Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Are Yanks not coming to the party?

In 2000, a clandestine conclave of war junta put Bush II on the throne to lead the whole West snake pit. A half of US baboons were somewhat perturbed about the behind the doors dealings but basically remained compliant, even pliable, and the NWO world terror reign was off as planned when the young, barely average-IQ'd emperor gripped tight the world reins.

In the following four years, which can only be characterised as uniquely blood-soaked, Bush II admittedly did little to win minds and hearts. In fact, it can be safely assumed that if in 2000 Bush II boasted 50% of the US vote, in 2004 it couldn't have numbered more than 30%, if not less. After all, given the perpetual lies adorned with daft jokes and first grade vulgarities, gruesome war crimes, and rather interesting new 911 evidence, some might have termed Bush II 2004 prez bid as pointless as expecting news on BBC News.

But the whole world feels today that indeed the young emperor had won even in 2004. Amazingly, the US baboon wasn't a slightly bit angered and obediently accepted the bitter result even though the famous Ohio ballot nudging was exposed and later confirmed.

In actuality, the US baboon showed neither bitterness over the two blatant frauds nor any signs of tiring of the US political charade. Come 2006, the monkeys, engripped by the new election frisson, went into a downright frenzy practicing en masse lever pulling on their couches months in advance.

This time, their collective tingling excitement came from the grandiloquent twitter of Mrs. Pelosi. She promised the US baboon for exchange of ink staining the correct box to (a) stop war and pull out of Iraq ; (b) impeach and prosecute Bush II for war crimes; and (c) open 911 for investigation. As a result, yanks descended on the US ballot bandits in extreme numbers and Pelosi had gotten her wish of becoming part of the NWO.

Not more than two months in Mrs. Pelosi (a) voted to escalate Iraq war and give Pentagon a blank check for the mounting war expenses; (b) used harsh rhetoric to condemn any impeachment ideas; and (c) never spoke of 911 ever again.

Amazingly, the US baboon herd remained calm through this pretty good crotch booting. A few rumps might have turned reddish but on the whole USA had decided to ride it out and patiently await 2008, the year in which, due to term limits, Bush II will have to abdicate his Napoleonic post. It's almost as though the US baboon had never heard of puppet leaders.

And so arrives a new face: a strapping, nonchalantly festive, cig smoking Kenyan that resembles more a pimp than the typical US political send-up material. His name is Obama and his song is so dazzling that he manages to whip the US herd of tax payers and the millions of freshly unemployed into yet another disgusting pre-election masturbatory orgy. War crimes and election frauds are readily forgotten and the entire USA celebrates the saviour's foolproof recipe for bringing back the US long lost luster. After all Obama goes on record promising to (a) roll back tax cuts on the rich; (b) close the shameful network of US concentration camps and join the int'l law assuring USA lives up the Geneva Convention standards; (c) investigate and prosecute war crimes whoever they may concern; (d) aid prosecution on torture flights; (e) abandon the reckless cash printing and elite bailouts; (f) and above all stop war and pull out of Iraq.

Not more than a month in the office of the chief West augur -- hence the word "inauguration", which BTW has nothing whatever to do with presidency but everything with some bizarre ancient Roman mystic rite of bestowing warlock clairvoyant powers -- Obama backstabs the US baboon on every single count.

He (a) decided to ignore the tax cut on the rich; (b) is keeping the US concentration camps in full operation and went as far as stating that they comply with the Geneva Convention; (c) not only forgot all about prosecution of war crimes but is helping Bush II hide all his emails requested by the prosecution; (d) extends Bush II secrecy over the torture flights admonishing everyone not to "play with fire"; (e) prints up a whopping 800B for his handlers' wallets and a sideline quick 76B for his wankers, sorry bankers, so they have a way of dealing with foreclosures and threatens the US baboon that unless he gets 2T more there's going to be big trouble; (f) and instead of stopping war, sends 17K more troops to Afghanistan and attacks Pakistan.

Indeed, Obama is more Bush II than the NWO could have hoped Bush II would be. And it raises a huge question as to the mental agility of the North American plateau species. Is it an upright walking one or not yet?

Greeks are in the streets. The French are in the streets. So are the Irish. Gaudeloupe's is on fire. Latvians, Lithuanians, Bulgarians are in the streets. What about yanks? Didn't they get the personal Obama invite yet? Are they not coming to the big world wall-to-wall bash?

Pater Havlasa