Diverse love is love of the different

By Cage Innoye

We live in great Diverse, not a universe. And this Diverse is filled with an infinity of marvelous things, diverse things and unique things.

But the Diverse runs the danger of just being a concept ultimately, an intellectual category of sorts. So we must accompany this big idea with an equally great emotion or feeling.

If a Diverse thinker were to not break out of the bounds of pure intellect, then a great feeling would be missed, that of "love". For love is the emotion of open-mindedness, love for all things and people, love for individuality and particularity. There are many kinds of love -- romantic love, family love, ethnic love, platonic love, but the Diverse heart speaks of the rarest love, love for the different.

This love might be given a name, “Lakape”, the love of the different, the unique, the individual, the love of the Diverse. And Lakape must be distinguished sharply from another sort of love that demands uniformity before it is given, this is the love of the “corrector”, the corrector who corrects out all difference and individuality in its so-called loved ones. Lakape and corrector love contend in this boundary age. Lakape loves equally while corrector love loves unequally.

The open mind cherishes the Diverse and all its members, all its manifold expressions, especially, the excluded and downtrodden. The good soul tries to bring all Humanity into its spiritual philosophy and association regardless of social category; no one is excluded.

The true heart stands against all exclusion; this general principle covers all cases and is ageless.

“Casting” is the process of naming and categorizing social groups or demographics to create “castes”. The good soul opposes casting and castes for these lead to bigotry and inequality, which primarily prevent the growth of your individuality and inner realm. Casting obstructs personal transcendence and personal creativity. And it creates conflict and war in society which is bad for all.

The first principle of Diverse Love is to recognize you are not the only individual in the cosmos, that all around you are other individuals, other souls, other Human beings. They are different from you and not you, yet you must communicate with them and understand them. The very first care is to get outside yourself, break out of alienation, self absorption and selfishness, and grasp that you are in a world with millions and billions of other people just as individual and different as yourself.

Thus, Diverse Love wells up compassion for all things in the heart of a full human being.

The Diverse thinker works hard to help Humanity and to find the cultural transitions that bring people into the new association. In a cosmos of bursting evolution, the new heart sings a one verse Diverse, “Love is the connection.”

Diverse Love is the unaware transaction where one gives love with no expectation of reciprocity, but where there IS a return of love. It is the ironic and surprising transaction that spreads love across the world, giving and releasing love in a chain reaction that warms a cold planet.

Diverse Love gives us the caring, the connection and the drive to protect the Diverse. It breaks us out of cold rational thought and into a new realm. It gives us the energy to practice our Diverse methods; it gives life to all Diverse theory. We all live in a one-verse Diverse, we all sing, "Love is the connection" and "Suffering is disconnection", this is the equation of creation and relation.

The good soul loves the different, that is a fundamental principle, but through this caring for diversity and the individual and, sometimes, the strange, one experiences an unusual perception. We find that the different is not so different after all, that we share commonalities with the different, we can relate to them in a sense. This is a reversal of thought; first, we approach someone in one way, Diverse Love, and then our thoughts take a reversal, and we see the individual as the same. Why is this? It follows from the objective fact that we share similar traits and behaviors, though we are each individuals.

This is the love of the same, and this universal love is a teaching that is thousands of years old.

So there are two kinds of love we find. Smart people make use of this contradiction; we build our connections with Humanity with both the Diverse Love of the different, and the recognition of our similarities. The duality gives us two tools to unite our species.

The two loves have opposite threads, we weave them into a net, then we cast this net, and ply the human sea. With net of both human loves, of sameness and difference, we catch all human beings and no one falls through. All of our race is brought into one big family. No one slips through. No one is abandoned or neglected.

Innoye is an American writer. You can contact him at his blog, or at his email address. He is working on his upcoming book, “The Axxiad”.

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