Why Does the Reactionary Media Lie About the Return of Fidel

"Fidel, Fidel, Fidel Qué tiene, que los pueden con él the imperialists?" (Fidel, Fidel, what is it you have Fidel that the imperialists cannot handle?) With this refrain the Cubans have become accustomed to welcoming speeches of the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, invariably combative, energetic and infused with anti-imperialist content. In recent days, the resurgence of the Communist leader in public seems to have created an environment on the island to repeat that famous refrain, much to the chagrin of the imperialists.

By José Reinaldo Carvalho *

After four years spent altogether in convalescence from a serious illness, the Communist leader took the political scene in high style. Several times in the last ten days, without protocol, in casual dress and colloquial tone, the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party granted a long interview on a television program, visited scientific institutions and met with Cuban diplomats (watch the video in Spanish).

Torrential, emphatic and sharp as ever, Fidel mesmerized the national and international audience with his deep analysis about the world situation. He called attention to the economic crisis, environmental problems and warned against the danger of war emanating from the policies of U.S. imperialism.

Internationalists Showed Solidarity with the Countries Threatened, Especially North Korea and Iran

It was enough that the imperialists, reactionaries and cowards of all sort pose a new smokescreen of lies and speculation about the reasons why Castro reappeared in public.

It's how the chorus chanted in the streets and squares of Cuba for over half a century of revolution and socialist construction hammering with a resonant specter in the heads and minds of politicians, ideologues and spokesmen of imperialism.

It was with word play, mental contortions, speculation, lies and cynicism that the conservative media has reported and interpreted the presence of Fidel and his pronouncements. Here in Brazil a former ambassador to the U.S., the widower of trailing diplomacy, was mobilized to say that it signals that nothing will change in Cuba (read the interview of former Ambassador Roberto Abdenur in the UOL).

Such reactions betray the disillusionment of Cuba's enemies, real vultures, with the fact that nature is capricious, to the chagrin of assassins and terrorists who have repeatedly tried to assassinate the Cuban leader.

Here we discover one more quality, among many others of Fidel - the merit of being alive, articulate, lucid and upright and, at age 83 - will turn 84 in a few days, on August 13th - remains in the battle of ideas, defending the reason of the people, denouncing the crimes of imperialism and reaction, with the voice and pen, weapon of the wise men who wielded, when necessary, also the firearms of the revolutionary guerrilla war and liberator.

It is that sort that causes the furious reaction of the enemies of Cuba.

The vultures and birds of ill omen announced to all and sundry that Fidel's "reappearance" coincided chronologically with the announcement of the release of prisoners, and was a sign of his opposition to the decision of the government led by Raul Castro, his brother and successor as head of the State. But no reporter or columnist, although clever at lying, were able to present a word or document of Fidel Castro, of the Communist Party, the leading force in the country, or any government agency to support their version, transmuted into fact by a media specialized in the Goebbels method of turning lies into truths through the art of exhaustive repetition.

Apart from the dissatisfaction with the decision of the Cuban government to release prisoners, Fidel Castro would have also expressed his dissatisfaction with the transition underway in Cuba, by which the Cuban leadership makes great efforts to face the harsh effects of the criminal blockade imposed on the country by imperialism.

Under the leadership of the government and the Communist Party, the Cuban people make their way to rebuilding the economy, defense of their revolutionary gains, preservation and improvement of the political system of people's power, by the continuity of socialism in the new conditions of this era.

The strategies and tactics that the Cuban leadership is putting into effect are logical, understandable, natural and essential. They will lead to the strengthening and improvement of socialism, and their enemies cannot deceive themselves, the Cuban people have become stronger to face the threats and attempts at destabilization and aggression. Since leaving the presidency of the Council of State, Fidel has devoted himself to writing and publishing his reflections, among the thousands that came to light not a single word will be found of Fidel contrary to the policies implemented by the Cuban government led by Raul Castro.

Fidel, Raul and other Cuban leaders debate such matters with seriousness and prudence, facing them and weighing each measure to take each step forward or backward, with different approaches and criteria. The false pronouncements are a question that only the least intelligent and the petty, mean spirited can produce.

Obviously, moving among the enemies of the Cuban Revolution is to fish in troubled waters and discover a scene of division and internal crisis. The changes we propose for Cuba have nothing to do with those who take up time. They demand the commitment of the leadership of the country.

For the friends of Cuba Fidel's lucid presence on the Cuban and international political scene is cause for rejoicing.

Fidel is an inseparable part of Cuba's history and humanity, a giant figure of the 20th and 21st centuries, indomitable in confronting the enemies of the people, an unparalleled political leader, a statesman of rare talent and an amazing human being from whom the current generation of fighters for national liberation and social emancipation have much to learn.

He is welcome, should speak, write, debate, orient the revolutionaries and harass the enemy. There is nothing they can do to prevent it.

* National Secretary for Communication and and publisher of Vermelho PCdoB 

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