Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Kosovo and diplomatic terrorism

Any unilateral recognition of Kosovo’s status as an independent state will be a flagrant violation of international law, without any binding legal significance whatsoever and will constitute an act of diplomatic terrorism which strikes at the heart of an international community based on the rule of law, with the UNO at centre stage for crisis management.

Hashim Thaci, bin Laden of the Balkans

Hashim Thaci is the bin Laden of the Balkans. This Albanian terrorist, ex-leader of the now disbanded KLA – Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK – Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves) spent years perpetrating provocative acts of intimidation against Serbian civilians, police and military forces, using human shields when the authorities imposed law and order. A carefully staged orchestration of events in which several hundred KLA terrorists were killed by Serbia’s security forces, led a gullible and eager West to believe in the slaughter of 50,000 civilians, and President Clinton, at odds with his genitalia and desperate to create a smokescreen to hide his sordid, irresponsible and depraved lecherous activities in the Oval Office, jumped at the occasion.

The rest is history. Thaci and his cronies were wined and dined on Capitol Hill by American politicians who had no idea whatsoever of Balkans history and politics and the plans for a Greater Albania, something which 500 years of history has been trying to prevent, were made. At the same time, Albanian civilians were running towards the Serbian lines, asking for protection against the KLA, whose mass rapes and prostitution and trafficking rackets were well known.

As we stated in this column at the time, the NATO-led interference in Kosovo i Metodiha was a disastrous mistake, giving the Albanian minority (this is after all Serbian territory, not Albania) a taste of independence which obviously they do not want to lose – however it was not theirs to taste in the first place.

Who is Hashem Thaci?

Dressed in a suit and tie, and standing for election as Prime Minister for the Partise Demokratike te Kosoves (Kosovo Democratic Party), an election which he has won (in a process boycotted by most of the Serbian population), Thaci looks the part. He may dupe Washington (hardly a difficult feat these days) but behind the facade is a monster and any attempt to legitimise a government led by him would be paramount to collusion with murderers and constitute an act of diplomatic terrorism.

The Massacre of Prizren, conveniently forgotten by the Western Press

To Hashim Thaci, one has only to address one word: Prizren. What would Hashim Thaci have to say about the massacre at Prizren in 1999? The KLA, led by Thaci, viciously attacked 300 defenceless Serb civilians, including 10 Orthodox priests and the Bishop Artemije at the Monastery, urinated on religious effigies, smashed statues, raped tens of nuns, destroyed the Statue of Emperor Dusan and slaughtered those who resisted.

This massacre is one of countless others perpetrated by these Albanian terrorists against Serbs – at Grace, at Pec, at Racak and as recently as August 2003, when Serbian children were massacred at Gorazdevac.

Therefore how any member of the international community can sit at the same table as Thaci, let alone recognise him as any head of government, defies logic and spits in the face of all notions of decency and the rule of law. One might as well grant political asylum to bin Laden or the Butchers of Beslan.

The legal issue

One of the fundamental roles of the United Nations Organization is to protect and defend the international frontiers which have already been established. Kosovo lies within such frontiers, inside Serbia. It is not Serbia’s fault if Albanian women poured over the frontier to bear children and to receive social benefits fromYugoslavia. Herefore, within the Security Council, any recognition of Kosovo as anything other than a province of Serbia – which it is, and always has been – bears no legality. As for unilateral acts of recognition of statehood outside the UNSC, this has as much legal foundation as some eccentric declaring himself King of the Moon or setting up an independent republic in his back yard, issuing passports written on toilet paper.

Furthermore, such collusion with a terrorist organization would be the same thing as legitimizing the atrocities of bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the same thing as any foreign power aiding and instigating the citizens of Aztlan (the southern States of the USA) to perpetrate acts of terrorism in a separatist campaign.

Nationalist questions are for nations to decide at the national level. Therefore the question of Kosovo is for Serbia, its Government and people to decide, and nobody else, for it is an integral part of Serbia, the heart of the Serb Nation. How would Spain like it if some foreign power declared support for an independent Euskadi, Galicia or Catalunya, how would France like it if the Bretons and Corsicans were armed and equipped from abroad to rise up against Paris, not to mention the scores of other national questions in Europe, and the more so in Africa and Asia.

The history of America’s connection with terrorist organizations is very well documented (support for the IRA, Operation Condor, support for African despots and tin-pot dictators, the launching of the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, which mutated into the Taleban and ultimately Al Qaeda, contacts with bin Laden, the international terrorist attack against Iraq, NATO terrorist attacks in the Balkans involving countless massacres of civilians). However, any eventual international support for Kosovo as a State does not render it valid or legal. It would be well for the international community to remember this as the events of the forthcoming weeks unfold.

For videos about KLA atrocities, see youtube “KLA terrorist murder”