An American apologizes

This will be something of a strange apology from me, since in my past; I have been the most pro American of all. I did have the opportunity to live and work in Russia, in the city of Saint Petersburg for 6 years. Although I found the Russian people to be very nice and extremely sophisticated, I still held to my beliefs that America was by far the greatest and most just country in the world.

But it is amazing how things can change when I was hit in the face with the reality of our greed. Many people will say that I am betraying my country, but I say that my country has betrayed me, 300 million other Americans, along with every citizen of the world. The financial scheme that caused the collapse of America’s economy along with the remainder of the world was built purely on greed. More specifically, it was the greed of the American bankers, with the support of American politicians. I think what makes all the failure more incomprehensible to Americans is that the people that caused all this were given huge amounts of money after the idiocy of the greed scam was revealed. All of these company CEO’s were given millions of dollars each as severance pay for their failure. In my opinion and that of many other Americans, they should have been executed for treason. How much more treasonous can one be than to take the jobs away from common people, take their homes and even the food from their families?

Allow me to tell you about the inner workings of America from both a political and business aspect. There are 100 American senators. Special interest groups hire lobbyists, who are people that try to influence these men and women to support their causes. That cause is to help their employers make more money. There are currently over 630 lobbyists per senator. The entire job of these people is to entice the senators for votes that are favorable to the industries they represent. Essentially, that means the lobbyists jobs are to entertain and pay the politicians. And that is what caused the banking failures.

I would like to inform you about what some of these industries and their lobbyists have done. First of all, the lobbyists represent large industries, such as oil, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance and other large industries. It seems funny to me now that American propaganda about Russia focuses heavily on oligarchs and their practices in Russia. It seems that Americas propaganda machine would have us not believe that we have oligarchs here. Not only do we have them, we have ones that were stupid enough to destroy the world’s economy. What follows are some of the inner workings of the American oligarchs practices and how it hurt the American people.

1- Pharmaceutical industry. This industry controls the drug prices in America. Doesn’t it seem odd that the same drugs they manufacture and export to Canada, are priced at less than 50% of what they cost in America ? This is even after Canada adds a small import tax to those drugs. How can that happen? I suppose the profits are making their way back to the people that legislate those profits.

2- Banking industry. The scheme that caused the collapse of the American banking industry was entirely based on a risky plan to give loans to people that did not normally qualify for them. They were referred to as NINJA loans. NINJA means NO Income, No Job or Assets. What idiot in their right mind would believe that this was a smart plan?

It is ridiculous for me to go into detail about all the other abuses of the politicians and their oligarch partners. There is one more that I would like to discuss, however. How many people realize that we have a 100% cure for cancer here? For those that are skeptical over this, I will explain the medical procedure on which it works. It is really a very simple procedure for those that are familiar with nanotechnology. Nano is a word referring to one billionth of a meter, which operates on the molecular level. This is how the cancer cure works. There is a liquefied metal that is injected into the body and the nanotechnology carries it to the cancer cells. This metal will attach itself only to the cancer cells that are in the body. The subject is then put between two radio wave machines which are turned on and heat up the metal substance in the body. It simply kills all the cancer cells that are in the body. In animal testing, it has been 100% effective, with no damage to the animal.

The Food and Drug Administration says that it will be 4-5 years before it is ready for human testing. There is absolutely no danger in this procedure, which makes someone wonder why the delay for human applications is to take so long. The answer is simple for those of us that understand the workings of our government and its oligarch partnerships. There is no money in it for the pharmaceutical industry. This industry earns huge amounts of money from chemotherapy drugs, which do nothing more than to prolong the life of the patients. But I suppose at 60,000 dollars or more per year for each patient, what is a little death and family heartache.

I would love to see Russia take this technology that is readily available on the internet and put it to use. Show the world which country is more humanitarian and of course profit some from it.

Another piece of American propaganda is to accuse Russia of being imperialistic. It would seem to me that imperialism could be measured in the number of wars a country gets involved in. There is no need for you to count. Since 1950, America is far ahead of Russia in military conflicts. Let’s consider the most recent war in Iraq. It was entered into on the premise that Saddam Hussein was holding weapons of mass destruction.

In 2003, some time before the start of the war, I read on CNN news on the internet, that Saddam Hussein had been diagnosed by the CIA as a manic depressive with paranoid tendencies. This means that he had wild mood swings, visions of grandeur and was psychotically paranoid. He got his chemical weapons from the USA in 1983. He used those weapons several times on the Iranians during their 8 year war and numerous times on his own people. He did this through 1988. How could a man with this psychiatric diagnosis not use those weapons for 15 years? The answer is simple because he no longer had them. The entire war was for oil, since Iraq was second, behind Saudi Arabia in oil holdings.

I wonder if George Bush feels justified for killing over 600,000 Iraqis for this reason. I am sure that this number is far higher than those murdered by Saddam Hussein.

This is just a little comment about my personal dealing with the American government over the last two years. I married a Russian woman, who is far superior to any American woman I have I ever been involved with. We had a daughter that was born in Russia also. The government took nearly two years to approve her for immigration here. I suppose the thinking of my government was that I am somehow guilty of trying to commit marriage fraud for taking so long to complete this process. I have never seen the Russian government working to keep us separated as a family. In fact, I have been welcome to live there with my wife and daughter at any time.

How Russia can become the only economic superpower in the world

What has happened in our world economically, due to the idiocy of the American government has left a void which will be filled by another country. If Russia proceeds properly from this point, that power will be Russia.

Let me first analyze what will happen in our world next. I would first like to tell you that there was one Russian idiot, who was a professor that told of America’s future. He suggested that America would be soon divided into six different provinces. One of these provinces was from California all across the southern border of the U.S. and extending up the east coast of the United States. There is one serious problem with his theory. The economic situation is so bad here that all the Mexicans have gone back to Mexico. A bit of humor about this exodus of Mexicans is actually humorous. The government is claiming that their battle against illegal immigration is finally working, when the truth is that the Mexicans simply went back home where they could find more work opportunity.

This is how the American economy will evolve in the next year. The American government is going to print so much money to throw at the problem that it will appear to be drastically improved by summer. Jobs will be plentiful and the stock market will rise sharply. This will just be a temporary cure. There will be so many dollars in the world market that the dollar will be seriously devalued over the next year. The dollar will lose so much value that the markets of oil, gold and other precious metals will be changed into euro dollars because it will have more stability. The price of oil will likely rise to a value of 250-300 dollars per barrel and gold will go to about 1800-2000 dollars per ounce. The United States will also experience a lengthy period of hyper inflation. America will slide into a second class economic power.

This is how Russia should play this game to achieve the economic superpower status.

Russia needs to work with Opec countries to manipulate the price of oil with cutbacks in oil production. At the same time, you need to keep gas prices in your own country to the cost of production to keep your country from sliding into economic disaster. Since the home use of oil is so small there it will not affect the oil company profits.

The next step should be to work on domestic production of food. This is an imperative action. There are huge amounts of unused land that can be farmed in Russia. Food will be the next measure of how a country’s wealth is measured. I think the government should subsidize the industry by creating corporate farms. You should also make water a priority. Many people think that World War 3 will be fought over water.

Russia should next work on its problem of the declining population. If you make your country an economic paradise, there will be a huge number of people that want to immigrate there.

You should next work on destroying the practice of black book accounting. Russia currently has the lowest federal deficit of all the G 20 nations. Collecting all your true tax revenues will fix the small deficit you carry. This is also important in having the most stable economy.

I will be traveling to Russia to be with my wife and daughter before spring. I will be applying to the Russian government for citizenship. The day it is granted, I will stand in front of the American embassy and burn my passport, while renouncing my American citizenship. I will do this in front of any news camera, both Russian and Western. At the same time I will make a statement in both Russian and English for all to hear.

Jeffrey C. Hickox

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov