. And since then he has been threatening the ghost wandering in his consciousness, criticizing Russia and China.

On the other hand, it is not clear what exactly John McCain was going to say, stating that the overthrow of Mubarak is a warning to Putin and his "KGB cronies." It is a well-known fact that the U.S. has been a long-time supporter of the Mubarak regime in Egypt. United States equipped the Egyptian army with weapons, and supported the country's police. During the events at Tahrir Square cameras took a few shots of the containers with tear gas used by the police against the demonstrators. They had labels "Made in USA".

It is not a secret that Mubarak has relied on the army as his main asset. The army was very closely linked to the ruling regime and, unlike civil servants, did not take the side of the "revolutionaries" or did not wash its hands as did the police.

At the same time, the current Chief of General Staff of Egypt, the country's land forces commander Lt. Gen. Anan is characterized as an obvious supporter of America. He visited the United States on multiple occasions and underwent training and internships. In addition, in late January - early February, according to the data from public sources, Egypt was visited by over two hundred U.S. military advisors and analysts.

Finally, a third party of the "Revolution" waged in Egypt which opposes corruption are socially active young people, users of social networks and Twitter. For some reason these people are holding banners in English, turning them to the cameras, waving flags and banners strikingly reminiscent of those of Kmara and other similar movements - black banners with the image of a fist throw up.

In an Arab country that had been ruled by a pro-American president for 30 years, a color "revolution" coordinated through Twitter according to the scenario developed in the United States has suddenly erupted. At least a significant part of the participants of the events, those who were waving flags similar to those of Kmara, have a pro-American attitude. President Mubarak for a long time had no plans to resign, but then, as a result of a rather shady story, he departed from the capital and resigned from the higher authority. According to rumors, certain backroom negotiations took place, in which it was made clear to the head of state that his time was up.

As a result, the power is taken by a pro-American Supreme Council of the armed forces of Egypt, who first of all confirmed all international agreements of the country, including a peace treaty with Israel. Then they rather unceremoniously asked the protesters at the Tahrir Square to leave, declaring that the revolution was over.

Obviously, the events in Egypt can serve as a lesson. Yet, this is only the lesson on how the cavalierly of the latest in the world "empire of good" interferes with the affairs of other countries and changes its protégés. This is a lesson first of all for those who knowingly rely on this empire, proclaiming: "foreigners will help us". Yet, the "big white brother" has its own interests.

Anton Ponomarev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov