Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Condoleezza Rice and the insult to international diplomacy

In the equation which makes up the odious, criminal and murderous Bush regime and its murderous, criminal and odious foreign policy, the constant factor is constituted by a teacher, promoted to positions way above her personal and intellectual station by a gullible fool of a President. This teacher, whose sheer incompetence as National Security Advisor and as Secretary of State is today so blatantly apparent, goes by the name of Condoleezza Rice.

The fact that Rice was National Security Advisor at the time of 9/11 speaks for itself, period.

As Secretary of State, she is supposed to be responsible for her country’s diplomacy, she is supposed to be Washington’s leading diplomat. But can anyone think of a figure less qualified for the post? Starting with the face (set in a constant snarl, with a scar for a mouth, lips pursed back in a sneer, piggy eyes looking as though something evil is lunging behind them), continuing with the body language (aggressive stance, butch, defensive posture as though she is hiding something or afraid) and ending with the discourse (about as diplomatic as a raspberry and a fit of giggling at a funeral ceremony), she cuts a sorry figure.

The constant arrogance and hypocrisy of this failed female makes it that much more apparent that here is a person way out of her depth. Instead of regarding sensitive issues from a balanced viewpoint as she is supposed to do, this incompetent loud-mouthed, bad-mannered, bullshit-mongering bimbo takes one side, ignores the other and then speaks down from a holier-than-thou platform as if she were on a lecture dias.

This is not a classroom, Condoleezza Rice, and you are not a diplomat. You are a liar, a cheap, shallow, failed, wannabe actress on the diplomatic stage. This is the real world and out here, you have to be prepared to face up to your responsibilities.

For a start, you have failed to mention one single time the Georgian war crimes against 2.000 Russian civilians on the night of 7/8 August. Why have you systematically refused to admit they happened? Why have you not mentioned the devastation of Tskhinvali by your allies’ forces? Why do you continue to support the Saakashvili regime?

You therefore support war crimes? You therefore support the Georgian devastation of civilian structures? You side with Saakashvili against the 2.000 civilians murdered? Do you wish they had killed more Ossetians that night? Do you think it is right to target civilian structures with military hardware? Why have you failed to refer to a single item of these odious crimes?

Is it because you are a balanced diplomat ready to look at both sides and find a solution? Or is it because you are an incompetent frumpish hysterical female, wholly out of her depth, who instead of acting in a civilised manner as one would expect from someone in your position, instead gives lectures which are downright rude, pig-headedly arrogant and most unladylike?

So instead of mouthing off about NATO and Russia, how about you shut the hell up, put a sock in it and go back to inflict yourself on your students? Rumour has it you were pretty much hated in academic circles as well, perhaps not as much as in the area of diplomacy, which your very presence insults.

You, personally, are the reason why Washington has been divorced from the international community; you, personally are the reason why so many millions of people hate the idea of the United States and all it stands for; you, personally, are responsible for driving a wedge of sullen hatred into the hearts and mind of the international community. You have done more damage to your country, to its international standing, to the history and the noble precepts of your founding fathers than any other American in history.

And now you say you are not going to let Russia “win” in Georgia? Russia already has won! Nobody believes the lies you have spun in the western press circles. The readership of PRAVDA.Ru has never been higher, in all its language versions, since we have hundreds of thousands of readers flocking to us daily, with comments against the nonsense and lies paraded as “news” by the likes of yourself.

In a nutshell, Georgia invaded South Ossetia and slaughtered 2.000 civilians in one night. You cannot admit that because it would be admitting that Georgia’s President Saakashvili is incompetent. So the two of you stick together, hoping it will blow over if you keep repeating the same thing.

You have lost, Condoleezza Rice. Your ally Saakashvili is responsible for thousands of murders and war crimes, your military advisors, training and equipment have been proven to be wholly inferior to the Russian Armed Forces and this, the nearest we ever got to direct conflict, has proven that your forces were utterly thrashed.

So if you want to bring it on, you will find Russia saddened but by no means afraid and perfectly ready. As an alternative, get back behind a desk where you belong, you rude, insolent, bad-mannered, man-hating apology for a lady before you get your allies into trouble.