Once upon a time there was ‘W’ the Waster

By Cage Innoye

Once upon a time there was George Bush. Let me tell you this mythological story.

Bad things were happening on the planet and he came to a nation and the whole world and said he would save us. And we said, “Yes, please save us.” We needed all the help that we could get.

But he tricked us and then he destroyed the world.

Why? Because he was sent by the ‘creator god’ to restart evolution. The creator god knew that we were lost and would never find our way without help. So it sent a savior to save us -- who was not a savior at all, and would not save us, though he thought he was.

But George did not know it was a trick, so it was a trick upon him too. For the creator god must do these things like this; it can be a trickster too. Bush had tricks but he was ultimately a trick himself. So he fooled us, fooled himself and then he destroyed the world.

Do you know what the “W” in George W Bush stands for? Well, we found out that the “W” in his name meant “Waster”, W the waster. He wasted the old civilization, he wasted the global economy, he wasted the environment, he wasted American international prestige, he wasted our faith in our selves, he wasted lives in Iraq, he wasted our core values leaving us with nothing.

And we all hated him.

But I don’t hate him. I don’t like him, but he was necessary, and he came because of our delusions.

W has done us an ironic favor. The old civilization has been razed to the ground, its integrity has been lost, its ideals and principles are useless now. It is essentially over, its knee-jerk habits only remain. The new world can now begin.

George the waster did this. While we were asleep and sleepwalking -- that is, while we had more ‘important’ things to do. But what now is more important? Nothing I think.

Some of us are shocked. But I am happy and I see more clearly. I am awake now.

I see a big blank across the planet. It is empty. And this emptiness does not make me anxious. It gives me energy.

The emptiness caused by the loss of old civilization must be filled up. There is so much to do. So much building and creativity; the emptiness gives me hope. And I feel free.

So what is the creator god saying to us? “I will destroy, but YOU must create this time.

I created the cosmos and your planet and your species, but you must re-create your home and yourselves.”

So we should thank the ‘creator god’. And let’s be very creative this time.

Innoye is an American writer. You can contact him at his blog, or at his email address. He is working on his upcoming book, “The Axxiad”.

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