Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

2009: Time for hope

In the first days of the New Year, the Bush regime will enter the annals of history. George W. Bush and his captains of the legions of Baal which he unleashed upon this planet will hope that at best, the history book will be silent for a good many years and then after the collective memory has been jaded by time, that the world will remember him and his as a Presidency and regime which took tough decisions in difficult times. It will not, should not and must not.

The United States of America was built upon the collective desire of European peoples for freedom and democracy, at the expense of the native Americans. Period. The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees those freedoms and the foreign policy of this country has constantly referred to these precepts as being the fundamental principles underpinning Washington’s diplomacy.

Simultaneously, Washington’s myriad of Agencies and Departments has used cajoling, skulduggery, bullying and blackmail as guidelines for its policy, while Operation Condor and others have supported fascist and repressive regimes across the globe, implanting Washington-friendly regimes at the expense of freedom and democracy. The foreign policy of the United States of America, then, has not represented and does not represent, freedom and democracy.

The illegal and inhumane embargo against the people of Cuba does not represent freedom and democracy and this policy has been a mainstay of all the regimes in power in Washington since President Kennedy turned the White House into the Whore House. The many attempts to murder Fidel Castro do not represent freedom and democracy, the intrusion into numerous states in Latin America and Africa and Asia did not represent freedom and democracy and the murderous and criminal foreign policy of the Bush regime confirms the worst fears of the apologists of the Conspiracy Theory.

The political epitaph of the Bush regime will be written, and indeed already has been stamped, by His Excellency President Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti. The illegal invasion, the derision shown to the international community, the breach of international law, the war crimes, the crimes against humanity, the deployment of military hardware against civilian targets, the wanton destruction of strutures and the doling out of billionaire contracts to White House cronies, the decision to use weapons of mass destruction in civilian neighbourhoods, the policy to implement torture, the concentration camps are the visible external signals of the evil that the Bush regime represented. Nothing will ever change that.

The political epitaph of the Bush regime has been written by its members. Torquemada, Hitler, Pol Pot, Himmler merge with the names of Rumsfeld, Bush, Rice, Cheney in the historical trash bin of the worst type of blood-sucking leeches to have inflicted themselves on the collective history of Mankind.

Yet finally, in 2009, we can see and feel a new ray of hope which we had expected at the turn of the Millennium. The New World Order we had wished for in 2000 was delayed eight years by the murderous policies of a clique of corporate elitists in Washington who not only belied their cause but also proved once and for all that the Capitalist Monetarist model is flawed and fatally so.

With the Bush regime flushed into the sewer of political history where it belongs, we can once again pull together, hold hands and express our collective wish for a multilateral New World Order which respects the collective desires of humanity and not a chosen few, which bases decisions on crisis management policies that involve a broad spectrum of humanity and not just the proponents of the Anglo-Saxon arms and energy lobbies.

Russia has long been the champion of this cause. It remains to be seen whether the world’s other super power, the United States of America, is capable or not of assuming a similarly noble position on the world stage under Pressident Obama, or whether the clique of elitists in Washington has closed ranks and decided that the forthcoming four years will be more of the same.

That being the case, Humanity is condemned to a Hellish and very dangerous period of history. Let us hope not, let us welcome President Obama and the people of the United States of America with open arms, with good will, and let us try to bridge the gaps created by the evil, selfish and inhumane policies of the Bush regime. Happy New Year, Happy New World Order.