Author`s name Lisa Karpova

4th of July - Nothing to Celebrate

As Americans gear up for the 4th of July, one wonders what there is to celebrate. Many families have canceled travel plans due to the high prices of gas. The new and ridiculous airline regulations regarding baggage also present another major challenge to would-be travelers. The airline industry is already hurting and this may end up seeing the end of yet more airline companies. This "holiday" usually begins the summer travel season.

The economy is in a stage that could more properly be referred to as "death rattles" as families lose their homes to foreclosure, the price of food goes through the roof and yet the "cash" continues to flow outwards to the continuing destruction abroad in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan with no end in sight as the US Congress just approved yet another ridiculous war spending bill against voters’ wishes. Yet social programs are pathetically inadequate and universal health care non-existent.

The US also has the distinction of being one of the most hated nations in history alongside Hitler’s Germany with the interventions, arrogance, death and destruction the empire has perpetrated around the globe. The Patriot Act and surveillance for domestic and foreign "terrorists" has eroded all the freedoms supposedly gained by the founding fathers, and these same founding fathers would not even recognize the monster the nation they founded has become.

So this date of infamy might be better spent on reflection of what happened to this still young nation. Where did it go wrong and what must be done to change it? The world remains optimistic that somehow, some way, Americans will smarten up, wake up and do something about the country they think exists, but really doesn’t. The corporate elitist media still largely has them in a haze of unreality…a sad situation.

Big Brother is alive and well in the USA.