America's Politicians Refuse To Obey Constitution

By Mark S. McGrew

This is why Nevada is going broke and is just one reason why Americans are sick of career politicians and their friends.

A Constitutional Politician is someone who respects, abides by and promotes the Constitution of The United States of America.

The purpose of our Constitution is to provide for the protection of, and to facilitate prosperity of, our individual sovereign States, and the citizens of this Country.

A sovereign State is a state which administers its own government, and is not dependent upon, or subject to, another power.

There are many politicians in America, now, claiming to be Constitutional and many of them are liars. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing pretending to respect our Constitution because the majority of Americans want our Federal, State and local governments to start obeying the Constitution.

For many years our politicians have refused to obey the Constitution and the collective Will of the majority of Americans. This is why America is going broke. America was just fine for over 200 years until this recent group of international gangsters hiding behind religion systematically and repeatedly violated the Constitution.

Constitutionally, our government has no Right to interfere in other Nations’ affairs, give taxpayer dollars to bail out a failing corporation, give taxpayer money to foreign governments and defy the votes, Will and desires of the citizens. Too many politicians have said, “90% of my voters are against this, but I have to vote my conscience”.

That politician was elected to vote OUR conscience, not his.

An overwhelming percentage of Americans are against bail outs, against illegal aliens, against foreign wars and against giving our money to corrupt governments like Mexico.

We are against open Borders, against taxpayer dollars supporting illegal aliens, against deadly chemicals in our food and water, against sex education for six year olds, against the filth of Hollywood movies and racist Rap music, against newspapers and newscasters lying to us, against politicians hiding behind the Constitution when it concerns their “Rights” while denying Rights to the people.

We are against police running wild in the streets, tasering and shooting anyone they want.

The list goes on and on. Locally and Nationally. We are against the tactics of our local and State governments stealing our money through exorbitant taxes and giving it to their corrupt friends, while at the same time refusing to defend our lives and property, while prohibiting us from defending ourselves from criminals operating with impunity. We’re sitting ducks.

Are we anti-American? No. Our politicians are.

The United States Constitution created the most stable, level playing field for all nationalities and races that has ever existed on this Earth.

America desperately needs politicians who will adhere to the rules of procedures as outlined in our Constitution. If we do not elect Constitutional politicians in these next few years’ elections, American government will destroy the American economy and over half the World’s economies. Americans will be saddled with Death Councils, rationing out health care. We will be financially strangled under the violent rule of communist, socialist, Marxist, fascist, criminally insane, diabolically cruel appointees, managing every human affair in America.

Mexico has a saying, “When America sneezes, Mexico gets a cold”. Recently that saying has changed to, “When America sneezes, Mexico gets pneumonia”. And that is very true.

Other countries are experiencing those colds and some with pneumonia.

People can gripe all they want about America and wish for its downfall, but it is not “America” creating the World’s problem. It is a bunch of failed businessmen, career criminals, psychopaths and very aggressive enemies of American ideals who have learned to play the game of conning people here to vote for them and rigging the voting booths.

Eugene DiSimone, in the State of Nevada, is indicative of the mentality of America’s Constitutional candidates for political office this year. He had an excellent career in the US Navy. Mr. DiSimone has been married to his wife for 27 years. That may not seem like an accomplishment to many people around the World, but here in America it is. A very large factor in America’s social problems is the incredibly high divorce rates.

He too, believes that America needs to respect and follow the Constitution as a guiding force in our National character and as a “blueprint” to rebuild America so that we can be a positive contribution to the World again. Americans, both individually and as a Nation, are the most charitable people on Earth. We can not extend any form of charity or assistance to our fellow man if we are mired in debt and dominated by uncontrollable government officials.

The single, most major reason why Americans are fed up with illegal aliens is because of the destruction they have caused and are causing to our social aid systems. There is not enough for them, as they are insatiable in their demands that we provide them with everything for free.

We just can not afford to support pampered, ungrateful criminal illegal aliens anymore.

As part of Mr. DiSimone’s plans, on his first day as Governor of Nevada is to require that Obama validate that he is eligible to be America’s Commander in Chief. If Obama can not or will not provide that verification, Mr. DiSimone will recall all of Nevada’s National Guard troops from overseas and put them to the task of ridding Nevada of it’s out of control criminal illegal alien population. Jan Brewer, of Arizona illegal alien invasion fame, can do the same, if she wants to.

And Mr. DiSimone has some creative ideas for solving the financial problems of Nevada. Actually, they are quite simple, but in modern American society they may seem bold and decisive.

Nevada is a large State with beautiful wide open spaces and excellent highways. Rather than get a ticket, points on your driving record and higher insurance rates, Mr. DiSimone suggests that drivers may purchase a permit to travel at 90 miles per hour, as long as their cars are safe and can handle the stresses. After discussions with Nevada’s Highway Patrol administrators, he believes that this can raise $1 billion for Nevada over a period of a few years, with this method of a self imposed voluntary tax.

Who would complain about his plan for all new businesses in Nevada to have a tax free status for 2 years, giving the business time to grow up and operate efficiently?

He wants an Olympic training center near Lake Tahoe and Reno, to create jobs for the citizens and tax revenue for the State. That plan is in process now, but being held up by top heavy bureaucracy. His intent is to streamline that process and get it done.

Nevada , according to Mr. DiSimone should be very friendly and welcoming to businesses. Not a bad idea with California next door, destroying their businesses and tax base.

California businesses need to relocate to a more hospitable environment, and many of them are moving. Not only businesses, but wealthy people who have made a permanent home in California are escaping in droves. Productive human beings need friendly territory as well.

First and foremost, Gino DiSimone believes in the universal truth that government should provide for the defense of its citizens and facilitate prosperity. Is that too foreign of an ideal to accept?

Another idea that our socialists politicians can not comprehend: Just give the people something that creates value and people will buy it!

He is right. I’ll pay 25 bucks to go 90 miles an hour, just to get out of that desert heat as soon as possible.

Mr. DiSimone, as Governor of Nevada can generate revenue with no taxes and no borrowing. Makes sense to me. Gee, sounds just like a viable business plan for any corporation in the World. Any Governor can do the same in their State.

He thinks Nevada will be cash positive in about 24 months or less. I think it would be a lot sooner if Nevada didn’t have politicians giving Nevada’s money to their corrupt friends day and night.

He wants to, along with the vast majority of Nevada citizens: Deport illegal aliens, cut welfare from people able to work, print all state documents in English only. Multi-language documents are an enormous burden on governments. Then he wants to cut expenses and boost income by using State land and mineral assets. Nevada has a lot of Gold, Silver, Uranium, Oil and many other valuable minerals and commodities.

This is how he intends to get $5 billion into , rather than out of , Nevada over the next few years.

One simple reality in the life of Eugene “Gino” DiSimone is, “ We own this economy. It does not own us.”

We, as positive minded, productive human beings, control our own destiny. We make life happen. We don’t let life control us. We decide every day, if we want to prosper or if we want to eat stale bread. It is up to us to produce and prosper and excel in this life. God did not create government to dole out rations to us as they see fit. God created us to be fruitful and multiply, to have dominion over the Earth.

No religion in history has ever taught, “Be poor, have abortions, be happy with what the King gives you. Eat what the King allows you to eat. All creatures on Earth have an ability to defend themselves, except you. You’re going to shut up, you’re going to take what I give you and you’re going to like it!”

Eliminating the enormous tax burdens and oppressive regulations of government authority over enterprise can make Nevada an attractive place to do business for the thousands of companies who have moved offshore, leaving their employees on food stamps and in foreclosure. The American worker is the most productive worker in the World. Without corrupt government regulations and interference, Nevada could produce goods at lower cost than our overseas friends.

Gino DiSimone is a Navy veteran who has received honors ranging from letters of commendation to a Meritorious Service Award. He is an engineer and inventor who holds various patents and has been published several times in technology journals. He has over 15 years of corporate and executive experience where he has negotiated and managed over a quarter billion dollars of business and contracts per year, drastically cutting expenses and generating higher profits. Mr. DiSimone left his executive career in the Silicon Valley, due in part, to his unwillingness to compromise customer quality for corporate politics.

Compare that to Obama, a man who can not even form a complete sentence in front of 5th graders without a teleprompter.

Maybe America can be saved. With Constitutional candidates alive, our Constitution can survive. Look for Constitutional candidates in your own home State and cast off the chains that bind you.

Put that Flag back up!

Mark S. McGrew

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew