Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The world should unite against the USA

The anti-Russian rhetoric rolling off the tongues of the senior members of the Bush regime, and the continued anti-Russian hysteria coming out of the McCain-Palin camp, points towards the existence of a demon waiting to lunge behind the eyes of a country which appears to relish conflict and highlights the existence of a power-hungry clique which perpetuates itself through the manipulation of fear.

The aggressive stance taken against Russia by Condoleeza Rice, Richard (Dick) Cheney, John McCain and Sarah Palin (and of course George W. Bush himself, although one has to give him a discount) after their American forces aided the Georgian armed forces in a criminal act of murderous aggression against Russians living in South Ossetia (and planned a similar attack on Russians living in Abkhazia) was, more than the fury felt by the side that lost and got totally humiliated by the magnitude of Russia’s victory, a telling insight into the soul of those who manage Washington, be they donkeys or elephants.

The launching of the Bush doctrine

9/11 gave Washington a wonderful opportunity to launch the Bush doctrine, which is no more and no less than the Rumsfeld/Cheney doctrine of the late 80s and early 90s, steeped in Cold War hues, namely anti-Russia and pro-energy lobby. While the Democrats with Obama present a refreshing possibility of real change – dialogue among the members of the international community, debate and discussion with the UN Security Council being used as the proper forum for crisis management, and not unilateral wars and acts of slaughter based upon lies, the Obama camp had Joe Biden imposed upon it...and what Biden represents, namely a continuation of Washington’s foreign policy.

This foreign policy seeks to isolate Russia as energy contracts are signed with former members of the Soviet Union and as Washington views the energy-rich regions on Russia’s borders with utter greed. Afghanistan’s Mullah Omar refused to allow the USA to build a gas pipeline across his country in return for billions of dollars, and stated back in the 1990s that he knew that Washington would invent a reason to invade – this, after having created the Mujaheddin in the first place to destabilise a country with a progressive government which relished the opportunity of distributing wealth among its people.

The tentacles of the Evil Empire stretch across the globe

Yet it is not only Russia where the tentacles of the Evil Empire can he seen and felt. After decades of a cruel and criminal blockade against the heroic people of Cuba, an attempted coup d´état in Venezuela, followed by armed insurrection in Bolivia, two countries where Governments have vowed to distribute the country’s natural resources among the people, are again tell-tale signs that all bad roads lead to Washington, where the source of the stench can be found. It is not the people Washington is interested in, it is their resources.

And the same doctrine and policies can be traced wherever Washington plants its paws across the globe, from the support for criminal and murderous fascist regimes in Africa and Europe, where the United States’ NATO puppets or “allies” are toyed with and manipulated, bullied and cajoled with carrot-and-stick diplomacy, the Balkans being the arena for Washington to play, divide and rule. Europe’s leaders look to Washington as a friend and ally yet in Washington, the Establishment must crease up giggling at the sycophantic and humiliating servility of NATO’s leaders.

The problem is not Russia

So the problem is not Russia. All Russia ever wanted was peace, to be left alone, and to engage in international ties based upon collaboration, cooperation, cultural relations, sport and in a word, friendship. What was Russia supposed to do in Afghanistan when it saw with horror the unleashing of the Devil by the CIA in the Pakistani madrassah namely the training, arming and abetting of the Mujaheddin movement which would morph into the Talebaan and launch international terrorism?Thank you, Cheney! Sorry, Dick! Thank you Donald the Torturer Rumsfeld. Great policy, eh?

Did Russia invent lies and invade Iraq? Did Russia breach international law by recognizing Kosovo? Was Russia not eternally patient with Georgia despite the fact that this country failed to hold referenda in Abkhazia and South Ossetia as was its obligation under the Soviet Constitution, which it signed, did Russia not seek for a solution agreeable to all sides for nealy two decades?And what was Russia supposed to do when Tblissi and its US backers launched their act of slaughter, turning Tskhinval into an inferno on August 7/8th? Place its hand on its chest and sing God Bless AmeriKKKa?

Russia is therefore not the problem, but the solution.

Moscow represents a stable ally with a strong economy based upon strong fundamentals, not the idiotic capitalist monetaristic system sponsored by Washington, where the markets are closely controlled by a clique of super-rich elitists and where the fundamentals are constituted by gambling and speculation. Then who picks up the pieces? Moscow represents a world based on brotherly relations, which use the principles of debate, discussion and dialogue among the brotherhood of nations, in the UNSC, in a world living happily in economic stability, living together in friendship and peace, two words which can only choke in the throats of those who control Washington.

The way forward

Despite Washington’s boorish behaviour as a spoiled brat at a dinner party, punching, kicking, biting, screaming and being generally unpleasant and downright insolent, the hearts and minds of the intelligent members of the international community do not hate all Americans. People are people. Tears taste of salt and all of us prefer to cry tears of happiness. The way forward is for someone in Washington to bring real change not just to the way things are done internally in the United States of America (that is after all their business and theirs alone) but also, a fresh attitude in international relations in a world which is more and more globalised.

Bringing in people like John McCain and Sarah Palin is going to do nothing to open the window and refresh the air after eight years of the mass murderous criminal policies of the Bush-“Dick” Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice Axis of Sheer Evil. Just look at their faces, after all. McCain represents a continuation of the policy to dangle demons before the eyes of the American people, basing policy presentation on the manipulation of fear. After all, he claims Palin is a good choice because she is Governor of Alaska and that is near to Russia. It is not funny. If it were not so dangerous to have a clown of this caliber vying for the Presidency of one of the world’s most powerful countries, it would be utterly pathetic. As for Palin – what happens if McCain dies?

The fundamental change which the international community needs to take our first steps into the Third Millennium together as friends and not perpetuating old rifts and animosities, has two names: Barack Obama, not Biden. Biden may be biding his time in the first four years seeing what happens while hopefully President Obama can make enough inroads to guarantee a second term which really implements his policies, hopefully with a like-minded Vice-President. We have a dream.

Until then, Washington will continue to be a boorish, belligerent brat who needs a sound thrashing and a good hiding, before being kicked out into the street where he/she or it belongs.