If Obama is the new Lincoln, what should be expected?

The New US president has made many references to his respect and admiration for the assassinated US Civil War era president Lincoln. Mr. Obama went so far as to even swear his oath upon the Lincoln Bible. Though modern US mythology paints Lincoln as a great defender and champion of freedom and human rights, a close study of history paints a very different and very disturbing alternate image.

Few leaders in the history of humanity have been so absolutely white washed as has Abraham Lincoln. A man who over turned, ignored and trampled upon the very laws he was sworn to protect, a man who had nothing but contempt for the slaves he supposedly freed which he did not, a man who ruled as a tyrant absolute was recreated, post his assassination, into one of the greatest heroes of America and champions of the very Constitution he mocked. This is the true power of American PR, not only to fool the world, but to truly cleanse the minds of its own population, of historic truth.

So, we, dear reader, shall now endeavor to pull back the curtain on the real Abraham Lincoln and will see what, if Obama is the new Lincoln, to expect.

Who was Abraham Lincoln? To get to the bottom of what this Railroad Lawyer, who represented some of the most powerful northern oligarchs of their time, was, one must look at who and what the Republican Party of the United States was/is. However, to do that, one must take a further step back to the year 1848 and the Forty Eighters.

Amongst the ill informed masses of America, some of the people are aware of the Russian Revolution of 1917, though fewer still the actual causes. Most have been fed on a tonic of: the evil Tsar this and the evil Tsar that. Fewer still remember the 1905 Marxist revolution that was crushed in the Russian empire and all but none know of the first Marxist revolutions, that of 1848 (though it may be argued that the French Revolution was a proto-Marxist revolution in and of itself). In the year 1848, armed with the Communist Manifesto and Marx's wealth club of financiers: the League of Just Men, Socialists and Marxists rose up in 18 separate revolts, throughout central Europe. The kings of Europe crushed these revolts and those instigators who were not arrested and rightly hung, fled to the United States and Canada. Some fled to England but of those, most wore out their welcome rather quickly. Four thousand 48ers escaped to America , taking new careers in the virgin land, as journalists, teachers and politicians, where Marx is still a god to this day.

Thus men such as Friedrich Annete, a Prussian officer discharged for membership of the Communist League in Prussia or Carl Schurz, another German communist who fled to America and after a stint became one of the founders of the Republican Party in 1854. After Abraham Lincoln’s election he became envoy to Spain. Upon his return from Spain, this Marxist was awarded the rank of Major General and command of the 3rd Division, Army of the Potomac. After the war he became editor and chief of the Detroit Post. Yes, that is correct, the Republican Party of America was founded by Socialists and Marxists. Is it any surprise at how Bush and others have acted on the world stage?

As a matter of fact, there were many Marxists who founded the Republican Party, got Lincoln elected and were rewarded by him. Let us explore a few more:

Franze Sigel, born in Baden, Germany, a former Prussian officer who took part in the 1848 revolution and fled to the United States via Switzerland and than England. Prior to the Civil War, he rose up to be the head of the public school district of St. Louis. That is correct, the northern Midwest, Lincoln's old stomping grounds. He entered the Union Army as a Colonel, commander of the 3rd Missouri and was quickly promoted to Brigadier General. By 1862 he was a Major General. After the war, Sigel became a journalist. Notice a pattern?

Jospeh Weydemeyer, a former Prussian officer who became a true follower of Marx in 1845 and a member of the League of Communists, he also took part in the 1848 uprising. He at first stayed on in Germany , becoming a journalist and an editor of several Marxists newspapers. Eventually, in 1851, he immigrated to the United States . In New York , he established the Die Revolution, a German Marxist newspaper where he republished Marx's works, with whom he regularly corresponded. He also formed America 's first Marxist organization, with four friends, the American Workers' League, in 1853. That is correct, within two years of landing in America , this particular Marxist had already established an organization and a news paper to radicalize the North.

When the Republican Party was founded, Weydemeyer worked tirelessly to bring the German vote to this new Red entity. During this time, he had moved to the Midwest, Lincoln's stomping grounds, and worked as a full time journalist, agitating for Lincoln, from the city of Chicago. Is it any wonder that Chicago 's politics are still the dirtiest and most socialist of America ?

In 1860 he joined the US Army and became a tactical aid on the staff of General John C. Fremont. With the start of the Civil War, he became a colonel of the artillery. After a nervous break down, he left the military in 1865, after spending the rest of the war in St. Louis on garrison duty. After the war he was a journalist and than a politician.

Another stellar example is Friedrich Salomon, yet another Prussian officer and Marxist and the brother of Wisconsin's governor Edward Salomon. Friedrich raised a regiment of the 9th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, to fight for the Union and his Republican brothers. Edward Salomon, upheld Lincoln's edict on the draft by declaring that the draft would be upheld at any cost, arresting hundreds of demonstrators. Though the draft was highly unpopular, a Marxist like Edward made sure that one in nine citizens served in the Union Army. Friedrich was soon promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and his position was taken by his third brother Charles.

Fritze Anneke, a former officer of the Artillery of the Prussian Army, a 48er and a US colonel, commanding the 34th Wisconsin. Before the war, he was a poet and playwright as well as a journalist. The media take over by the Left, in America, is a very old campaign.

Konrad Krez, Colonel of the 27th Wisconsin, he fled from Prussia after taking part in the 1848 uprising. Before the war, he became a lawyer in Milwaukee.

Richard Hinton, a stone cutter from England, who came to the US in 1851, to New York City. In New York, he became a printer and then a reporter. He then moved to Kansas and agitated there. In 1862 he formed the First Kansas Colored Regiment, of which he became the colonel, some time in 1864. He continued to write until he was appointed to several positions in the Federal Government under the administration of Ulysses S. Grant.

Even a famous American face such as Allan Pinkerton, the founder of the Pinkerton Detective agency (who often shot strikers for his Marxist oligarch masters, there's workers' rights for you, much like in any real Marxist state) was a Republican and an admirer and financier of the radical John Brown. He was once quoted as telling his son that John Brown was a greater man than Napoleon or Washington.

Other prominent Union officers and Republicans were also Marxists. Amongst these were men such as:

Louis Blenker, a Brigadier General, whose division, the 8th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, of which he was a colonel before being raised in rank, was famous for looting much of central Virginia, inspiring the term "blinkered". A former goldsmith and doctor and an officer of the Prussian army. In 1848 he led an insurgent corp. against the King of Prussia and was crushed. His overall service was poor, supply shoddy and he was mustered out in 1863.

Robert Rosa, major of the 45th New York Infantry and member of the New York Communist Club.

August Wilich, a former Prussian officer and leading proponent of Prussian communism. He also fled Germany in 1848, via England, landing in America. In Ohio he worked as a carpenter, until 1858, when he became a journalist, editing a German language free labor newspaper. In August 1861, he was a major in the 9th Ohio Infantry, working actively to enlist German immigrants. That winter he became colonel. After several battles, he was a brigadier general in 1862, now in command of the 32nd Indiana.

There were many more, of course, but I do not wish to bore you. So it is needless to say, that Lincoln's Union Army was thoroughly populated by an officer corps made up of socialists and Marxists. Many were journalists and many of the remaining journalists were Marxists also, those that is that Lincoln did not imprison without charges or trial. As one prominent American communist journalist put it, a fellow named Karl Heinzen: "If you have to blow up half a continent and cause a blood bath to destroy the party of barbarism, you should have no scruples or conscious [about doing it]."

Carl Marx, himself, worked as a foreign correspondent for the Horace Greeley's New York Tribune. He was hired by another communist, the managing editor of the paper, Charles Dana, who later became Lincoln’s Assistant Secretary of War. That was when the Department of Defense was properly still called the Department of War, what it has always been.

During Lincoln's campaign, Marx cheered him on, calling him "The single minded son of the working class." Marx even wrote a personal letter of congratulations to Lincoln, on both of his elections, letters that were hand delivered by the US ambassador to England. Praise from Marx and his communists continued to fall upon Lincoln and even through the 1930s, the Communist Party of New York celebrated a Lincoln-Lenin Day. Marx was also very active in drumming up support in England and France to stymie their recognition of the Confederacy and the loaning of aid for its survival.

Stanislav Mishin

To be continued

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from the author and originally appears on his blog, Mat Rodina

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov